Canal Movers & Logistics Corp packs and ships 166 pieces of precious antiques and fine arts objects

These pieces are some of the relics of the Archdiocese of Panama and forms part of the historical and religious heritage of the country

Canal Movers and Logistics Corp, a Coop member in Panama City, has recently handled the packaging and shipping of 166 pieces of antiques which are very important to the cultural and religious heritage of the country.

We are very proud to be a part of this important restoration project. Our team did their part immaculately and the fine arts objects reached the destination intact and on time,” says Lorena Rivera, the Commercial Cargo Specialist of Canal Movers & Logistics.

The process of packing and transporting the 166 pieces of relics for restoration was intense. Ms. Rivera further adds, “Besides the monetary value, we had a huge responsibility with our country’s history which is why we had to ensure that all the stages of the operation go flawlessly. I’d like to thank my team for doing such a perfect job!”

Congratulations to Canal Movers & Logistics for handling this important project!

The Coop partners with the Transport Evolution Qatar Assembly and Expo

This exposition will be held from 23rd to 25th September at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre

The Transport Evolution Qatar Assembly and Expo is fast becoming the industry’s go to platform for critical discussions and actions on ports, maritime, road, rail and logistics in Qatar. This is Qatar’s only dedicated ports and maritime, rail and road logistics mega event that brings the entire value chain of suppliers and buyers together thus enabling the region to reach its full potential in port, rail and road logistics efficiency.

Over 2,000 senior industry stakeholders will be brought together under one roof over the 3 days of the event.  The expo covers the following 5 main segments all under one roof with free connected educational content running alongside hundreds of exhibits and demos- Ports/Maritime Infrastructure and Expansion, Port/Maritime Operations, Rail Infrastructure Maintenance, Road Infrastructure Maintenance, and Security and Information Technology.

Over 2000 attendees will be there from a cross-section of transport authorities, consultants, government representatives and suppliers from more than 10 countries. In addition to the extremely high-quality of informative presentations, the Assembly is designed with delegates and exhibitors in mind, allowing ample time dedicated to networking. World class content will be delivered by a panel of 40 industry-elite speakers.

The Coop encourages its members to participate in the event. Interested members can download the exhibition brochure from their website: Participants can save $200 if they register before 15 August 2019. Plus they have special group booking rates available.
To learn more about the group booking and early bird opportunities contact:

Nagham Nicholas: E: | T: +974 44 36 31 59

Steve Lee: E: | T: +27 21 700 5507

Air-Ship International just completes a busy part of their year involving two large tradeshows in Toronto and Ottawa

The SIAL 2019 tradeshow in Toronto was a perishable food show while the CANSEC 2019 tradeshow in Ottawa was a military show 

Air Ship International Inc, a Coop member in Toronto, Canada, provides logistics services for two important Canadian tradeshows. First, they delivered fresh and frozen food for the SIAL 2019 – North America’s largest Food-Innovation Tradeshow which was held in April at Toronto. 

Afterwards, Airship moved the top of a tank weighing 3,510 Kg for the CANSEC 2019 –North America’s largest tri-lateral defence event which took part from 29th to 30th May 2019. This shipment which had a dimension of 300 x 244 x 186 cm was moved on a flat bed truck. The enormous weight and dimension of the cargo required the use of two forklifts for unloading the shipment.

“We handle all types of cargo and our location right at the Toronto airport gives us great access to multiple airlines and a streamlined process. We had to work over the weekends to ensure the transfer of the perishable items to our cold storage as soon as the shipment arrived. Moreover, clearing the cargo for CANSEC was indeed challenging since we had to get them cleared on ATA Carnet by submitting them in person to avoid questioning by the customs.” says Ryan Nicol, the President of Air Ship International.

Congratulations to Air Ship International Inc for carrying out these important projects!

Marksman Logistics Services handles an important air cargo of 40 tons from Incheon, South Korea, to Dammam, Saudi Arabia

The recruitment of a new sales representative has also boosted their local sales giving them more opportunities to allocate projects for their network partners 

Marksman Logistics Services, a Cooperative member in Seoul, South Korea, has recently moved an important air shipment from Incheon to Dammam. With nearly 20 years of market experience, they are on very good terms with the airlines and made use of chartered flight from a midpoint in Baku, Azerbaijan to the destination in Dammam. In the words of John Yeon, the Deputy General Manager of Marksman, “Special credit goes to our air operation team who organized the chartered flight, loaded the 40 tons shipment, and ensured the easy movement of this shipment. The cargo reached the consignee on time and our customers were much impressed with our work efficiency.”

Marksman Logistics has also supplemented its sales team by including a new member in their Sales Department. Their local sales have augmented considerably placing them in a better position to go for more collaborative projects with other Coop members. Mr. Yeon further adds, “Our company is AEO certified and proud members of IATA and KIFFA which definitely lends us enough credibility. Moreover, we have recently launched an ERP system after enormous efforts and investment which has been helping our clients and partners to track down all the movements of the cargo.”

