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Cooperating to Succeed
Global reach
Our members are able to work co-operatively to serve clients globally, wherever in the world they need to send a shipment. Our aggregated figures show that The Coop has superior resources in terms of size and reach than some of the largest multinationals.
There is simply no better generator of new business than the power of co-operation, so as a member of the network you are in a strong position to secure new business by exchanging shipments with other members in different locations.
Inward business
The Coop's strict selection process aims to ensure that there are no weak links. We limit the number of agents per sea/airport to 3 with the exception of extremely busy territories such as Shanghai, New York, London, etc. where the maximum is 5 members.
Freight Network: Selected members
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The Coop offers protection against unpaid invoices. In the rare event of an unpaid invoice from another member, the PPP will release funds to compensate you against this lost money. This protection provides our members with the peace of mind to cooperate in complete security.
Better Together
The aggregate volume of hundreds of members is used to negotiate lower rates from airlines, shipping lines and insurers. Also, your firm can bid for the largest contracts from major exporters, in the confidence that you will be able to meet your commitments.
The Cooperative Logistics Network's members
FreightViewer offers a digital infrastructure that helps you generate quotes within seconds. It reduces the processing time and offers pinpoint precision while quoting. It's a member exclusive service that helps Coop agents stay a step ahead to other freight forwarder and become a digital freight forwarder.
Annual Meetings
Attendance to The Coop's Annual Meeting is mandatory. Thanks to our Annual Meetings, every member comes together in one place at one time saving considerable time and money.
The Cooperative Logistics Network's Annual Meeting
Member Profiles on our password-protected intranet show The Coop member's trading name, location, contact details, photos, current local charges, any special capabilities or services, bank details, and our recommended credit limit.
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Enjoy our Web App from your mobile device to easily read the latest news, check the most updated network directory, search for and contact partners instantly by email and whatsapp or edit your member's profile
The Coop Web App
Inward business
The Coop provides you with a unique opportunity to avail an extensive range of web-based logistics courses. These online courses will help you acquire the basic skills required to perform competently in this sector while advancing your knowledge of transportation and logistics.
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Cooperating to succeed

Expand your businesses, reduce costs and risks, and compete on more equal terms against the largest international companies

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