Three Aces Global demonstrates their expertise in the pharmaceutical supply chain and moves 30MT of lifesaving drugs

Last month they also handled two full flight load shipments of medical supplies from Delhi to Riyadh

Three Aces Global Logistics Pvt Ltd, a Coop member in Delhi, India, moved 30 MT cargo of pharmaceutical products from New Delhi, India, to Almaty, Kazakhstan. For this purpose, they chartered 2 flights from Air Astana and the shipment reached the consignee right on time. They were in charge of several aspects of the shipment including local logistics, labelling, and transporting the cargo from the warehouse to the airport.

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The COOP member Three Aces Global moves 30MT of lifesaving drugs

As stated by Mr. Pankaj Agarwal, the Director of Three Aces Global Logistics, “Chartering two planes was the quickest way of handling this shipment and the hard work on part of my team ensured that the task was executed successfully. The most exigent part of this project was undoubtedly the process of labelling of 5000 cartons within the handover deadline and I would like to thank all my team mates for doing such an impeccable job. We recommend members have a look a the below videos to get an idea”.

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Three Aces Global also sent out 2 charter flights from Saudi Arabia Airlines to move pharmaceutical shipments from Delhi to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with each flight carrying a load of 19 MT. Mr. Agarwal further added, “We have been handling pharmaceutical goods and medical supplies on a regular basis throughout the pandemic. With over 3 decades of market experience, our team has all expertise and experience needed for the safe handling of medical items. We are really happy to play our part in the fight against the Coronavirus.”

Congratulations to Three Aces Global Logistics for undertaking these commendable projects!


Three Aces Global Logistics recently received the prestigious AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) Certificate

The AEO Program in India is in compliance with the WCO’s (World Customs Organization) SAFE Framework of Standards to secure and facilitate international trade

Three Aces Global Logistics, a Coop member in Delhi, India, has been accredited with the esteemed AEO Certificate which was presented by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi.

The AEO Certification allows Indian Customs to streamline and improve the security of cargo by a mutual collaboration between all the major stakeholders of the global supply chain – logistics service providers, importers, exporters, customs brokers, terminal operators, and warehouse operators. The AEO Factsheet 2018 prepared by the Indian Customs states that: “Over the years, AEO has become a flagship programme for WCO Members as it offers an opportunity for Customs to share its responsibilities with the businesses, while at the same time rewarding them with a number of additional benefits,” states Pankaj Agarwal, Director of Three Aces Global.

Pankaj Agarwal also says, “Obtaining this prestigious certificate will allow us to prove our worth in every sphere of business. Compliance with customs and other laws is one of the most essential aspects of the AEO programme and our team is committed to maintaining them so as to reap all the benefits of the programme.”

The Coop congratulates Three Aces Global for receiving this prestigious accreditation!