354 Agents · 131 Countries · 32214 Employees

Here's what you get if you are accepted as a member of The Cooperative Logistics Network (Coop):


Impressive Global Presence

Our members are able to work co-operatively to serve clients globally, wherever in the world they need to send a shipment. Our aggregated figures show that The Coop has superior resources in terms of size and reach than some of the largest multinationals.


Leading Local Forwarders

An international freight network is only as strong as its weakest link. The Coop's strict selection process aims to ensure that there are no weak links across the group and that the standard of all our members is universally high.


Capped Number of Members

We limit the number of agents per sea/airport to 3 with the exception of extremely busy territories such as Shanghai, New York, London, etc. where the maximum is 5 members.


Win New Business

There is simply no better generator of new business than the power of co-operation, so as a member of the network you are in a strong position to secure new business by exchanging shipments with other members in different locations.


Complete Member Information

Member Profiles on our password-protected intranet show The Coop member's trading name, location, contact details, photos, current local charges, any special capabilities or services, bank details, and our recommended credit limit.


Faster Quotations

Current local origin/destination charges (Air, FCL, LCL) for each member can be published on the password-protected intranet for all members to see. This means that our members can respond faster and provide better value services.


Payment Protection

The Coop offers protection against unpaid invoices. In the rare event of an unpaid invoice from another member, the PPP will release funds to compensate you against this lost money. This protection provides our members with the peace of mind to cooperate in complete security.

Global Brand

An International Brand

Membership of The Coop allows you to promote your firm with The Coop logo, customised brochures and marketing materials. Independent forwarders are now equipped to provide a truly worldwide service.


Digital Freight Forwarder

FreightViewer offers a digital infrastructure that helps you generate quotes within seconds. Not only it reduces the processing time but also offers pinpoint precision while quoting. Since it’s a member exclusive service, the program helps the agents of the network stay a step ahead to other freight forwarder and become a digital freight forwarder.

Protocols and Forms

Standard Protocols and Forms

Protocols and forms cover The Coop's intra-network communications, sales leads, response times, requests for quotations, profit sharing, payments, and the Disputes Resolution Service.

Largest Contracts

Tender for the Largest Contracts

You will no longer face the disappointment of being unable to tender for the largest contracts, as you will be backed by a global brand and a network of quality partners, giving you the confidence that you will be able to fulfil your commitments.

Lower Rates

Lower Rates from Carriers and Insurers

As we now reach a critical mass of members, their aggregate volume will shortly be used to negotiate lower rates from airlines, shipping lines and insurers.

Online Tools

The Best Online Tools

Cargo Tracking System (real-time tracking of containers, air shipments, etc.). Carrier Schedules (vessel departures from/to everywhere).

Lower Rates

Logistics online courses

The Coop provides you with a unique opportunity to avail an extensive range of web-based logistics courses. These online courses will help you acquire the basic skills required to perform competently in this sector while advancing your knowledge of transportation and logistics.

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

Attendance to The Coop's Annual Meeting is mandatory. Thanks to our Annual Meetings, every member comes together in one place at one time saving considerable time and money.


Personalised PR & Marketing materials Free for members

Personalised Member Brochure

A brochure about your company which you can give or send to current and prospective clients.

Personalised Powerpoint Presentation

A presentation which you can use in sales meetings. We have included a script (notes) for the presenter.

Personalised Website

A modern and easy to navigate website. It will give you that key online presence, vital in the current market.

Personalised Video

A video to place on your website and show to customers and partners, highlighting your company's key skills.

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