Tisco Airtransport has been awarded a project cargo shipment worth 23 million Japanese yen

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The cargo which was sent out in two batches comprised of a series of machinery sets and auto vision inspection machines

Tisco Airtransport, a Coop member in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, has recently handled a high-value project of machinery sets from Isa City, Japan, to Taiwan. The project which had a net worth of 23 million JPY was sent out in two loads. The cargo consisted of a number of machinery sets including several odd-sized machines and sensitive auto vision inspection machines.

The cargo was packed in 86 wooden cases of 550 CBM and moved via 16 x 40 HC and 2×4 00T containers from Japan to Taiwan. The aforementioned cargo was moved via air suspension trucks and low bed trailers and Tisco Airtransport was also in charge of other aspects of the shipment including packing, trucking, and lashing these sets of machines. For the unloading at the destination, a special trackbed was created on which the wagon was unloaded with a semi low-loader and two simultaneously operating truck cranes.

As stated by Gino Wang, the General Manager of Tisco Airtransport, “We are very excited to bring you the news of this special project cargo shipment that was transported by our team since it was a very special one. With over three decades of market experience, we have an outstanding reputation for reliability and expertise that allows us to execute all projects big or small with utmost care and professionalism. As our slogan says: We make the world smaller and pave the way you are!

Congratulations to Tisco Airtransport for the successful movement of this project cargo!