Trailblazing oversized shipment of 155 tonnes for the Nurek Hydro Power Project in Tajikistan moved by Globalink

They successfully moved a project cargo where they used specialized equipment and also took charge of import customs clearance, discharge, and cargo installation processes

Globalink Logistics handled a project cargo weighing 155 tonnes with a height of 5 meters from China all the way to Tajikistan through Turkey’s Haydarpasha Port. They moved the cargo for the Nurek Hydro Power Project in Tajikistan- a project with which they have been involved for over 10 years. They are a Coop member in the following cities: Turkmenbashi and Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, Yerevan, Armenia, Tbilisi and Poti in Georgia, Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, Baku in Azerbaijan, Aktau, Almaty, Atyrau, and Astana in Kazakhstan, St Petersburg in Russia, Dushanbe in Tajikistan, and Tashkent in Uzbekistan.

Globalink logistics- project cargo experts
Oversized shipment for Nurek Hydro Power Project


Upon reaching its destination, Globalink’s team in Tajikistan skillfully managed the import customs clearance, discharging, and cargo installation on foundation processes. Their team has been working with the Nurek Hydro Power Project for over ten years, expertly moving large volume of shipments from all over the world to Tajikistan. Moreover, the latest project was a challenging one where they had to navigate through the Black Sea and the Kerch Strait at precise timing to align with the Volga-Don river navigation season’s end.

Binur Zeinelova, Corporate Communications Manager at Globalink, stated, “Navigating the road segment of the cargo’s journey from Bautino Port through the challenging mountainous terrains of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan demanded specialized transport solutions. Furthermore, our strategic use of specialized multi-axel trailers, multiple 6×6 heavy-duty tractors, and comprehensive civil works guaranteed the safe passage of the cargo.”

Globalink logistics
Project cargo by Globalink Logistics


Lastly, Globalink Logistics’ success in the Nurek Hydro Power Project affirms its position as a project logistics expert, adept at navigating oversized and heavy-lift cargo through some of the most challenging terrains. “This end-to-end management exemplifies our ability to oversee every logistical aspect, from transit to final delivery,” adds Mr Zeinelova.

Congratulations to Globalink Logistics for pulling off this complex shipment!

CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics recognized as Excellent Agent of China Southern Airlines in 2023

They have also been recognized as the best partner of Chongqing Airport Ground Service Company

CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics, a Coop member in Shanghai and Shenzhen, has been awarded Excellent Agents by China Southern Airlines, which is a highly esteemed recognition that is not easily granted. To qualify for this honor, freight forwarders must undergo stringent assessments, including evaluations based on cargo volumes in 2023, industry reputation, and overall excellence in logistics services.

In addition to this accolade, CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics has also been selected as the best logistics partner by Chongqing Airport Ground Service Company. These accomplishments further highlight CIMC ADS’s expertise and strength in the air freight field, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

Daniel Song, the Network Development Coordinator of CIMC ADS remarked, “As Chinese New Year of Dragon is on the way to us, we are thrilled to receive such prestigious awards and this recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional logistics services and our dedication to fostering strong partnerships. Lastly, we would like to extend our gratitude to China Southern Airlines and Chongqing Airport Ground Service Company for their trust and support.”

Congratulations to CIMC Anda Shun and all the best for their upcoming shipments!




Express Air Freight, Headway, Kopf + Luebben, and Beluga Freight become sponsors of The Coop’s 7th Annual Meeting

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 7th Annual Meeting will take place in Bali, Indonesia, from 23rd to 25th May 2024, and is expecting the largest attendance ever

The Coop's 7th Annual Meeting
Sponsors of The Coop’s 7th Annual Meeting


The Cooperative Logistics Network is set to host its 7th Annual Meeting which has already 220 confirmed attendees and is expecting more than the previous editions. The event, scheduled to take place at the Intercontinental Bali Resort, in Bali, Indonesia, will span from 23rd to 25th May 2024.

