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The Cooperative Logistics Network is a capped, non-exclusive alliance of hand-picked freight forwarders in each major air/seaport who co-operate in a financially secure environment to reduce costs and risks and grow their businesses by actively working together to compete against the largest multinationals.

The freight forwarding landscape: a question of survival


The 10 largest multinationals are holding a 44% monopoly of the market and conveniently gaining another 1% each year. Their well-known brands and global appeal ensure that they win the biggest contracts and get the best rates from carriers.

Mega forwarders

Independent freight forwarders

They must often work with unknown agents risking leaving customers unsatisfied and invoices unpaid. Without a worldwide brand name and a network of reliable agents, they cannot bid for the biggest contracts. Alone, they are too small to obtain better rates from carriers.

Independent Freight Forwarders

Our formula for Freight forwarders: Cooperate to Succeed

Reliable partners around the world

The Cooperative Logistics Network (Coop) brings together hand-picked freight forwarders in each major city which cooperate reciprocally and securely to expand their businesses, reduce costs and risks, and compete on more equal terms against the largest international companies. Alone you can be strong, together we are stronger.

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Cooperation that generates business

All Coop members agree to use other members for a steadily growing percentage of their shipments. Compliance with this rule is verified periodically.

You will receive routed cargo, freehands, and sales leads from the entire network, and you can continue to work with your current partners where you choose.

Freight Network Cooperation

A solid digital strategy

  • Intant quoting ability with FreightViewer, our Online Quoting Platform
  • Set up of their own personalized website
  • Tools for loading your tariffs / rates and be highlighted in the results of a search
  • Online Directory and Agent Finder
  • Any doubts? Our team will guide you
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The result? A decade of success thanks to hundreds of reliable forwarders around the world

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Cooperating to succeed

Expand your businesses, reduce costs and risks, and compete on more equal terms against the largest international companies

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