Congratulations to Marksman Logistics Services and wishing them all the best for their future projects!

Global Express Forwarding teams up with Atlas Forwarding Ltd to move a cargo from Nigeria to the USA

Coop members in Chicago and Dublin carry out a collaborative project and move 2 Boeing 737 engines

Global Express Forwarding – a Coop member in Chicago, USA – joins forces with Atlas Forwarding, a Coop member in Dublin, Ireland, to move 2 Boeing 737 engines from Lagos, Nigeria, all the way to Northern Illinois, USA.

According to Mike Gaglewski from Global Express Forwarding, “When our Irish client requested assistance with moving 2 Boeing 737 Engines from Lagos, Nigeria, to Northern Illinois, USA, we knew we had colleagues based locally who had the knowledge and expertise required to execute this shipment safely and professionally.” Once the shipment was given a green light, it was inspected before being loaded onto a freighter aircraft for the journey to Chicago via Paris, France.

When the freight reached Chicago Airport, Global Express Forwarding took care of the task at hand and processed the shipment through a complicated customs procedure and facilitated trucking to the end user. Mr. Gaglewski further adds, “This shipment was a perfect example of how cooperation with trusted overseas partners is essential in logistics and forwarding. As one of the representatives of the Coop’s branch in Chicago, I would like to thank Cooperative’s truly global network of 300 expert freight forwarders who work together to ensure our mutual success!”

Congratulations to Global Express Forwarding and Atlas Forwarding for setting a perfect example of mutual collaboration!

E2E Supply Chain Management PTE Ltd has a 30% increase in the bookings for their services relating to the hauling of capital goods

The projects handled by them include the relocation of press machines from China to Batam and Malaysia and the movement of OOG equipment from Sin to Duyen Hai

E2E Supply Chain Management PTE Ltd, a Coop member in Singapore, has seen a 30 % increase in their bookings for services related to the movement of capital goods such as stamping or moulding machines and their production lines relocation from Northern and Southern China to Melaka, Johor.

Some of the projects they have recently handled include the relocation of press machines from China to Batam and Malaysia and the moving of OOG equipment from SIN to Duyen Hai and back. In the words of Alan Lim, the Chief Executive Officer of E2E Supply Chain Management, “A lot of shippers have diverted their factories or investment either partially or fully to Malaysia and Batam. The main challenges of the capital products nowadays are vanning and devanning, temporary import permits for duty waiver and customs clearance.”

E2E also provides specialized engineers/technicians for machine or production line installation. Mr. Lim further adds: “For import, we offer services like import clearance, customs clearance and trucking of shipments from the ports to the consignee premise with/without escort, along with skilled managers, supervisors and workers (in Malaysia or Batam) for unloading the machines/bulky items from containers and vessels.”

Congratulations to E2E for their new projects!

The June edition of The Coop’s newsletters has been published and can be viewed on the website

The newsletter is packed with information about our next Annual Meeting, the FreightViewer, along with relevant news from the sector and from within our network

We want to bring to your attention that the second edition of The Coop’s quarterly newsletter has been published and is now available for viewing on our website. Here you’ll find information about the Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting in 2020, important news from the industry, more details about FreightViewer and of course the news about the achievement of our members in the last 3 months.

We have also included a new section with a List of Public Holidays Worldwide where we have listed down all the public holidays across the major cities in all countries of the world in the next three months. This list has been created with the objective of keeping our members aware of the days off in several countries where they might be doing business in. Members are requested to take a quick look so as to avoid unwanted inconveniences for them or their partners.

Members who want to get the news of their company featured on our next newsletter, are requested to write to us about the latest accomplishments of their company and we will make a short news out of that and publish it on our website and on our upcoming newsletter.

Hope you enjoy reading!

Interview with Eddy Van Put from Boschmans Steinacher

“If you are looking for long-term relationships then make sure to invest in more than just 1 year of membership, attend the Annual Meetings and be open and transparent with your partners, because together you’re stronger.”


These are some of the advices that Eddy Van Put suggests our Coop members before he is retiring from Boschmans Steinacher – a Coop member in Antwerp, Belgium. He has been working for this company for 45 years and he would like to extend his gratitude to both Boschmans Steinacher’s team and the Coop members for their long years of association.

Improved work process efficiency, a stronger network of reliable partners, and the synergy achieved by the merger of two winning teams are just some of the factors responsible for the success of Boschmans Steinacher. In this interview, he tells us about his long years of experience with Boschmans Steinacher, the challenges they faced together, and the lessons learnt from so many years in this sector.

Q. What would you miss the most about the freight forwarding industry?

A. Logistics require a wide knowledge which needs to be updated very frequently because of the exigencies of time and the ever-changing rules and regulations. Being in this industry had been a rewarding experience the most attractive part of which was the chance to learn and expand my knowledge and capabilities. The main things I will be missing about my career are the network meetings and the personal contacts with all the stakeholders such as the customers, agents, and suppliers from all over the world. I like to travel and meet people. I prefer personal contact far more than all the sophisticated web conferences.