The meeting , which promises to be a dynamic platform for members of the network, is going to be sponsored by Express Air Freight, Headway, Kopf + Luebben, and Beluga Freight.

This sponsorship will consist of an acknowledgement of each member during the Official Opening and Presentation by Director Antonio Torres along with the display of their logo in Brochures, newsletters and on our Sponsor Section of the website. Additionally, sponsors will also enjoy Priority Access to the One-to-One Meeting Scheduler, social media promotion, and branding on registration pages and banners on The Cooperative’s website.

Beluga Freight, a Coop member in Cairo, Egypt, swiftly became a trusted player in the logistics market. They have dedicated their company in providing their global clients and partners with the most reliable, comprehensive and efficient service possible. Moreover, their capabilities extend to handling both import and export, encompassing airfreight and sea freight shipments, including transshipment cargo.

Express Air Freight, a Coop member in New York, USA, is a young and dynamic freight forwarder that provides their international clients and partners with outstanding opportunities to develop their import and export operation. Additionally, the Express Group prides itself on its exceptional service, ability to meet tight time constraints, deadlines and service to a multitude of industries.

Headway, a Coop member in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, offer a comprehensive range of logistics solutions from economy, premium, and time-critical to charter or multimodal services that meet global business and industry demands. Presently, they are striving to become one of the top logistics companies in their territory by providing customers with exceptional value-added services, while maintaining high speed and agility to adapt to changes in the business environment.

Kopf+ Luebben Cargo Services is a Coop member in Frankfurt, Bremen, and Hamburg, Germany. They offer groundbreaking logistical solutions for their global clients. With the flexibility of an owner-managed, medium-sized company and the creativity of committed specialists, their competent team masters the logistics requirements of today – with a sense of what tomorrow will bring. Furthermore, their long experience, skilled workforce, strategic expertise, and several accreditation make them the preferred choice of their clients and partners.

A nomination for Neon Freight Ltd at the prestigious BIFA Freight Service Award

Their team member Leanne Read was one of the few finalists for the Apprentice of the Year Award at the Freight Services Award 2023 organized by British International Freight Association (BIFA)

Neon Freight- freight forwarder in Manchester
Neon Freight at the BIFA Freight Service Award


Neon Freight Ltd. a Coop member in Manchester, United Kingdom, became finalists in the BIFA Freight Services Award, one of the most prestigious freight forwarding events in the UK. Leanne Read from Neon Freight became one of the finalists for the Apprentice of the Year category, a recognition that filled their team with immense pride.

To quote Ian Mallon, the Managing Director at Neon Freight, “This accolade comes after another recent triumph at our local Chamber of Commerce, where Leanne secured the Apprentice of the Year award. This definitely underscores her exceptional dedication and contributions to our company.”

Neon Freight- BIFA Freight Service Award
Leanne Read from Neon Freight- Nominee at the BIFA Freight Service Award


The BIFA Freight Service Award fosters and acknowledges high standards and professionalism within the freight forwarding industry. It stands as the pinnacle of recognition for exceptional achievements across the logistics sector, reflecting a commitment to excellence.” Moreover, Leanne is set to attend The Cooperative Logistics Network’s upcoming conference in Bali this spring, further adding to our excitement and anticipation,” adds Mr. Mallon.

Neon Freight Ltd., despite being a small company, consistently competes with industry giants on a daily basis. The recognition received at both the local and national levels is a testament to their commitment to excellence and their ability to stand out in a competitive landscape.

Congratulations to Neon Freight Ltd and all the best for their upcoming projects!

CIMC Anda Shun moves 60 TEUs of electric construction equipment from China to Brazil

They moved the over-length cargo via ocean freight in a combination of general and flatrack containers

CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics, a Coop member in Shanghai & Shenzhen, China, carried out an international ocean freight shipment of a over-length shipment of electric construction equipment.

sea freight shipment- CIMC Anda Shun
sea freight shipment of CIMC Anda Shun


The shipment, originating from Qingdao, China, was destined for Santos, Brazil. CIMC Anda Shun met the logistics challenge with ingenuity by opting for a combination of general and flatrack containers to transport the cargo. With a volume of 120GP + 240HC + 220FR + 340FR, the operation required the utilization of 60 TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units).

