The Coop’s 1st Virtual Meeting is just around the corner!

Cooperative Logistics Network’s first-ever cloud conference to be held in less than three weeks, will allow the members to do their networking even in the middle of the pandemic

The Coop’s first-ever Virtual Meeting is all set to commence on the 4th of November 2020. The meeting which will be held from 4th -5th November will present an ideal networking opportunity that will allow the members to discuss the prospects of concerted projects right from the safety and comfort of their own home or workspace. With the support of The Coop’s special meeting platform, members will be able to speak one-to-one with the partners of their choice at the previously scheduled time.

In the words of Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Cooperative Logistics Network, “We strongly believe that communication and cooperation are the keys to obtaining more businesses and even though an in-person meeting will not be possible in 2020, this virtual event will allow our members to save a lot both in terms of time and expenses.”

The online one-to-one videoconferences which are the principal element of the meeting will make way for constructive communications among delegates allowing them to discuss the prospects of collaboration in the near future. Members will be able to take part in as many as 32 on-to-one videoconferences (each of 15 minutes duration) with their existing and new partners. Moreover, special care has been taken to accommodate delegates from all the different time-zones.

Apart from the one-to-one meetings, the event will also include an online presentation of all the latest features and updates of The Coop’s member-exclusive quote generation and freight management tool- FreightViewer. Mr. Torres further adds, “Given the crunching economic scenario all over the world because of the pandemic, it is all the more important for freight forwarders to come together and chalk out a collaborative business approach that will be of advantage to both the parties.” The online format of the meeting will remove all the obstacles to participation and permit the members to set the stage for increased cooperation and greater business volume within the network.

The Coop’s 1st Virtual Meeting is sponsored by Express Air Freight, Kopf + Lubben, Mira Transport Services, Three Aces Global, Headway and The Solution.

Be there to showcase your business, obtain new projects and foster long-term relationships with your partners!

Express Air Freight, Kopf + Lubben, Mira Transport Services, Three Aces Global, Headway and The Solution sponsor The Coop’s 1st Virtual Meeting

The Conference will be held on the cloud from 4th to 5th November

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic which has prompted the authorities all around the world to severely restrict international travel and group gatherings, The Cooperative Logistics Network has decided to organize their First Meeting online in order to enhance accessibility and inclusion by eliminating all the obstacles to participation.

In this context, The Cooperative is proud to partner with these members to sponsor the activities during its Event.

Express Air Freight was formed in 1990. With its ability to meet tight time constraints, deadlines, its service to a multitude of industries, and its skilled and experienced workforce, they offer exceptional services to their clients from several industries.

Kopf + Lubben GMBH, a Coop member in Frankfurt, Bremen, and Hamburg, has been offering ‘future proof transport solutions’ for their clients in Germany and beyond. With over 40 years of experience in air/sea and land transport, Kopf + Lubben is also offering services in the fields of e-commerce.

3 Aces Global, a Coop member in Delhi, India, has over 3 decades of market experience and is one of the most prominent multi-modal logistics companies in New Delhi, India. Apart from freight forwarding they also offer customs broker services and are a member of IATA, DCCAA, FIATA, and ACCAI.

Headway, a Coop member in Hanoi, Vietnam, was established back in 2003 with the express objective of providing ‘value-added transport’ solutions. The Headway team comes with an in-depth knowledge of the industry that allows them to offer the best and most cost-effective shipping solutions for their clients.

Mira Transport, a Coop member in New York, is a distinguished player in the field of international freight forwarding. They offer their clients first-rate transport services and strong global coverage. They are committed to the convenience of their clients who are always kept informed about every aspect of the shipment.

The Solution, a Coop member in Genoa, Italy, is known for providing optimal transport solutions for air/rail/sea/road freight. They provide quality supply chain services for their customers at an affordable rate. Their hallmark constitutes their exceptional ability to handle every minute detail of their customers.

