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Freight Forwarding and Logistics Courses

The Cooperative offers all its members a wide range of Freight Forwarding Courses provided by top academic partners which will enable you or your employees to acquire basic skills and gain in-depth knowledge of the transportation and logistics sector. These subjects range from general freight training and problem-solving to specialist courses in pharmaceuticals, perishables, obtaining compliance or a masterclass in SOC containers.

Top Logistic Courses
The Cooperative Logistics Network's Logistics Courses EXCLUSIVE FOR MEMBERS

Freight forwarding logistic courses

Logistics Courses

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  • Are you looking for expanding your knowledge in the logistics industry?
  • Have you recently hired a new employee that needs some training?
  • Would you like to upgrade your skills in the shipping industry?

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Top logistics courses, top skills

Top logistics courses

Enrolling in our top logistics courses will allow you to take a major step towards career advancement and become a skilled freight forwarder. Most importantly, these courses will improve the efficiency and expertise of your company. Gain knowledge and new skills to meet organisational objectives and create long term value, making easier for you to overcome difficulties.

Become a truly professional logistics service provider. Our top logistics courses will help you get a clear understanding of the complexities of logistical operations, improve your problem-solving skills, and get a competitive edge.

Online and for all profiles

Logistics courses for all profiles

The Cooperative’s logistics courses are both meant for the newcomers to this industry and professional freight forwarders who would like to acquire new skills to keep pace with the industrial changes.

Taking our freight forwarding courses will help you to plan and execute shipments more professionally thereby allowing users to provide smart and bespoke services to your customers.

The convenient online courses give you ample time to complete them at your own pace and right from the comfort of your home or office.

Universally recognized e-certification


While our courses can help you to learn and execute complicated logistical processes, the certification you will obtain will allow you to attain career advancements and elevate your position in this competitive sector. You will be able to download and print the certificate and share it with your clients and partners to demonstrate the reliability and expertise of your team.

In order to bring you the most professional and productive certificate courses, The Coop has partnered with two internationally recognized institutes of international trade and freight forwarding- CIFFA (Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association) and Container Xchange.

Logistics courses: Enhance efficiency and output

Boost your output and productivity

By enrolling the Cooperative’s freight forwarding logistics courses, your staff will become more efficient and competent, which will directly boost the growth and success of your enterprise. Training will also foster employee engagement.

Logistics courses: Increase the avenues for growth

More avenues for growth

Relevant and consistent employee training helps organizations to enhance their performance and boost efficacy. These freight forwarding online courses are the best opportunity to expand the knowledge base and build success.

Stay ahead of your competitors

In a time when the business environment has become more competitive, our certifications will enable you to adopt new processes, models, and technologies. Keep pace with the industry changes, stay ahead of the competition and maintain your relevance.

Logistics courses: Gain competitive advantage

Save money and time

Training programmes for your workers are usually costly and often necessitate travelling. The Cooperative’s logistics academy will give you the option to choose from the best online courses in logistics at a cost-effective rate.

Logistics courses: Save money and time
Logistics courses: Enhance skills and Knowhow

Enhance skills and Knowhow

Our employee training courses help to expand the skill sets and knowledge base of your workforce. The training will have a positive impact on the productivity of your team which in turn will immensely augment your ROI.

Logistics courses: Enhance efficiency and output

Prepare for greater responsibilities

Our advanced programs can prepare employees who are moving into higher roles and taking on more responsibilities in an organization. These programs will help them learn the aptitudes that are required to function effectively in their new positions.

Boost your employees' performance

Implementing our freight forwarding courses will show your employees that you are investing effort, time and money in their training. It will result in an increase of their productivity and output and in a better image they have about your company.

Logistics courses: Improve the performance

Enhance your team's IT skills

Our Logistics Training Programs can boost your employees understanding in IT topics and computer skills as our students will be required to work in an online platform which will surely prepare them for improving their digital performance.

Logistics courses: IT skills
Logistics courses: Better organizational framework

Enhance your organizational framework

When taking the extra effort to train your staff, your work atmosphere is automatically improved. Training allows your employees to adhere to your quality standards and motivates them to accept innovation and serve customers more efficiently.

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The Cooperative Logistics Network's Logistics Courses   EXCLUSIVE FOR MEMBERS

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