KTSL Global Team relocates to a new and spacious office

The new office of KTSL Global is going to help them cope with the increase in their staff members

KTSL Global Team Co Ltd, the Coop member in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, has recently relocated to a new office which is much more spacious and modernized than their previous office. “We had been planning to relocate for quite some time so as to help us accommodate all our new staff members. This fully furnished, spacious office space is sure to create an impression on our clients,” says Mr. Thong Hok, the Director of KTSL Global. 

The new office of KTSL Global Team comes with a perfect location and a good work environment which is sure to motivate their team to work more diligently and enthusiastically. The address of their new office is #431 (Room no. 5, 8th floor) Street 230, Sangkat Teak Laork 3, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Congratulations to KTSL Global Team and wishing them all the best for their future endeavours!

Translog Express Pvt Ltd has been awarded the Top Agent Award by Air India

Air India is the flag carrier owned by the Indian Government, serving more than 90 domestic and international destinations 

Translog Express Pvt Ltd, a Coop member in Ahmedabad and Mumbai, India, has garnered the Top Agent Award by Air India, the biggest national carrier of India. “Receiving this accolade is a great honour for us. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Air India for this recognition,” says Rakesh Kumar Gupta, the Director of Translog Express.

Translog Express was founded in 2009 by a group of young professionals with an experience of one & half decade in the industry and with a vision to provide value-added services for their clients at the most competitive cost. Mr. Gupta further adds, “Being a part of this industry, it is important to create a platform for our customers and partners for better solutions. With our driven sales, resourceful marketing, and flexible service packages, we are able to offer tailor-made logistical solutions for our clients and partners. No doubt this award is a recognition of my team’s efforts and dedication and it has given us the motivation to work harder,”

Congratulations to Translog Express for garnering this prestigious award!

Alphatrans ventures into wildlife logistics and moves 4 lions from Ukraine to a national park in South Africa

The animals were rescued from a privately owned zoo in Ukraine where they were living in totally unclean conditions

Alphatrans Ltd, a Cooperative member in Odessa, Ukraine, moved three rescued lionesses from a private zoo in Ukraine to their natural habitat in the Kragga Kamma Game Park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The three lionesses called Luca, Charles and Kai, were living in squalid conditions in a 35 square meter steel cage without any sunlight or fresh air. The 2 months old lion cub called Nathan was rescued from a cruel circus trainer in Ukraine who meant to sell it off to a private zoo or circus. 

“All the animals were rescued by Lionel de Lange of The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organisation (LAEO) branch in Ukraine who built a temporary shelter of 280 square meters for the animals before preparing to move them to their permanent home in the forests of South Africa,” says Mr. Dimitriy Balaban, the Managing Director of Alphatrans.

All the lions were vaccinated, documented and chipped before being granted the CITES export certificate so that they could be moved to South Africa. Alphatrans arranged for shipment by air within the shortest possible transit time and under constant surveillance of veterinarians. Mr. Balaban added, “This had been a very special shipment for us and our team has once again proved that we can move anything and everything no matter if it is a project cargo or a shipment consisting of lions! We are really delighted that we could bring the lions safely back to their home in South Africa,”

Congratulations to Alphatrans for moving this extraordinary cargo!

The Coop’s 5th Annual Meeting breaks the attendance record for the 2nd consecutive time

  • More than 185 freight forwarders met at Abu Dhabi, UAE, from the 9th-11th March, 2019
  • During the meeting, all Coop members were given a demonstration of FreightViewer, a member-exclusive freight rate management software which will change the manual quotation generation process

The Coop’s 5th Annual Meeting which was held from 9th to 11th March at the Intercontinental Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE, brought together more than 185 attendees from more than 90 cities and 60 countries across the world under one roof, recording the highest attendance ever. The meeting provided an ideal platform for members to consolidate relationships with their network partners and work towards obtaining many more collaborative projects in the months to come. 

“We are delighted with the success of the Coop’s 5th Annual Meeting which has reached a new attendance record.  One of the reasons for this increase in attendance is that our network has expanded considerably since our last meeting in March and is presently covering 50 more cities,” states Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Cooperative Logistics Network.

Agents took part in numerous one-to-one meetings with their fellow members in the course of the 2 days of meeting, where they met their partners face to face, made their businesses known and secured many lucrative deals. However, the Annual Meeting wasn’t just about business discussions. The members were treated to a scrumptious dinner at the Byblos Sur Mer restaurant where they had a gala time over food, drinks, and music.

“By bringing together hundreds of independent freight forwarders representing every major seaport and airport worldwide, we have been able to promote a sense of trust and bonding within our network, which obviously has a positive impact on the number of concerted projects,” says Antonio Torres.