Q. What has been your most difficult challenge?

A. I remember the numerous challenges we had to cope with especially the ones about the last-minute orders. For example, I remember moving 60 MT of chocolate by air to Australia on very short notice for Christmas and organizing the return of a damaged high-value heavy lift OOG first shipment of a new customer. However, the most challenging project had been the timely delivery of antiques meant for a fine arts exhibition. We had to convince the customs and authorities to release the shipments and we got the cargo inspected right at the exhibition stand or else the visitors would have definitely missed the show.

Q. How working as a freight forwarder has contributed to your life both personally and professionally speaking?

A. It has substantially enriched my worldview. The numerous worldwide contacts and the destination and origin of shipments have taught me that the world is much more than the street I am living on. Because of this industry I came to understand the long and complex journey of every product we use.

Q. Which is the most important thing you’ve learned from the industry? 

A. One of the things I’ve learned and understood is the complexity of the supply chain. There are so many issues involved while moving a cargo which is why I fully understand why at times the shipment doesn’t get delivered as scheduled.

 “After completing my 45th year in this
company, I’m very confident about its
future. The merger is
sure to add to the core values of our company which are flexibility, personalization,
respect, and
client-centric services.”


Q. How do you think Coop’s Annual Meetings can contribute to forging relationships?

A. As I said before, nothing can replace the personal contacts we establish by meeting people face to face. Apart from the one-to-one meetings, sharing lunch and dinner provides an informal way to know your partner better and getting aware of his/her core values which undoubtedly gets reflected in their companies. After all, one is looking for long-term relationships which can only be founded on values like respect, confidence, transparency, and reliability.

Q. Tell us a funny anecdote you remember about your work as a freight forwarder.

A. One of the anecdotes I remember is a random inspection ordered by customs of an ISO tank containing a very dangerous liquid. Things were not computerized at that time and once we explained to them that they could check it at their own risk, the container was immediately released without any inspection whatsoever.

Q. What advice would you share with Coop members?

A. If you are looking for long-term relationships then make sure to invest in more than just 1 year of membership. It takes a while to build confidence as we are all aware of. Also, attend the Annual Meetings which is the best place to forge relationships. Be open and transparent with your partners because together you’re strong. Use each other’s strength and provide the remuneration for the performed job instead of squeezing the lemon. It is after all the customer who will pay for the services rendered by both of you.

Q. How do you see the future for the company BoschmansSteinacher ever since it merged in January 2018?

A. After my 45th year at this company, I’m very confident about its future. The merger is sure to add to the core values of our company which are flexibility, personalization, respect, and client-centric services. My company which is steered by professional management with a human touch is fully prepared for the future. If you have any shipments from/to Antwerp, do not hesitate to contact the BoschmansSteinacher’s team: 

The date and venue of The Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting have already been finalized

The Coop’s upcoming Annual Meeting in 2020 will take place at Phuket, Thailand, in the month of March

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s next Annual Meeting will be held at Le Meridien Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand, from 25th-27th of March 2020. Just like the previous conferences, the 2020 meeting will also include a Welcome Cocktail Reception, a Gala Dinner party, and numerous one-to-one meetings with your fellow members. A once in a year opportunity for the members to meet and confer with their network partners, Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting will majorly facilitate in obtaining new business opportunities from all corners of the world while strengthening the ties among the Coop members.

Additionally, this year The Coop is organizing a half day sight-seeing tour with those attendees who would like to discover some remarkable spots in and around the island while enhancing the ties with their fellow members. Apart from letting the members explore the beautiful country they’re about to visit, the group tour will also promote friendship between network members, thus fostering a sense of goodwill and camaraderie within The Coop team.

Keep an eye on our website where we’ve already posted the details of Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting. Further information about the meeting registration, and the group tour will soon be made available.

Rinosta Shipping Agency ventures into export cargo delivery

They are exporting a range of items such as fishmeal, organic fertilizer, plywood, and wooden furniture from Northern European countries to all over the world 

Rinosta Shipping Agency, a Coop member in Riga, Latvia, and Klaipeda, Lithuania, is presently exporting fishmeal, organic fertilizer, plywood, and wooden furniture so as to develop sales activities for their local produce. 

As a company which has been operating for the last 25 years, Rinosta Shipping is on very good terms with the local producers, which is one of the reasons prompting them to venture into the export delivery.

All the items exported by them are sourced from local producers and are available at an inexpensive rate.  

As stated by Mr. Kirill Gordeev of Rinosta Shipping, “Presently we are exporting peat moss, fishmeal, plywood, and wooden furniture and we’d like to use this opportunity to offer these products to interested partners and their local markets,” He further adds, “We’d be happy to provide our partners with the most competitive prices from the best local producers. As you could see during the conferences, we are happy to cooperate and we welcome all prospects of mutual business expansion.”

Congratulations to Rinosta Shipping Agency on their new venture!