The Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting will be held at Le Meridien Beach Resort in Phuket Thailand, in March 2023

The event which will take place from 11th – 13th March 2023 will include 6,000 one-to-one meetings among network members and also a corporate group tour with the attending delegates

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 6th Annual Meeting is all set to happen from 11th to 13th March 2023. Following a long wait of more than two years due to the pandemic, The Coop members will finally attend the in-person Annual Meeting at Le Meridien Beach Resort on the beautiful island of Phuket from 11th-13th March 2023. The upcoming Annual Meeting will help to reinforce the partnerships among network members and drive a substantial amount of business for the participating agents.

The Coop's 6th Annual Meeting for freight forwarders
The Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting


Some of the highlights of the meeting will include the Welcome Cocktail Reception, a Gala Dinner, Party, and 32 one-to-one meetings among the participating delegates. The one-to-one meetings would come with a personal touch which is extremely crucial for increasing the project volume of the member companies. They will allow members to sit face-to-face with their existing and would-be partners, showcase their company and hash out the details of their upcoming projects.

Additionally, this year The Coop has arranged for an optional sightseeing tour with the members to some of the most breathtaking locations at Phi Phi Island. The corporate day trip will help to break the ice among network members on the first day of the conference. Additionally, this relaxing trip will promote networking and help to build trust and friendship among the agents.

Registration for the Annual Meeting is now open. Visit our Annual Meeting page for further details about the conference.



Kopf & Lübben GmbH appoints a new Managing Director

Their new Managing Director Mr. Johann Padding will succeed Michael Guttrof, who left the company at the end of March 2022

Kopf & Lübben GmbH- freight forwarding company
Mr. Johann Padding the Managing Director of Kopf & Lübben GmbH
Kopf & Lübben GmbH, a Coop member in Hamburg, Bremen, and Frankfurt, has taken on a new Managing Director. Mr. Johann Padding will assume the post of Managing Director from September 2022 along with Thomas Manigk. Until his start on September 1, 2022, Thomas Manigk will be the sole Managing Director at Kopf & Lübben GmbH.

Mr. Padding will succeed Mr. Michael Guttrof, who left Kopf & Lübben GmbH, after serving the company for 13 years.

Mr. Padding has worked in this industry since completing his logistics studies in the Netherlands and he brings a wealth of experience with him. After moving to Germany, Johan Padding initially worked for some well-known shipping lines before joining an owner-operated freight forwarding company in 2001. After its takeover by Kerry Logistics in 2012, Johan Padding became the branch manager for Bremen and Hamburg from 2015.

As stated by Mr. Manigk, the Managing Director of Kopf & Lübben GmbH, “We are very pleased to have gained such an experienced and well-respected person for Kopf & Lübben. In his role as Managing Director, Mr. Padding will provide operational and strategic leadership and drive the development of the company’s ocean freight, air freight, road, and rail transportation. Additionally, he will also take charge of the partner management of our worldwide agents and suppliers as well as the IT department.”

Wishing Kopf & Lübben GmbH all the best for their future endeavours!


Mac Transport garners the BASC certification for the second time

BASC is a global business alliance promoting safe trade in voluntary cooperation with governments, border agencies, control authorities, and international organizations

Mac Transport, a Coop member in Lima, Peru, has once again obtained the BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce) certification. Companies from all over the world who are convinced about working for a common purpose can participate in BASC.

Mac Transport- independent freight forwarder
BASC Certificate by MAC TRansport
Additionally, companies with BASC certification help to strengthen international trade by applying internationally recognized standards and security procedures. Simply put, it encourages safe trading practices in cooperation with the government and international entities.

In the words of Mrs., Monica Mac Cunn, the General Manager of Mac Transport, “Obtaining this certification is kind of hard because you have to make a review of all your internal procedures and present all the documentation to BASC. We are very proud since it’s a team effort that allowed us to this certificate for the second time.”

Additionally, as one of the leading freight forwarding companies in Lima, they will be able to better serve their clientele with the BASC certificate. “Getting this certification for the second time is a big step on our way to excellence. Moreover, it will help us to keep providing our clients with all the security that their operations require. Obtaining the BASC certification allows us to provide potential customers with the security of their shipments, as well as guaranteed compliance with the processes that foreign trade operations require,” adds Mrs. Monica Mac Cunn.

Congratulations to Mac Transport and all the best for their future endeavours!

E2E Supply Chain Management renews their ISO certification

As one of the trendsetting logistics companies in Singapore, E2E renewed this certification aiming for complete customer satisfaction

E2E Supply Chain Management PTE LTD, a Coop member in Singapore, has renewed its ISO certification. In the words of Alan Lim, the CEO of E2E, “We are delighted to have achieved this certification which is a testament to our commitment even though the process of this renewal took a few months due to pandemic.”

