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The Cooperative Logistics Network is a capped, non-exclusive alliance of hand-picked freight forwarders in each major air/seaport who co-operate in a financially secure environment to reduce costs and risks and grow their businesses by actively working together to compete against the largest multinationals.

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10 Largest Multinationals

On one side are the 10 largest multinationals holding a 44% monopoly of the market and conveniently gaining another 1% each year. Their well-known brands and global appeal ensure that they win the biggest contracts and get the best rates from carriers.

Independent freight forwarders

They must often work with unknown agents risking leaving customers unsatisfied and invoices unpaid. Without a worldwide brand name and a network of reliable agents, they cannot bid for the biggest contracts. Alone, they are too small to obtain better rates from carriers.

The Coop Formula

The Coop's Formula

On the other side are independent freight forwarders who lack a global brand and a network of reliable agents, resulting in an inability to bid for the largest contracts and receive better rates from carriers. These forwarders are faced with the prospect of working with unknown agents who rarely send business their way and occasionally break promises. The result of which is dissatisfied customers and some unpaid invoices.

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