Headway Co Ltd – the chosen logistics service provider for one of the top luxury car brand!

A Coop member in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Vietnam, handles a cargo consisting of 631 automobiles by BMW

Headway, a Cooperative member in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Vietnam, has just completed a vital project where they had to re-export 631 cars for BMW and MINI from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, back to Germany. The cars had been stuck in Vietnam since 2016 due to some issues with the importer’s documents.

“It is a great honour to be selected as the Automotive Logistics Provider by BMW for handling this special cargo from Vietnam to Germany. Headway also won a 3-years contract to transport BMW and Mini Cooper cars from Germany to Vietnam with an annual volume of more than 2,500 cars” says Felix Nguyen, the Sales and Agency Director of Headway. Headway, which has been offering valuable logistics services for top automobile brands for more than a decade, has established themselves as one of the key figures in the automotive logistics industry in Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen further adds, “We have been handling automotive cargo for the last 15 years and we have already worked for high profile customers such as Mitsubishi, Peugeot, KIA Motors and Mazda. Therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that BMW entrusted us with this project. This complex project took 2 months to complete and our customer is more than satisfied with the outcome,”

Congratulations to Headway for successfully handling this important shipment!

Lemar Lojistik has been joined by a new team member

Ms. Aysun Sengozer will be in charge of the International Agency network of Lemar Lojistik

Lemar Lojistik Ltd. STI, a Coop member in Izmir, Turkey, has recently welcomed a new member, Ms. Aysun Sengozer in their International Agency department.

“I am very enthusiastic about joining the Lemar team and I am really looking forward to meeting my fellow Cooperative members. In the future weeks, I’ll be reaching out to everyone so I can meet you all and say hello. I am pretty sure that my long years of experience in this industry will be greatly productive for my new company,” says Ms. Sengozer.

As stated by Levent Iskenderler, Managing Director of Lemar: “Ms. Sengozer has 23 years of experience in the international logistics and networking field and I am confident that she will be an asset for our company.”

The Coop wishes Lemar Lojistik the very best for all their future endeavours!

A Coop member in Barcelona, Spain, welcomes a new teammate

Fercam Transportes S.A. has been joined by a new member in the capacity of Commercial and Projects Manager

Fercam Transportes S.A., a Cooperative member in Barcelona, Spain, has been joined by a new team member, Mr. Rafael Sanz. Mr. Sanz who has more than 25 years of experience in the freight forwarding sector will be working at Fercam as the Commercial Manager and Overseer of Cargo Projects.

“I am very happy about joining Fercam, and I look forward to trying my very best to enhance the productivity of my new company. I am pretty confident about carrying on the job of Commercial and Project Manager with ease and my long years of experience in Cargo Projects is sure to be beneficial for my team,” says Mr. Sanz.

Wishing Fercam Transportes S.A. all the very best for their future projects!

Domek Logistics, a Coop member in Chicago, USA, joins Masterpiece International as a part of their International Logistics Solutions division

Masterpiece International was founded in 1989 as a customs broker, freight forwarder, and logistics provider specializing in the transport of works of art and antiquities

On November 1, 2018, Domek Logistics joined Masterpiece International as a part of the International Logistics Solutions (ILS) division. “We are excited to join Masterpiece and to become part of the broader Magnate Worldwide family. We believe our team is a perfect fit because Domek was built on the same foundational pillars as Masterpiece – experience, knowledge, reputation, and customer service,” said Dave Domek, co-founder of Domek Logistics.

The entire Domek team, including co-founders Dave Domek, Jennifer Parker, John Wember, and Tina Zabielski will remain in place following the transaction and will continue to provide unmatched levels of service to clients. Like Domek Logistics, Masterpiece International was built on the principle that all clients deserve exceptional, personalized service – and the company applies that mission in each of its divisions and offices.

Masterpiece has expanded its service to 17 offices in the US. “We’re delighted to welcome the Domek Logistics’ team to our Masterpiece family,” said Thomas Gilgen, President of Masterpiece International. “We will work diligently to ensure a seamless transition, maintain and exceed service expectations, and introduce new value to Domek’s clients and vendors,” adds Mr. Gilgen.

All the best to Domek Logistics for all their future endeavors!