This sponsorship will consist of an acknowledgment of each member during the Official Opening and Presentation by Director Antonio Torres along with the display of their logo in Brochures, Newsletter, and on the Sponsor Section of our website. Moreover, sponsors also get Priority Access to the One-to-One Meeting Scheduler, social media promotion, and branding on registration pages and banner on The Cooperative’s website.


Three Aces Global demonstrates their expertise in the pharmaceutical supply chain and moves 30MT of lifesaving drugs

Last month they also handled two full flight load shipments of medical supplies from Delhi to Riyadh

Three Aces Global Logistics Pvt Ltd, a Coop member in Delhi, India, moved 30 MT cargo of pharmaceutical products from New Delhi, India, to Almaty, Kazakhstan. For this purpose, they chartered 2 flights from Air Astana and the shipment reached the consignee right on time. They were in charge of several aspects of the shipment including local logistics, labelling, and transporting the cargo from the warehouse to the airport.

As stated by Mr. Pankaj Agarwal, the Director of Three Aces Global Logistics, “Chartering two planes was the quickest way of handling this shipment and the hard work on part of my team ensured that the task was executed successfully. The most exigent part of this project was undoubtedly the process of labelling of 5000 cartons within the handover deadline and I would like to thank all my team mates for doing such an impeccable job. We recommend members have a look a the below videos to get an idea”.

Three Aces Global also sent out 2 charter flights from Saudi Arabia Airlines to move pharmaceutical shipments from Delhi to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with each flight carrying a load of 19 MT. Mr. Agarwal further added, “We have been handling pharmaceutical goods and medical supplies on a regular basis throughout the pandemic. With over 3 decades of market experience, our team has all expertise and experience needed for the safe handling of medical items. We are really happy to play our part in the fight against the Coronavirus.”

Congratulations to Three Aces Global Logistics for undertaking these commendable projects!


E2E Supply Chain Management partners with Misan Logistics BV for a complex OOG cargo project

A part of this break-bulk project will also be consigned to other Coop members for the door to door delivery of the cargo

E2E Supply Chain Management PTE LTD, a Coop member in Singapore, is currently collaborating with Misan Logistics BV, a Coop member in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on an OOG/breakbulk project. “The shipment has been sent from Europe to Singapore in 2 x 40 ft flat rack containers and we have to transship and transload the cargo from Singapore to Indonesia by breakbulk.” says Mr. Alan Lim, the CEO of E2E Supply Chain Management.

Each unit of the shipment has a dimension of 8.8 m (length) x 2.2 m (width) x 2 m (height) and weighs 38 tons. The rest of the air and sea shipments consigned to other Coop members are from Singapore to Shanghai, Hong Kong and Sydney. Mr. Lim further adds, “We are happy to collaborate with our partner in Rotterdam and our project cargo team is seamlessly handing this shipment, a fact which will surely be attested by our network partner!”

Congratulations to E2E Supply Chain Management for successfully carrying out this collaboration shipment!


Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services moves a decommissioned rail wagon to its final destination at a newly planned industrial estate

The wagon which had a weight of 16.5 T and dimensions of 1402 x 270 x 401 cm required several special equipment for loading and unloading

Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services, a Coop member in Bremen, Hamburg, and Frankfurt, Germany, has recently carried out the special transport of a decommissioned wagon in Bremen. One of their clients, a project development company from Bremen, recently purchased a decommissioned rail wagon from Deutsche Bahn for a newly planned industrial estate. A former railway station site is being brought to new life as a part of the project and therefore an old wagon will be an eye-catching installation.

The wagon was loaded simultaneously with two mobile truck cranes onto a semi low-loader. In order to place the wagon safely on the trailer, specially-made wheelset pads had to be obtained. For the unloading at the destination, a special trackbed was created on which the wagon was unloaded with a semi low-loader and two simultaneously operating truck cranes.

For the transport, they obtained a special permit from the Bremen authorities in advance under the condition that the transport is only carried out with an escort vehicle and between 22.00 hrs – 06.00 hrs. In the words of Mr. Mike Guttrof, Manager of the road transport department, “Due to the pandemic, three months passed between the request and delivery during which we had to obtain permits, procure the necessary equipment and personnel and coordinate all parties involved. In the end, everything worked as planned and we are watching with interest how the project on the former railway station site develops.”

