Bulk cargo shipment of 34k MT of coal handled by Cargo WWS

As a part of their endeavour to broaden their horizons and maximize the optimization of processes, they are investing in coal import operations

Cargo WWS, a Coop member in Warsaw, Poland, handled a bulk cargo shipment of 34K MT of coal from Palmarejo, Venezuela, to Gdansk, Poland. The shipment – that had a length of 189.99 meters and a width of 32.3 meters – was first transported by sea freight. The vessel carrying capacity was 50337 t DWT and the draught was reported to be 11 meters. Afterwards, Cargo WWS moved the shipment through 17 trains with almost 2000 MT cargo in each to finally deliver it to the client yard.

Cargo WWS -independent freight forwarder
Bulk coal shipment by Cargo WWS


“With the aim of expanding our horizons and maximizing process optimization, we had strategically selected sea freight and railway as our preferred transportation solutions. Moreover, recognizing their inherent efficiencies, we believe that these modes of transport offer the most effective and streamlined options for meeting clients’ logistical needs,” says Łukasz Leśniak, Managing Director of Cargo WWS.

One of the biggest challenges we had to face was to get the spot for unloading in the port because of the huge congestion at that time. “Despite the congestion, we were able to discharge the shipment at the port promptly, demonstrating our commitment to meeting deadlines and delivering exceptional service to our clients,” continues Mr Leśniak.

Cargo WWS The Cooperative
Cargo WWS  The Cooperative


Additionally, they offered their customer comprehensive services to handle the shipment successfully, and took charge of the formalities required. They efficiently handled all the necessary paperwork, including the contract of the vessel agency to provide a smooth and hassle-free process for their clients ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and requirements.

Congratulations to Cargo WWS and all the best for their upcoming projects!


E2E Supply Chain Management partners with Atlas Forwarding Ltd for a complex OOG air-cargo project

The shipment which consisted of a high-value dining set worth 500,000 Euros was shipped from Europe to Singapore

E2E Supply Chain Management PTE LTD, a Coop member in Singapore, has collaborated with Atlas Forwarding Ltd, a Coop member in Dublin, Ireland, on an OOG air-cargo project. The shipment arrived from Europe to Singapore in a freighter aircraft. E2E had to clear the cargo from Changi Airport, over the weekend and deliver it to the consignee in Singapore.

The shipment consisted of a prestigious high-end dining set worth EURO 500,000. The cargo measured 6.3m (length) x 2.03 m (width) x 1.4 m (height) and weighed 1,491 kg and had a pivotal weight of 5,000 kg.

E2E Supply Chain Management- independent freight forwarder
OOG Shipment by E2E


In the words of Alan Lim, the CEO of E2E Supply Chain Management, “We had to deliver the cargo within a very short period to avoid airport storage and customer dissatisfaction. Our team had to put in extra effort for this OOG cargo due to its special nature. Moreover, despite the last hour change of plans by the importer we successfully delivered the shipment on time.”

For positioning and unboxing the table, they had to arrange for a 110 ton crate with an outreach extending over 3 roof tops along with specialized tools and lifting equipment. “These kinds of cranes are scarce and require advance booking. However, we managed to secure it within a day. In addition, another major challenge involving this shipment was gathering teams of site supervisors, managers, lifting crew and workers within a very short span of time. Lastly, our supplier’s reluctance to cooperate seamlessly was a major hindrance that our team has successfully prevailed over,” adds Mr. Lim.

Congratulations to E2E and Atlas Forwarding for their successful collaboration!

The Coop’s June Newsletter for 2022 is full of interesting news from the network, its members and the transportation and logistics industry

The second edition of The Coop’s newsletter for 2022 can now be viewed and downloaded from the website

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s June Newsletter for 2022 is now online. To begin with, the newsletter announces the dates of The Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting that will take place in March 2023 in Phuket, Thailand. The newsletter enumerates the top highlights of the meetings and explains why it is imperative for the network members to participate in the in-person meeting to bolster their networking.

The Coop June Newsletter
The Coop June Newsletter


Click on the above image to read the newsletter

The Coop’s June Newsletter offers all the relevant news from the network along with a brief glimpse at all the latest happenings in the logistics industry. The members news for this edition covers the latest achievement of agents from Singapore, Lima, Guatemala City, Venice, Santiago, Shenzhen, Seoul, and Hamburg/Bremen/Frankfurt. Additionally, it includes the announcement about the online CIFFA course on Essentials of Freight Forwarding that will commence on 15th September. There is also the news about the network’s upgraded partnership with Container xChange and how it will benefit the agents.