The renewal process will require their clients and suppliers to provide feedback to the certification team basing on KPI. All their clients provided positive feedback. In turn, the staff and the company are satisfied and even more motivated to strive and improve further.

This certification which speaks for itself is highly regarded in Singapore. Moreover, it is a relentless commitment to the company’s credibility that its current and prospective clients are aware of.

“Additionally, apart from providing professional advice with regards to the most desired route, this commitment includes sharing market intel of impending changes caused by the local, regional and global changes brought about by the pandemic and also, the ongoing Russian invasion,” adds Mr. Lim.

Congratulations to E2E Supply Chain Management and all the best for their future projects!

E2E Supply Chain Management -logistics company in Singapore
ISO Certification of E2E Supply Chain Management



Sev Stante Overseas moves two heavy presses with a total weight of over 200 tonnes

They moved the two press machinery meant for the ceramic industry from China to Germany

Sev Stante Overseas SRL, a Coop member in Venice, Italy, successfully delivered two heavy presses. They moved the two machinery weighing 102 tonnes each from Guangzhou, China, to Leipzig, Germany.

Sev Stante Overseas- freight forwarder in Venice
Sev Stante Overseas- freight forwarder in Venice


They used 3 x 40 HC and 1 x 20 containers for transporting this break bulk shipment. The cargo which had a dimension of 600 x 270 x 270 cm was moved via a vehicle with a length of 19.70 metres and 7 axle lines. Additionally, they had to hire the largest crane for lifting this OOG shipment.

In the words of Mr. Riccardo Stocco, the Managing Director of Sev Stante, “As a company specializing in the door-to-door shipment of OOG cargo, our team managed to deliver the cargo within deadline like clockwork. Nevertheless, the intercontinental movement of a shipment of such massive dimensions surely entailed a few challenges. Finding a break bulk departure vessel to accept this heavy cargo and pick up the presses 40 days before the vessel departure, as per shipper request was a tricky task that our team seamlessly executed.”

Congratulations to Sev Stante Overseas and all the best for their upcoming projects!


CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics spruces up their website to make it more functional

Their redesigned website of comes with useful features like cargo tracking, online ordering, help centre, and much more

CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics, a Coop member in Shenzhen, China, has revamped their website for an unparalleled browsing experience. While the website address is still the same, the revamped webpage is more customer oriented and user-friendly.

In the words of Lina Liu, from the Overseas Department of CIMC Anda Shun, “Our new website comes with an enhanced layout, new functional modules, and many new things for the customers to explore. Additionally, our wide international clientele has prompted us to include Spanish as a language for website browsing apart from Chinese and English.”

CMIC Anda Shun- independent freight forwarder
New website of CMIC Anda Shun


The cargo tracking feature of the website will allow their customers to check their cargo status instantly by entering their waybill/airline number. Moreover, other new features of the website include- better content, enhanced layout, online order tool, HS Code query, seaports/airports query, shipping company query, FBA warehouse address, and forwarding FAQs.

“Even under the difficult market circumstances, we are striving to enhance our services for our domestic and international clients and partners”, adds Ms. Liu.

Congratulations to CIMC Anda Shun International Logistics and all the best for the future!


Mac Transport organizes a training talk for their employees to enhance their operational efficiency

They also expanded their team by welcoming five new staff

Mac Transport, a Coop member in Lima, Peru, has recently organized a training talk for their employees. The event called “Activate your Attitude 2022” took place in an auditorium of the Lima chamber of Commerce and was attended by their entire team. They organized this special event to commemorate their 14th Anniversary.

Mac Transport- logistics company in Lima
Mac Transport- logistics company in Lima


In the words of Mrs. Monica Mac Cunn, the General Manager of Mac Transport, “To cope with the global pandemic situation, we have adopted a system to improve our internal processes. We have implemented a training program for all our workers in different subjects such as digital tools, insurances, soft skills, and others. This will allow us to provide even better services for our international partners and clients.”

Mac Transport- independent freight forwarder
Mac Transport’s employee training programme


Additionally, in order to improve the customs department, they welcomed two new teammates. Lastly, this month they hired 3 more workers. Mac Transport has also acquired many new clients from the health and pharmaceutical sector.

“Fourteen years ago, we started our journey with many dreams and a positive attitude. Over these years we have achieved a great many things and successfully increased our number of workers and clients. In spite of the rising freight rates and lack of space, we manage to serve our customers in the best possible way,” adds Mrs. Monica Mac Cunn.

