Illice Universal Logistics collaborates with Spanish footwear company Paredes Seguridad

They have been in charge of the logistical management of the new line of high-quality protective masks by Paredes Seguridad

Illice Universal Logistics, a Coop member in Valencia, Spain, has teamed up with footwear company Paredes Seguridad for the logistical management of their newly launched protective face masks. The new line of masks provide users with maximum protection from the possibility of COVID-19 contagion.

The certified 3D FFP2 NR masks offer a particle filtration efficiency of over 95% and meet all the international standards. They are perfectly suitable to protect against virus, bacteria, and dust thus preventing accidental contagion at workplaces.

In the words of Marisa Moreno, the Managing Director of Illice Universal, “We are proud to be associated with the development of this new line of protection equipment from Paredes. Our international experience and proficient workforce combined with Paredes’ knowledge of the health sector will ensure that the logistics of the masks run in the most efficient manner.”

Congratulations to Illice Universal and wishing them the best for their next projects!

The Coop’s summer newsletter is out and available for viewing on the website

The current edition of our quarterly newsletters includes news from the network as well as from the sector along with a host of other interesting columns

The June edition of the Coop’s quarterly newsletters has been published and can now be viewed and downloaded from our website. Inside the newsletter, you are going to find all the information about our recently announced Virtual Event as well as all the latest news from your partners and important news bits from our sector.

There’s also a page dedicated to The Coop’s new updates: the creation of a new blog and the announcement of a new customizable online brochure for members.

There is also a page in which we talk about the impact of The Covid-19 and how freight forwarders can cope with it.

Hope you enjoy reading!

Warelog garners the PME Lider status for the 5th consecutive time!

They have also been awarded the TOP Caixa Award by one of the biggest banks in Portugal

Warelog Gestao de Servicos Logisticos LDA, a Coop member in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal, has received the PME Lider status for the fifth time in a row.

The PME Lider Status is bestowed by IAPMEI to Portuguese companies with strong financial performances. Launched by IAPMEI in 2008, the PME Lider Status aims to reward the companies with a first-rate financial performance so as to provide them an opportunity for optimized economic conditions that would foster their development strategy and reinforce its competitive base.

Apart from that,Warelog has also been recognized by Caixa Geral de Depositos, the biggest Portuguese bank who presented them with the TOP Caixa Award. “Both the awards are recognition of our efforts to pursue a candid management policy as well as the solid development strategy defined by our company. All the credit goes to the relentless efforts of our management and workers,” says Mr. Luis Pinto, the General Manager of Warelog.

Congratulations to Warelog for garnering these prestigious awards!

The COOP offers a discount for its members to join the Digital Container Summit hosted by Container xChange

Network with your fellow members at the Digital Container Summit on September 3, 2020. As a member of The COOP you will receive preferred access to networking and 25% off the All Access Ticket price.
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After accepting your meeting requests, you’ll get a clear overview of your schedule and enjoy a seamless networking experience on event day.

Wherever you are in the world, network with all of your peers while enjoying first-class content from renowned industry thought-leaders.

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The Coop’s 1st Virtual Meeting is all set to be held from 4th- 5th November 2020

The cloud conference is expected to result in greater participation because of ease of access and the elimination of all obstacles to participation 

Cooperative Logistics Network’s first-ever Virtual Meeting is scheduled to be held on 4th and 5th November 2020. The online conference will offer the members a special chance to network with their partners in 2020 enabling them to prepare for more concerted projects for the future. This meeting will bring together all the Coop members in one platform at one time thereby allowing the agents to connect with their existing partners, and get acquainted with the new network members.

The Coop’s Virtual Meeting isn’t going to be like any other videoconference over Skype or Zoom. We have come up with a new meeting platform integrated with our website which will ensure a seamless conferencing experience. Moreover, every agent will be able to take part in up to 32 one-to-one videoconferences of 15 minutes duration with previously selected members. Even though an in person meeting would have been much preferable, given the circumstances we have to make the most of the online meeting. Additionally, the virtual meeting will do away with a lot of expenses such as hotel fares, visa fees, and flight fares.

Apart from the one-to-one meetings, there will also be a presentation where members will be acquainted with all the latest updates and upgrades of our member-exclusive TMS FreightViewer. “The present scenario has compelled us to move our meeting on the cloud for this year. This year we are anticipating an exceptional attendance rate since the online meeting will do away with all the obstacles to participation.” says Mr. Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Cooperative Logistics Network.

Register ASAP to promote your company, secure new projects, and strengthen the ties with your partners!

Coop members team up to join the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

Westar Internationale Spedition in collaboration with Shenzhen Yee Zhan Int’l Freight moves several shipments of masks and healthcare products from China to Germany

Westar Internationale Spedition GMBH, a Coop member in Dusseldorf, Germany, and Pittsburgh, USA, cooperates with Shenzhen Yee Zhan Yuan Int’l Freight Co Ltd, a Coop member in Shenzhen, China, to transport a number of air shipments from WUX airport to FRA airport. Together they moved 3407 cartons of face masks which had a total weight of 29062 Kg (CW 52547 Kg) and a volume of 315,28 CBM.

“Despite certain obstacles and setbacks like customs issues, broken airplanes, missing cartons, delayed flight, etc. we always kept to the schedule and were able to satisfy our customer by transporting the cargo within the deadline.I would like to thank the members of both the teams for carrying out this project impeccably. “ says Mr. Jürgen Ott, the Sales Manager of Westar Internationale Spedition.

