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These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of FreightViewer. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


FreightViewer is a web-based rate automation and quoting platform which allows members of THE COOPERATIVE to automatize the uploading of their contracts and rates on an online platform and easily share these with customers and agents.

FreightViewer is a digital, free exclusive member platform. Which means, for making use of our software it is necessary to be a member of our network.

As a freight forwarder you are able to set your FreightViewer webpage at your convenience, deciding who can access it. There are several possibilities.

  1. In order to register, your client must contact you first, since you only allow registered customers to search for quotes. This is the most restrictive option, which is perfect if you’d like to avoid unknown clients thus, they must contact you personally and through your FreightViewer manager you will assign this client a password.
  2. The second option is allow anonymous users to search for quotes online although they are not registered. Note these clients will obtain a quote with no personalized mark-ups. As the first option client must contact you in order to register.
  3. Finally, the option we recommend is allow anonymous users to register. In this way your customers will be able to set their password, complete company details and directly search for quotes. This new customer will automatically have access to the category you have previously chosen for anonymous users. At the same time, you will receive notification on your FreightViewer manager of this new customer registered.

FreightViewer offers you a quick and easy way to upload your rates. Regarding to transport and local charges you can create personalized boards introducing data by distance or by zip code for the ports/airport assigned. You are also, able to add as many carriers as you need.

As for Air FCL, and LCL rates, FreightViewer provides you a template for import and export which you can modify with your personal rates and finally, upload it within three simple steps.

By default, every new member of our network can upload rates for airports/ports from his country, in the event of needing to add rates for other countries, please contact FreightViewer department at:

You are able to upload rates up to two countries plus your own country.

Rates will not be available to competitors in YOUR COUNTRY. We are offering FreightViewer as an opportunity to expand your business without overlapping between network members.

Also note, your customers will be able to enter to your FreightViewer webpage, and you can manage this webpage at your convenience: deciding who can access it. In such way, when your customer accesses to FreightViewer he will only have available your rates.

You will be able to update or upload new rates instantly and easily at any time through your FreightViewer manager. All rates will have a time rate of validity, and once this is over, they will become inactive. Also, the system detects any possible error regarding to port/airport or date so only correct rates will be available for your customers.

If you have any issue uploading or managing these rates within the software, we are here to assist you. Contact:

When one of your clients searches for a quote through your FreightViewer webpage and this customer accepts it, this quote will appear directly in your FreightViewer manager, this manager will be securely protected by your network member password.

Once you see the quote in your FreightViewer, you can decide who will follow up with this quote. Only persons who have access to members area will access to your quotes, and you are able to manage these quotes at your convenience. In the event a client does not accept a quote, this will also show in your FV webpage, and you can assign this matter to the person of your staff you desire.

Mark-ups are the amount added to the costs in order to cover overheads and profits. These mark-ups are personalized for each category, therefore each customer will have its own personalized quote, depending on the mark-ups freight forwarders have assigned.

A default mark-up (20%) will be assigned to every new client registered in order to avoid quotations with 0% mark-up, whereas you are able to modify these mark-ups when necessary.

The clients get access to a quote or the webpage, only after it has been granted to them by the freight forwarder (member of the network). The freight forwarder can manage their clients, simultaneously deciding who can access their webpage and who cannot.

The clients see the complete quotation with all the added mark-ups. Since the mark-ups are added in the total cost, the profit margin is never disclosed to the customer.

Destination agents can only see the information that is vital to them. Such as cargo description, freight details (date and place of loading, carrier, transit time, frequency, validity) and different status within quotation.

There is no limit in changing a quotation. You are able to change a quotation however many times you need as long as it has not been approved by you. Every time a quote is amended it can be sent to customer through email or PDF.

No, clients do not see the quotation as a draft at any point in time. The draft quotation is only available for the freight forwarders. Although, customers are aware that a quotation can be modified if the quotation is declined, offering great flexibility to customers.

FreightViewer uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol where all the information like credit card number and bank details is jumbled up before reaching our devices, protecting your personal information.

FreightViewer is entirely web based allowing our agents complete access from anywhere. There´s no need for software installation and agents can even use it on their smart phones.

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