Congratulations to Mac Transport and all the best for their future endeavours!

Abad Logistics takes on a new employee in the position of Overseas Manager

Their new staff, Mr. Arbin, will be specially in charge of all businesses to/from China

Abad Logistics Co Ltd, a Coop member in Seoul, South Korea, welcomes aboard a new employee. Mr. Arbin, who has joined Abad Logistics as the Overseas Manager will be primarily responsible for handling the projects to/from territories in China.

In the words of Mr. Nari Pak, the Manager of Abad Logistics, “Mr. Arbin is a valuable addition to our team. As one of the leading logistics service providers in Seoul, we handle plenty of shipments to/from several Chinese cities. Being extremely fluent in Chinese, Mr. Arbin will make it easy for us to communicate with our clients in China.”

Mr. Arbin will be in charge of all kinds of shipments including air/ocean/road freight. Additionally, he will also oversee special cargo, and dangerous goods and assume responsibility for customs clearance. In his words, “As the Overseas Manager, I will seek to provide the quickest response to our clients and also focus on providing a premium logistics experience at a competitive rate. I aim to fulfill my company’s mission and I would make sure to offer quality service for all my fellow Coop members.”

Abad Logistics- freight forwarder in Seoul
Mr. Arbin from Abad Logistics

Congratulations to Abad Logistics and all the best for their future projects!


Integral Chile completes 30 years in business

They celebrated their 30th anniversary with a special event held at the Viña Mar Vineyard, in the Casablanca Valley, central Chile

Integral Chile- independent freight forwarder
Integral Chile’s 30th Anniversary
Integral Chile, a Coop member in Santiago, Chile, recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. They organized an event at the Viña Mar Vineyard, in the Casablanca Valley, in central Chile. The event was attended by their employees from their national and international divisions from Santiago and Antofagasta.

On this day, the Integral Chile team made a tour of the vineyard learning about the process of producing their wines. The event concluded with a lunch and a wine tasting. In the words of Elena Zapata the General Manager of Integral Chile, “Members of the board of directors connected from the US and recognized and awarded those employees who have distinguished themselves with qualities that represent the values ​​of Integral Chile. Both the most experienced collaborators and the new talents have taken the company to the leadership position it currently has.”

After starting its operations in 1992, they soon created a national cargo division. In addition to handling general cargo, over time the company has specialized in other areas. These include project and special cargo, AoG or time-critical cargo, show business, pharma, and others that require complex coordination.

Integral Chile- independent freight forwarder
The Integral Chile team


Their domestic division has its own fleet of vehicles and certified transportation suppliers. Moreover, they regularly send out daily consolidated shipments to the main cities of Chile. “Our objective is to provide a global and innovative approach to logistics and transport engineering. Furthermore, we stand out for our flexibility, customized service, and for providing the most efficient transport solution,” points out Rodrigo Izquierdo, the Deputy General Manager of Integral Chile.

Congratulations to Integral Chile and all the best for their upcoming projects!


Consolidacion Integrada & Maritima Dominicana to transport 16 beer containers from Guatemala to the Dominican Republic

The shipment reached the consignee in Caucedo successfully thanks to the coordination of both Coop members

Consolidacion Integrada, a Coop member in Guatemala City, moved an ex-works shipment of Modelo Malt Beer via ocean freight, on request from Maritima Dominicana S.A.S, a Coop member in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The beer was packed in boxes and loaded into 16 dry containers. For this cargo, they used the services of the carrier COSCO Shipping Lines. Since the shipment was on ex-works terms, the items were in a bonded warehouse facility before being loaded.

Consolidacion Integrada, Maritima Dominicana- logistics companies
Collaboration shipment by Consolidacion Integrada and Maritima Dominicana
The beer was packed in boxes and loaded into 16 dry containers. For this cargo, they used the services of the carrier COSCO Shipping Lines. Since the shipment was on ex-works terms, the items were in a bonded warehouse facility before being loaded.

To quote Mr. Javier Giraldo, the Manager of Consolidacion Integrada, “This shipment was a re-exportation from Guatemala to the Dominican Republic. Our team was delighted to join forces with a professional company such as Maritma Dominicana S.A.S., which helped us manage the shipment within the deadline. We also had to coordinate in advance with the shipper, ocean carrier, and our transportation units to avoid any delays or possible extra charges.”

“Moreover, our expertise in handling complicated sea freight projects has gained us the trust of our customers. We look forward to collaborating with Maritima Dominicana, as well as with other Coop partners on many such projects in the months to come!”

Congratulations to Consolidacion Integrada and all the best for their upcoming projects!