On occasion of The Coop’s 5th Anniversary some of our founder members share their experiences at our Annual Meetings over the last 5 years

In this special post, we are publishing extracts from interviews with some of our founder members who talk about what makes the Coop’s Annual Meetings so special and how they have helped them augment their businesses

This year marks the 5th Anniversary of the Coop and on this occassion we interviewed our members who have been with us since the very foundation of our network. Among many other things we asked our members about their experiences at The Coop’s Annual Meetings in the last 5 years. In light of our upcoming Annual Meeting to be held at Phuket, Thailand, from 25th –27th March 2020, we have decided to publish what our founder members have to say about the reasons which make them so special.

“The Annual Meetings give us a chance to explore new business opportunities, close business deals and get to know members face to face which in our industry is valuable. We have been able to see the ROI quickly and the amount of sales continues to grow exponentially each year!”

  • Alex Santana, BGI Worldwide Logistics Inc

“Within the first hour of the cocktail evening on the first night you’ll find yourself welcomed by all the members, everyone is looking forward to conversation and good vibes…It is a really fun event which is a roller coaster ride filled with business meetings, educational seminars and a lot of adventure!”

  • Byron Vather, Stella Shipping PTY Ltd

“Nothing can replace the personal contacts, meeting people face to face.  Apart from the one-to-one meetings, sharing meals and fun, the meetings also provide an informal way to get to know your partners better and to become more aware of his / her values.”

  • Gert Wouters, Boschmans Steinacher BVBA

“I met several Coop members during the meeting at Abu Dhabi and it was very important for us…We have already established good business relations with various agents from several parts of the world.”

  • Bebart R Soukar, Future Transport and Logistics

“The Annual Meetings are great since it’s always good to see each other again and have some fun together. The gala dinner nights are always a lot of fun with dancing and some crazy dancers!”

  • Rini Verhoef, C-Log Worldwide BV

“The Annual Meetings are exciting and fun and I look forward to attending more of them!”

  • Ajay Shukla, Translog Express Pvt Ltd

“It is important to meet face to face and know your partner. And thanks to Coop for making the meetings run so smooth and great!”

  • Neo Shih, Soba Logistics

Now you surely know why you need to sign up for our upcoming meeting in Phuket, where we are expecting over 190 delegates. Hope to see you there!

Dietrans Cargo comes up with a new line of business and moves to a brand-new office

The new unit – Foco Logistico – is entirely dedicated to Point of Purchase logistics solutions

Dietrans Cargo, a Coop member in Bogota, Colombia, has decided to create a new line of business for its customers and partners due to the constant changes in the logistics market. Their newly opened unit is dedicated to logistics solutions for Point of Purchase, such as distribution, installation, and maintenance of POP material.

As explained by Siegfried Alejandro Reuter Arias, the General Manager of Dietrans Cargo, “It’s a pleasure for us to introduce this new unit that works under the name of Foco Logistico. This is an opportunity for all our partners who want to expand their marketing campaigns in Colombia with the cargoes they are exporting from their respective countries. We have the capability of covering all the processes starting with international handling till the last mile of the campaign.”

In order to have more space for the team dedicated to this new line, they have also moved to a new location.The address of their new office headquarters is now at- Diagonal 63F No. 89 A – 25 Mezzanine de la Bod # 4 Centro Industrial El Dorado, Barrio Alamos Industrial Bogotá, Colombia. However, their telephone lines and e-mails will remain the same.

Congratulations to Dietrans Cargo and wishing them the very best for the future!

The Coop introduces a new team building activity during their 6th Annual Meeting at Phuket, Thailand

This new activity involves an optional corporate day trip to the Phi Phi Island- one of the most exotic destination in the country

This year The Coop has organized an optional corporate group tour to the Phi Phi Islands with the members and their spouses. “This new corporate outdoor activity has been introduced to provide an informal platform for fostering the team spirit of our network. A day out with your partners to the beautiful Phi Phi Islands will create the perfect environment for nurturing your friendships with your partners and open up new channels of communication!” explains Mr. Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Cooperative Logistics Network.

The group tour which will take place on the 25th of March 2020 from 8:30 to 17:30 will go a long way in enhancing the camaraderie among the network members and allow them to warm up to each others in a friendly and informal ambience before they embark on the one-to-one meetings on the following day. Some of the highlights of this trip include a speedboat ride to the Phi Phi Island, visit to the Viking Cave, Pileh Cove and Loh Samay Bay, group lunch, and finally some adventure activities at the Monkey Beach.

The day trip to the Phi Phi Islands will allow the participants to strike the perfect balance between business and leisure and make the most of the trip to Phuket.

For trip itinerary and any further information visit the tour section of our website.