Congratulations to Westar Internationale Spedition & Shenzhen Yee Zhan Yuan Int’l Freight for the successful execution of this shipment!

Take the most of the new opportunities emerging in a changing landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light many deficiencies in all societies world-wide, but it has also shown the importance of many sectors in the world. Logistics has emerged as one of the most important business to overcome the pandemic, either by the supply of medical equipment, basic goods or even all the online purchases during the lockdown.

Although the pandemic has shown what an important component logistics is for society, it has also exposed its weaknesses’ and the need for profound changes in the industry. Before the pandemic, the economic incentives stemming from globalization, were already pushing logistics to a digitalized form, but social distancing or online working are making such a transformation even more necessary.

From The Coop we support each of our members in this digital process, by helping their company to move all products and services into the digital environment. We are working to implement different online features which will help your company to be on the same page with global tendencies. Check four of the tools we offer to help you gain your place in the e-commerce.

working home digitization social media

1. FreightViewer: our exclusive transport management software will enable you to create a friendly-user website for your clients, enabling them to check on your services any time, any day.

2. Online company brochure: create an online brochure to promote your bussines from anywhere in the world.

3. Strong online presence: we offer you a complete digital coverage through an online news section, blog and social media promotion.

4. Virtual event: due to the current situation we will not be able to meet face to face, but we will do online. Don’t miss the opportunity to make the most of our next Virtual Meeting

Digitization is so important in the global context, among other reasons, since it makes information and communication available anywhere, anytime and for any user device. Therefore, isn’t this exactly what we need in the near future taking into account that this situation will remain for a considerable time? Think about it!


Integral Chile handles the transportation of heavy machinery meant for the construction of the future largest bridge in Latin America

In the middle of the lockdown they have transported a total of 158 tons of cargo from Southern Chile to the Valparaiso Port

Integral Chile, a Coop member in Santiago, Chile, has moved over 150 tons of heavy machinery to be used for the construction of the Chacao Bridge, which will connect the big island of Chiloe with the mainland and is going to be the longest bridge in Latin America, with a length of almost 3 kilometres. In the words of Ms. Paula Salinas, the Commercial Development Analyst of Integral Chile, “We transported the heavy load from the South of Chile to the Port of Valparaiso which required a police escort.”

The last shipment weighed 150 tons and consisted of 1 Hydrohammer of 64 tons, 1 Sleeve of 62 tons, 2 Powerpacks of 10.5 tons each, and 1 x 20 SOC of 10 tons. Ms. Salinas further adds, “Despite the COVID-19 setback, our team is fully operational, and we are transporting all our cargo as usual thus keeping the foreign trade running. We are capable of continuing our operations even in total confinement and our team is committed to share projects with our fellow Coop members!”

Congratulations to Integral Chile for handling this important project!

Translog Express is working with one of the world’s largest EPC Company on a cross-country project from China to Chile

Also, Translog Express has recently completed 10 years in the business and presently has a strength of 145 employees

Translog Express Pvt Ltd, a Coop member in Mumbai & Ahmedabad, India, is working with the engineering behemoth Sterling & Wilson – the world’s largest EPC Company in this vertical , on an international project from China to Chile. This ongoing 1500 FEU shipment is being moved via ocean freight from Port Shanghai, China, to Port Iquique, Chile. “We started working on this project since December 2019 and to date, we have already shipped 1200 FEUs and looking forward to completing the shipment successfully.” says Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta, Director of Translog Express.

This project was undertaken during the difficult times in December and January when most of the establishments were closed in China because of the Chinese New Year holidays. “This 195 MW solar power project demands a lot of skill, experience and labour from our workers. The shipment has so far been delivered on schedule without the slightest delay. Credit goes to my teammates for all the extra effort they put forth which is allowing us to meet all of our client’s expectations.” adds Mr. Gupta.

Additionally, Translog Express has recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary: “It pleases us to say that our company was established in 2009 by a group of young professionals with a one and a half decade of experience in the logistics industry and the requisite insight to provide value-added services for our customers worldwide. Now we have a strength of 145 employees and still going strong!” also states Mr. Gupta.

Congratulations to Translog Express and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!

Totalplan Porto has been awarded the prestigious PME Excellence 2019 status

The PME Excellence status is bestowed on companies for their strict financial performance, sound management, and continual business growth

Totalplan Porto, a Coop member in Porto, Portugal, has garnered the PME Excellence 2019 status presented by IAPMEI (Portuguese Governmental Institute for Small and Medium-sized Companies) in partnership with the major banks of Portugal. As said by Alvaro Barbosa, Managing Director of the Totalplan Porto “After being awarded for two consecutive years with the PME Leader Status, for the first time in 2019 we managed to become a part of the small group of PME Excellence.”

PME Excellence is a registered trademark of IAPMEI and this distinction is awarded to companies for their strict economic performance, management and business growth.

“We are very proud of this status that reflects our company’s efforts, dedication and high standards. Totalplan Porto would like to thank all our clients, partners, suppliers, and staff whose continuous support made possible this achievement.” adds Mr. Barbosa.

Congratulations to Totalplan Porto and wishing them all the best for their future endeavours!