This year the members were given a personal demonstration of Coop’s upcoming online tool, FreightViewer- a freight rate management software which will allow the members to create instant online quotations of their door-to-door services for their clients and partners.

As stated by one of the attending members, “The Annual Meeting is an ideal platform for us to get acquainted with fellow forwarders from all over the world. The meeting allowed us to showcase the strong points of our respective companies and helped us secure new projects from our partners within the network. All in all, it had been a wonderful and highly productive experience,”

New Coop member in Yangon, Myanmar

The Coop is proud to welcome its newest member

Key Contact Name: Jacqueline Phee
Email: jackie@elanlogistics.com
Website: www.elanlogistics.com
Company founded in: 2012

Members requiring assistance with shipments in Yangon (Myanmayar) are invited to get in touch with the ELAN LOGISTICS LTD team.

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All set for The Coop’s 5th Annual Meeting at Abu Dhabi!

Over 185 Coop members from all around the world are getting ready to fly to Abu Dhabi to attend The Coop’s 5th Annual Meeting at the Intercontinental Hotel

The Cooperative’s 5th Annual Meeting at Abu Dhabi, UAE will be held from the 9th -11th of March, 2019, at the Intercontinental Abu Dhabi. The meeting will bring together all the members under one roof and allow them to acquaint themselves with their network partners while promoting their businesses and making way for numerous collaborative projects in the future.

The delegates have already scheduled their one-to-one meetings with preferred members within the network, where they will have candid business talks with their network partners while discussing the prospect of collaboration in the coming months. The highlight of this year’s meeting will include a personal demonstration of The Coop’s new online tool FreightViewer which will relieve the agents from the strenuous task of quote preparation and allow them to come up with an accurate and professional quotation for their clients and partners within less than 1 minute.

The meeting will also allow the members to meet under less formal circumstances during the welcome cocktail reception, gala dinner party, and the coffee breaks. On the second evening of the meeting, agents and their spouses will be treated at the Byblos Sur Mer restaurant, a Lebanese eatery at the Intercontinental.

After the closure of last year’s Annual Meeting, a member from Germany commented, “It is very important to participate in the meetings because it is very different to do business with a person unless you can talk face to face. Participating in the Coop Annual Meeting greatly helped us in securing many new businesses from our partners within the network,” It goes without saying that, our upcoming Annual Meeting at Abu Dhabi is going to be an even greater success and allow the members to boost their productivity and grow their businesses.

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

Misan Logistics builds a new warehouse with extra space for their office

The new warehouse which is located in Schiedam near the Port of Rotterdam, comes with a space of 1700 sq meters 

Misan Logistics BV, a Coop member in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, completed the construction of their new warehouse last January. Strategically located in Schiedam, in the vicinity of the main Rotterdam container terminals and the Rotterdam The Hague Airport, their new warehouse is extraordinarily suitable for the temporary storage of cargo. 

As stated by Mr. Klaas Van Geffen, the General Manager of Misan Logistics, “Our new warehouse which is advantageously situated near the Port of Rotterdam will allow us to offer our customers with a bonded warehouse facility which can be veritably used as their “Gateway to Europe”.

This 1700 square meter warehouse, which is AEO and ISO certified, comes with 1,125 Euro Pallets, online WMS, automatic order pick-up system along with email alert function for inbound and outbound cargo. Mr. Geffen further adds, “We are providing our customers with the best prices for a host of services like stuffing and stripping, packing and repacking and more. I am quite confident that our new warehouse will help us serve our customers even better,”

Congratulations to Misan Logistics for their new warehouse!

New Coop member in Mexico City, Mexico

The Coop is proud to welcome its newest member

Key Contact Name: Joaquin Hernandez
Email: joaquin.hernandez@trafimar.com.mx
Website: www.trafimar.com.mx
Company founded in: 2007

Members requiring assistance with shipments in Mexico City (Mexico) are invited to get in touch with the TRAFI-LOG, S.A. DE C.V. team

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New Coop member in Pittsburg, USA

The Coop is proud to welcome its newest member

Key Contact Name: Ashley Bratek
Email: abratek@westarusa.com
Website: www.westarusa.com
Company founded in: 1994

Members requiring assistance with shipments in Pittsburg (USA) are invited to get in touch with the WESTAR INTERNATIONAL FORWARDERS team.

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New Coop member in Doha, Qatar

The Coop is proud to welcome its newest member

Key Contact Name: Mr. Rafi Parammal
Email: operations@tmsprojects.com
Website: www.tmsprojects.com
Company founded in: 2015

Members requiring assistance with shipments in Doha (Qatar) are invited to get in touch with the TMS Projects team.

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