Alphatrans Ltd ships a blowout preventer equipment which was delivered to the largest gas producer in Ukraine

The shipment which mainly consisted of oil and gas equipment was moved from USA to Krasnograd, Ukraine

Alphatrans Ltd, a Coop member in Odessa, Ukraine, transports a blowout preventer equipment consisting of 3×40’FR, 3×20’DV, and 6×40’HC containers. As stated by Dmitriy Balaban, the Managing Director of Alphatrans, “It took a lot of hard work on the part of our team for the seamless delivery of this shipment. Delivery was arranged with road police escort since the maximum width of the cargo was 3.80 meter and the whole lot had been delivered to the consignee at the same time.”

Maximum dimensions of the packages on 40’FR were 10850 x 3840 x 3070 mm. Alphatrans was in charge of various jobs in Ukraine such as arrangements of permits, port formalities, and inland delivery. Mr. Balaban further added, “I’d once again like to compliment the Alphatrans team who worked relentlessly and came up with innovative ideas to carry out this project impeccably!”

Congratulations to Alphatrans and wishing them the very best for all their future projects!

COOP agent in Ahmedabad and Mumbai encourages all members to use FreightViewer in order reduce time to quote and easily share rates between agents

Our member, Mr. Ajay Shukla, from Translog Express PVT LTD, has given very interesting suggestions to improve FreightViewer and make it even more useful

After the launch of The COOP’s exclusive software, FreightViewer Department has been receiving plenty of applications from our members to test the software and suggest its improvements. Ajay Shukla, Executive Director of Translog Express PVT LTD, has been collaborating with FreightViewer Department and is now willing to start to work with FreightViewer.

Ajay Shukla states: “FreightViewer is a very good tool and I think it will save a lot of time in quoting rates between agents, as once shared with each other the rates are available online,It also helps forwarders who do not have elaborate and expensive software to easily keep track of their quotes and approvals from their customers […] it will be extremely useful as trusted agents can share the rates and quote to their customer instantaneously” 

Our member, Ajay, has also suggested to have several detailed quotes in one page and a more simple solution for air rates. All these comments have been quite useful for FreightViewer Department and have helped us to improve the tool. Following our member’s statements, we are sure FreightViewer will enable all members of The COOP to reduce time to quote and save costs as it isa free tool for members.

FreightViewer Department will be happy to assist you if you may need any assistance with the use of the software or would like to know more about the system by scheduling a personalized demo, by contacting amartin@thecooperativelogisticsnetwork.com. We will be happy to assist you.

The Cooperative takes a major step towards the digitization of the freight forwarding sector by creating FreightViewer

Madrid, Spain October 2019: After two years of hard work and substantial private investments, The Coop with agents in 286 cities and 124 countries is all set to start working with its member-exclusive Transport Management Software, FreightViewer. This software will provide the members of The Cooperative the technological capability to compare competitive online freight rates, share shipping documents, and quote instantly in real-time all in one neatly organized platform.

Freight forwarding sector is aware about the need of digitization in the industry. The best example to show this fact, is the great investment of technological companies such as Flexport, Freightos or other pioneer freight forwarding multinationals, e.g. Twill and KN Freightnet, have done during the last few years. But even, after all these investments and efforts, a considerable percentage of freight forwarders continue to miss out on the digitalization race in the freight industry.

Even though it is not an easy task to become digitalize within this industry, highly demanding and inpatient customers, multinationals and globalization, are some of the factors which are forcing an important transformation in logistics sector. Inside this environment, The Coop has developed FreightViewer, revolutionizing the old ways of working. As a member-exclusive and free Transport Management Software, FreightViewer allows members of the network to automatize the uploading of their contract rates (Air, FCL, LCL and Cargo Insurance) through the online platform and share them with agents or customers instantly. Moreover, FreightViewer on the dashboard allows customers and agents to manage bookings for any carrier online, collaborate and share the shipping documents, and offer real-time status updates for shipments.

As stated by Antonio Torres, the CEO and President of The Coop, “The new tool is going to help freight forwarders within our network cope with the problem of ever-changing freight rates due to complex tariffs, various time zones and unresponsive overseas agents, which eventually leads to a delay in quoting a door-to-door service.”

FreightViewer will ensure that all members will become truly digital freight forwarders. Mr. Torres further added that “Digitization of the freight forwarding sector is starting but very slowly. For example, only three of the top twenty global freight forwarders can provide an instant quote online. We feel very proud to be part of the digitization process in our industry. The Coop is the first international freight forwarding network to launch instant quoting ability for its members. We have come up with FreightViewer after the launch of the operating system by the industry leader Flexport, who has received one billion $ investment, has eleven offices in four countries and is currently receiving all the attention world-wide from media related to the industry as it is growing incredibly. We haven’t a received a billion-dollar investment, but we have developed a state-of-art software and we have a huge worldwide infrastructure formed by our members. This makes us one of the biggest players running in the digital race of the logistics sector. Our main aim is to contribute towards actualizing the process of digitization in this sector and thereby create value for the shippers.”