CIMC Anda Shun- International ocean freight shipment
CIMC Anda Shun- International sea freight shipment


The excellent job of CIMC ADS Qingdao team won high compliments and full satisfaction from the client. “Our team demonstrated an exemplary commitment to close follow-up and timely communication with clients, suppliers, carriers, and other stakeholders. Additionally, we also showcased robust space management capabilities, efficiently navigating through tense space situations to ensure the smooth execution of the operation,” comments Mr. Daniel Song from CIMC Anda Shun.

Congratulations to CIMC Anda Shun for this successful ocean freight shipment!

75 MG brand CBU automobiles for Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation transported by Headway

The Headway team operated at maximum efficiency, putting additional efforts to complete the delivery of this urgent shipment within 24 hours

Headway Automotive Projects

Headway JSC, a Coop member in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, recently moved 75 MG brand CBU automobiles to SAIC Group, China. Throughout this process, upon the customer’s sudden request to receive the goods urgently within a timeframe of less than 24 hours, the Headway team operated at maximum capacity. They worked diligently overnight, commencing from 5 PM on the day the plan was received, and executed swiftly until beyond 2 AM the following day.

Tracy Nguyen, the Sales & Agency Support Manager of Headway explains, “Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation is the 7th largest automotive group in the world and leads in China market. Since July 1, 2023, MG brand automobile has been exclusively distributed by SAIC Motor Vietnam, increasing strong competitiveness in the domestic automobile industry, meeting the needs and tastes of consumers.”

Headway Automobiles-transportation
Headway team


They successfully transported the cars using 25 40′ containers from Shanghai Port, China, to Ho Chi Minh Port, Vietnam. Additionally, the team coordinated trucking services to transfer the containers from the unloading port to the designated yard. They efficiently managed the process of dismantling vehicles from the containers, conducting thorough exterior inspections at the gathering yard.

“Headway is honored to be the official transportation partner of SAIC Group in Vietnam market. We have been constantly striving to maintain our commitment to sustainability, improve customer experience and satisfaction, and contribute to the overall growth of economies of two countries,” adds Tracy Nguyen, the Sales & Agency Support Manager of Headway.

Nautiqus expands services with state-of-the-art port warehouse near Gdynia’s container terminals

This strategically positioned warehouse, facilitating the loading of up to 28 tons of cargo, enables them to meet the escalating demands of the market

Nautiqus, a Coop member in Gdynia, Poland, creates a new port warehouse just 300 meters from Gdynia’s container terminals. Situated adjacent to the entrance of the Kwiatkowski Estacada, it provides them with the chance for rapid connections to both the Tri-City Ring Road and A1. Additionally, its proximity to the port opens up the possibility of efficiently transshipping heavy containers.

Justyna Kuczmierczyk, the Sales Manager of Nautiqus, says, “In today’s dynamic world of international trade, adapting to growing market needs and complex transportation challenges is a key element of success. We have created this port warehouse in the interest of growth and with the needs of our customers in mind.”

Nautiqus - logistics company Gdynia
New warehouse of Nauticus


The immediate vicinity of Gdynia’s container terminals allows them to handle heavy containers and load up to 28 tons of cargo. The warehouse offers a comprehensive range of services, including storage and customs supervision, acting as a temporary storage warehouse, and preparing cargo for export shipments.

“Our Class A warehouse is equipped with veterinary supervision, and we are proud holders of the HACCP certificate, enabling the storage of food commodities. To further support our clients, we are waiving storage fees for the initial 10 days for orders placed by March 31, 2024,” adds Mrs. Kuczmierczyk.

Ensuring the utmost security of goods within the warehouse, Nautiqus has implemented a modern fire protection system, continuous 24-hour monitoring, and insurance coverage. This robust infrastructure reflects their commitment to providing a secure and efficient storage solution for their domestic and international clients.