Congratulations to Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services for the successful execution of this project!

Now365 Logistics successfully transports an adorable live animal shipment!

They recently moved 24 live Gentoo Penguins from New Zealand to Shanghai via air freight

Now365 Logistics Limited, a Coop member in Auckland, New Zealand, has recently concluded shipping an unusual cargo consisting of 24 live penguins from Auckland to Shanghai, China. This delicate project took months of planning only to be delayed further in March due to the lockdown in New Zealand.

As stated by Mr Ruwan Premathilaka, Managing Director of Now365 Logistics, “Planning and executing this offbeat project was not simple and credit goes to our entire team for the safe handover of these charming creatures.”
As soon as the lockdown was lifted, the Now365 team continued their efforts to safely organize the transportation of these gentoo penguins from the Sea Life Kelly Tarltons Aquarium in Auckland all the way to Shanghai. “From organizing the refrigerated truck to 4 Celsius temperature onboard the plane, no details were overlooked to ensure zero mortality. Although this was a special project, our team at Now365 is passionate about taking special care of each and every piece of cargo we handle,” adds Mr Premathilaka.

Check all the details of the shipment in NOW365 blog.

Illice Universal Logistics collaborates with Spanish footwear company Paredes Seguridad

They have been in charge of the logistical management of the new line of high-quality protective masks by Paredes Seguridad

Illice Universal Logistics, a Coop member in Valencia, Spain, has teamed up with footwear company Paredes Seguridad for the logistical management of their newly launched protective face masks. The new line of masks provide users with maximum protection from the possibility of COVID-19 contagion.

The certified 3D FFP2 NR masks offer a particle filtration efficiency of over 95% and meet all the international standards. They are perfectly suitable to protect against virus, bacteria, and dust thus preventing accidental contagion at workplaces.

In the words of Marisa Moreno, the Managing Director of Illice Universal, “We are proud to be associated with the development of this new line of protection equipment from Paredes. Our international experience and proficient workforce combined with Paredes’ knowledge of the health sector will ensure that the logistics of the masks run in the most efficient manner.”

Congratulations to Illice Universal and wishing them the best for their next projects!

The Coop’s summer newsletter is out and available for viewing on the website

The current edition of our quarterly newsletters includes news from the network as well as from the sector along with a host of other interesting columns

The June edition of the Coop’s quarterly newsletters has been published and can now be viewed and downloaded from our website. Inside the newsletter, you are going to find all the information about our recently announced Virtual Event as well as all the latest news from your partners and important news bits from our sector.

There’s also a page dedicated to The Coop’s new updates: the creation of a new blog and the announcement of a new customizable online brochure for members.

There is also a page in which we talk about the impact of The Covid-19 and how freight forwarders can cope with it.

Hope you enjoy reading!

Warelog garners the PME Lider status for the 5th consecutive time!

They have also been awarded the TOP Caixa Award by one of the biggest banks in Portugal

Warelog Gestao de Servicos Logisticos LDA, a Coop member in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal, has received the PME Lider status for the fifth time in a row.

The PME Lider Status is bestowed by IAPMEI to Portuguese companies with strong financial performances. Launched by IAPMEI in 2008, the PME Lider Status aims to reward the companies with a first-rate financial performance so as to provide them an opportunity for optimized economic conditions that would foster their development strategy and reinforce its competitive base.

Apart from that,Warelog has also been recognized by Caixa Geral de Depositos, the biggest Portuguese bank who presented them with the TOP Caixa Award. “Both the awards are recognition of our efforts to pursue a candid management policy as well as the solid development strategy defined by our company. All the credit goes to the relentless efforts of our management and workers,” says Mr. Luis Pinto, the General Manager of Warelog.

Congratulations to Warelog for garnering these prestigious awards!

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