BGI Worldwide Logistics ships a Hollywood legend

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BGI WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS, a member of The COOP in Los Angeles, recently completed a the shipping of some rather unusual oversized cargo – a giant Marilyn Monroe sculpture to be installed in a Marilyn Monroe-themed shopping mall. 

The sculpture, along with 2 large toolboxes for the assembly and installation, was shipped in four sections- 1 x 20′ flat rack and 1 x 40′ Open Top. The sculpture successfully made it to Dalian despite copious amounts of bureaucracy at Chinese customs.

“The toolboxes were a challenge for Chinese customs; the boxes contained both non-consumables which would be returned after installation (power tools, hand tools, chains, straps, etc.) and consumables (sand-paper, latex gloves, paint, etc.) which wouldn’t. A lot of documentation and clarification was needed for Chinese customs to allow these items through,” said Charlie Turville.

The team’s patience and due diligence in the customs process ensured a successful outcome.

We invite members with shipments in Los Angeles to get in touch with the team.