In the industry news section, there is a news about the acquisition of ten new container ships by ONE. Furthermore, there are several news fragments from the supply chain industry to keep the members updated. Finally, there is an informative article about “How to find the right shipping containers” that will help sea freight agents to make an informed decision about which container to use for their cargo.

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Infinity Shipping Services celebrates their 15th Anniversary

They have established themselves as a leading provider of logistics solutions and are now working on a vast project consisting of a network of highways and railways across Pakistan

Infinity Shipping Services, a Coop member in Karachi, Pakistan, completes 15 years in the industry. As a company specializing in handling breakbulk cargo and heavy machinery, they obtained several projects that allowed them to achieve their targets in the last two years. Some of these projects consisted of handling breakbulk vessels, minerals and iron ore for export from Pakistan to China.

Infinity Shipping - Independent freight forwarder
New projects of Infinity Shipping Services


To quote Mr. Faizan Sattar, the CEO of Infinity Shipping, “I am proud to announce that our business has been growing by the day. Moreover, even during the pandemic, we not only met our targets but even surpassed our forecast targets. This is largely due to our close relationship with carriers and airlines that has enabled us to offer the best rates and find space even in the busiest season.”

Infinity shipping services- logistics company
15th Anniversary of Infinity Shipping Services
Infinity Shipping is presently handling project cargoes for the building of a vast network of highways and railways across Pakistan. The $62 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a collection of infrastructural projects across the country. For this project, they are mostly moving items like poles and street lights.

“Recently two sea ports are operating in Pakistan- Karachi Port and Port Qasim. We are one of the few forwarders in Pakistan with a shipping license for the above two ports. Moreover, we also have the license to operate in the newly established Gwadar port in Balochistan. The Gwadar port will be responsible for all vessels required in the movement of CPEC logistics to/from worldwide.

Congratulations to Infinity Shipping Services and wishing them all the best for their future projects!


Ilogs Corporate becomes an IATA accredited agent

This international certification will greatly boost the reputation and prestige of the company and lead to increased industry recognition

Ilogs Corporate SAS, a Coop member in Bogota, Colombia, gets the IATA accreditation. This much-coveted accreditation enhances the prestige of logistics companies and helps them obtain greater industry recognition. The achievement of Ilogs Corporate is all the more praiseworthy because the requirements for this accreditation have become a little more demanding in the face of COVID.

Ilogs Corporate - logistics company in Bogota
Ilogs Corporate becomes IATA certified agent


Moreover, obtaining this accreditation by freight forwarders in Colombia has become difficult and requires several guarantees. Thanks to the experience and expertise of Ilogs, they were quite vigilant in complying with each and every one of the requirements. To quote Ms. Martha  Mora, the Founder of Ilogs Corporate, “We are delighted to have become an IATA accredited Cargo Agent. Furthermore, this accreditation will secure our position as one of the best air freight forwarders in Bogota.”

The international airlines give free rein to agents who strive to obtain this important accreditation. Ms. Mora further adds, “The IATA accreditation has opened up an important opportunity for Ilogs in terms of enhanced service. Additionally, our expertise in the field of air cargo will make us the chosen forwarder of our customers and network partners from all over the world. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my teammates for their dedication and effort which were the most important factors responsible for the success of our company!”

Congratulations to Ilogs Corporate and wishing them the very best for their upcoming projects!


The Coop’s newsletter for September 2021 is now online

The Coop’s September newsletter includes all the latest updates from our network members, pertinent news from the sector, details about our Virtual Meeting sponsors and much more

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s autumn newsletter is now available for reading on the Coop website. This edition of our newsletter includes with all the information about our members’ accomplishments in the last three months. Additionally, there is a en excerpt of an interview with the Sales Manager of Blue X trade. In this interview he talks about how digitization has become imperative for the freight forwarding sector.

The Cooperative Logistics Network-newsletter

Click on the above image to read the newsletter

The Coop’s September Newsletter also comes with a section that introduces the readers to the sponsors of our 2nd Virtual Event. Furthermore, you will be reading all the noteworthy news from the logistics industry. Our news in focus for this newsletter is about Maersk’s acquisition of Visible SCM and how it will boost their warehouse network in the USA. Lastly, our post on tips to deal with the container shortage will certainly be an engaging and informative read.

Make sure to send us a few lines about the recent achievements of your company and get it featured in our upcoming newsletter.

Happy reading!