Con Truck Shipping obtains the prestigious AEO Certification

The AEO certification accredits that the Con Truck Shipping’s services as a logistics operator and customs broker are safe and comply with all the customs law regulations

Con Truck Shipping GMBH, a Coop member in Hamburg Germany, has received the AEO accreditation which is only granted to companies which abide by all the customs criteria so as to prove their reliability, quality, and compliance throughout the global supply chain. This certification will indeed augment the trustworthiness of Con Truck Shipping since it assures customers that it is a trusted and secure logistics services provider.

“For sure, even for some business partners, this certification is highly recommended. It goes without saying that it will give a boost to our commercial partnerships. Likewise, this positive image will enhance our advertising opportunities, allowing us to find and build new business relationships,” says Dennis Lehnecke, Sales Manager & Business Development of Con Truck Shipping. Having an AEO status comes in real handy for selling both in the European and the non-European market.

“We are very proud of this prestigious certification. Now, at first glance, everyone will perceive us as a trusted forwarding company. It implies a substantial enhancement of every aspect of our business- our commercial customers, our freight department and even our own customs bonded warehouse and stuffing department.” added Mr. Lehnecke.

The Coop wishes the best to Con Truck Shipping for all their future endeavours!

New Coop member in Ningbo, China

The Coop is proud to welcome its newest member

Key Contact Name: Mr. James Tsang
Website: www.unitexlogistics.com
Company founded in: 1997

Members requiring assistance with shipments in Ningbo (China) are invited to get in touch with the UNITEX INT’L FORWARDING (GUANGZHOU) LTD NINGBO BRANCH team.

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New Coop member in Tehran, Iran

The Coop is proud to welcome its newest member:

Key Contact Name: Mr. Abbas Sarnaz
Email: a.sarnaz@samatrans.ir | ceo@samatrans.ir
Website: www.samatrans.ir
Company founded in: 2012

Members requiring assistance with shipments in Tehran (Iran) are invited to get in touch with the SAMA MORVARID ASIA INT’L TRANS. CO. team.

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Three Aces Global Logistics recently received the prestigious AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) Certificate

The AEO Program in India is in compliance with the WCO’s (World Customs Organization) SAFE Framework of Standards to secure and facilitate international trade

Three Aces Global Logistics, a Coop member in Delhi, India, has been accredited with the esteemed AEO Certificate which was presented by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi.

The AEO Certification allows Indian Customs to streamline and improve the security of cargo by a mutual collaboration between all the major stakeholders of the global supply chain – logistics service providers, importers, exporters, customs brokers, terminal operators, and warehouse operators. The AEO Factsheet 2018 prepared by the Indian Customs states that: “Over the years, AEO has become a flagship programme for WCO Members as it offers an opportunity for Customs to share its responsibilities with the businesses, while at the same time rewarding them with a number of additional benefits,” states Pankaj Agarwal, Director of Three Aces Global.

Pankaj Agarwal also says, “Obtaining this prestigious certificate will allow us to prove our worth in every sphere of business. Compliance with customs and other laws is one of the most essential aspects of the AEO programme and our team is committed to maintaining them so as to reap all the benefits of the programme.”

The Coop congratulates Three Aces Global for receiving this prestigious accreditation!

New Coop member in Pusan, Republic of Korea

The Coop is proud to welcome its newest member:


Key Contact Name: Moses Lee
Email: y.j.lee@wsc.co.kr
Website: www.woosung.com/en/
Company founded in: 1974

Members requiring assistance with shipments in Pusan (Republic of Korea) are invited to get in touch with the WOOSUNG SHIPPING CO.LTD team.

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Qingdao Dowell International Logistics transports a special cargo consisting of fiber laser cutting machine

The cargo was shipped from China to Melbourne, Australia, with the help of a flat rack

Qingdao Dowell International Logistics, a Coop member in Qingdao, China, has recently moved a shipment of fiber laser cutting machine from China to Australia. The company which operates in the city of Qingdao, provides export & import, FCL/LCL and special container transportation service in China, aiming to offer global supply chain solutions.

The steel structures and high-tech electronic cargo which was transported in flat rack containers were loaded at the port of Shanghai and shipped all the way to Australia. “Hauling these heavy lift cargoes from China to Australia has been a demanding task which was accomplished without a hitch, thanks to the hard work and professionalism of my team members. Our focus on best client servicing, customized services and timely feedback is what our overseas customers value the most.”

Congratulations to Qingdao Dowell!