Congratulations to Nautiqus for this notable achievement and all the best for their future projects!

4800 kg of oversized cargo transported via air freight by CIMC Anda Shun for the construction of a steel mill

The cargo was transported from China to Germany and had a length of over 8 meters

CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics, a Coop member in Shanghai & Shenzhen, China, carried out an air freight transportation of a oversized and overweight cargo. The cargo with a length of 8 meters and weighing over 4,800 kg, shipped from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, China (CGO) to Frankfurt–Hahn Airport, Germany (HHN). The shipment specifically consisted of cross beam materials for the construction of a steel mill. Moreover, the operation demanded specialized equipment, containers, and meticulous adherence to tight schedules.

CIMC Anda Shun - independent freight forwarder
Oversized cargo by CIMC Anda Shun


Daniel Song from CIMC Anda Shun commented that, “The collaborative efforts of our team, including continuous monitoring of flight information and quick responses, ensured the punctual delivery of the cargo, earning us high praise from our customer.”

As a global logistics service provider, CIMC Anda Shun is dedicated to delivering customized, efficient logistics solutions. Their expertise simplifies complex logistics processes, prioritizes safety, and guarantees secure and efficient deliveries worldwide, as this recent shipment demonstrates.

Congratulations and all the best for successful execution of this project!

Cairo Freight Systems moves an oil project consisting of 3500 pipes weighing more than 6000 tons

They moved the cargo via ocean freight from the Netherlands all the way to an oil field in Egypt

Cairo Freight Systems, a Coop member in Cairo, Egypt, has successfully executed an oil project. The project involved transporting charter vessel pipes of various lengths and their associated accessories from the Netherlands to Egypt through ocean freight. This operation encompassed the movement of more than 3500 pipes, with a total weight exceeding 6000 tons.

Cairo Freight Systems
Oil project by Cairo Freight Systems


Mr. Loay Nayef, Chairman of Cairo Freight Systems, expressed his appreciation for the exceptional work accomplished by the operation and clearance staff, as well as the leaders of the trucking departments. “The dedication and professionalism with which our team concluded this task is indeed commendable and their efficiency is solely responsible for the seamless execution of this project,” he said.

Furthermore, Cairo Freight Systems also took up the responsibility of handling customs clearance at the destination port and the loading of the shipment onto low bed and semi bed trailers destined for South Sinai. The final destination for these materials was an oil field known as Ras Shukaeir in Egypt.

Congratulations to Cairo Freight for a job well done!

Headway JSC transports 375 tons of fresh longan from Cambodia to China

They moved this shipment via Hoa Lu border gate, Vietnam, marking trade cooperation and promoting agricultural development between countries

Headway JSC, a Coop member in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, has carried out the international movement of 375 tons of fresh longan from Cambodia to China. They transferred the cargo from Cambodia to Hoa Lu, Vietnam, from where they moved it to China.

Transit routes through Vietnamese territory offers customers a more efficient and strategic alternative compared to direct transportation, ultimately contributing to the economic growth of the region. This method further advances the development of logistics services, intermodal transportation, and cross-border freight services.

Coop member in Ho Chi Minh
Fresh longan shipment by Headway JSC


According to Mr. Felix Nguyen, the Managing Director of Headway JSC, “Our dedicated depot at the transit point enabled us to deliver comprehensive transportation solutions connecting Cambodia and Vietnam, ensuring seamless sea freight to China, and expediting customs clearance procedures.”

As a leading enterprise in the industry, Headway has affirmed its strength in transporting refrigerated goods and cross-border goods. “We build upon our past successes by effectively extending our network and services, and continually enhancing our ability to meet the diverse needs of our customers,” adds Mr Nguyen.

Headway’s depot offered complete refrigeration services for the transportation of this perishable cargo. Moreover, the Headway team diligently maintained the shipment at the required temperatures and conducted continuous temperature monitoring every four hours.

Congratulations to Headway JSC for a project well executed!