FreightViewer will definitely alter the way independent freight forwarders conduct their businesses. It will not just reduce the quotation processing time from a number of days to a couple of seconds, but also help to enhance the productivity, client engagement, and profitability of the member companies.

The September edition of The Coop’s quarterly newsletters has been published and available for viewing on the website

The fall edition of our newsletter comes with a special feature on The Coop’s 5th Anniversary along with all the news from within the network and pertinent news bits from the industry

We are glad to announce that the September edition of The Coop’s quarterly newsletter is finally out and can be viewed on The Coop’s website. We have included a special 5 pages feature on The Coop’s 5th Anniversary where many of the founding members of the network have commented on their experiences with The Coop family. Their fond remembrances of the Annual Meetings along with their reflections on the various beneficial aspects of being a part of the network will make for a delightful read! More testimonials from our founding members will be published in our December newsletter.

This newsletter comes with all the latest updates about the achievements of the members, a member’s interview, along with relevant news from the industry. Moreover, we have also published further details about The Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting and the day trip to the Phi Phi Islands. Members who want to get the news about their company published in our upcoming newsletter are requested to send us a mail with a few lines about their newest undertakings.

Happy reading!

Alphatrans Ltd arranges the delivery of a LT Master press-wrapper

The 4.0 m high shipment was moved from Nikolaev, Ukraine to Port Qasim, Pakistan

Alphatrans Ltd, a Coop member in Odessa, Ukraine, has recently transported a shipment consisting of an LT Master press-wrapper from Ukraine all the way to Pakistan for relocation to new buyer. The dimensions of the press wrapper were 11550 x 2550 x 4000 mm. The vehicle was delivered to port on low-bed trailer, and then reloaded to 40′ Flat Rack container and delivered to the consignee by sea.

In the words of Dmitriy Balaban, the Managing Director of Alphatrans, “Our team is satisfied with the outcome of this complicated project which required a lot of labour and careful attention on the part of our team. Credit goes to my competent team who have repeatedly made a success out of every project!”

Congratulations to Alphatrans Ltd for a job well done!

The Coop turns 5!

The Coop started accepting applications from members in September 2014 and commenced their global operations since December 2014

The Cooperative Logistics Network which started its journey from September 2014 has turned 5 years old. The Coop was formed with members from over 60 cities across more than 50 countries which together had a total of over 5000 employees with a sales turnover exceeding EUR 550 million for 2014. Since then, The Coop brand was endorsed worldwide as a practical and attractive new opportunity for freight forwarders who henceforth benefitted from the tailored service of a strong network of local independent agents, and an international reach.

“It was during our 1st Annual Meeting at Bangkok in May 2014 when members began to realize the enormous potentials of our network and the rewards of collaboration. Since then we have travelled a long way and presently we count on over 288 agents from numerous cities covering 124 countries with a total of more than 13,928 employees.” says Antonio Torres the President and Founder of Cooperative Logistics Network. Last year alone The Coop was joined by 85 new members and the number keeps increasing.

Presently, The Coop is one of the premier non-exclusive networks of independent freight forwarders who are offered an international brand, a digital infrastructure, and an impressive global presence. Apart from 5 highly successful Annual Meetings, the steady rise in the number of our agents, and the introduction of an array of online tools and PR services for our members, one of our most significant achievements in the last 5 years consist in the introduction of our member-exclusive online tool FreightViewer, which has taken the digitization efforts of independent freight forwarder one step further.

Keep an eye on our upcoming newsletter for a special coverage of our 5th Anniversary!

Solmaz Customs Consultancy takes on a new Sales Director!

Onur Birkal who has over 20 years of experience in the logistics industry is the new Sales Director of the Coop member in Istanbul, Turkey

“Solmaz Customs Consultancy Inc, a Coop member in Istanbul, Turkey, welcomes a new teammate, Mr. Onur Birkal, who is working as their new Sales Director from August, 2019. In his own words, “I am really excited about joining Solmaz Customs Consultancy and I am hopeful that my presence will be advantageous for our team and together we can achieve a great many goals. My extensive experience in this sector will surely contribute greatly to the smooth working of our sales team.”

Born in 1976, Birkal, was graduated from Istanbul Erkek High School and finished a degree on Business Administration from Istanbul University. He started his career in 1999 and since then he has worked at managerial positions, in several prestigious freight forwarding companies.

As stated by Mr. Korcan Tugrul, the Operations Director of Solmaz Customs Consultancy, “We welcome aboard Mr. Birkal and we are hopeful about the positive contributions of his efforts in the coming days. I am confident that his addition to our team will greatly reinforce our Sales Department!”

Wishing Solmaz Customs Consultancy all the success for their future projects!