The Coop’s 2nd Virtual Meeting will be held in less than two months

The cloud conference to be held on 15th and 16th November will be an easy and effective way for members to expand their operations

After the success of The Coop’s 1st Virtual Meeting, The Cooperative Logistics Network is once again gearing up to organize its 2nd Online Conference. The Coop’s 2nd Virtual Meeting will take place on the 15th and 16th of November, 2021. This virtual meeting will bring the members together on one platform at one time for enhanced business networking.

The one-to-one video-conferences will form the core of the event. Members will get to participate in up to 32 video conferences of 20 minutes duration with previously selected network partners. The one-to-one business talks will cultivate long-term partnerships. Moreover, it will allow the participants to showcase their business and do the groundwork for many new collaborative projects. The Coop team has taken special care to accommodate delegates from all the different time zones.

The Coop-2nd Virtual Meeting
The Coop’s 2nd Virtual Meeting on 15th-16th November


The meeting will take place on a special platform designed by The Coop for a seamless online conferencing experience. Moreover, the meeting will also come with a special segment consisting of FreightViewer workshops. Andrea Martin, from The Coop’s FreightViewer department will explain the new updates of this quote generation platform via live demonstrations.

“We organize all our yearly meetings with one specific objective. We want to provide our members with a congenial atmosphere for enhanced networking so as to promote mutual collaboration and increase the business volume of the members. Now more than ever, the independent freight forwarders need to collaborate in order to recuperate from the aftermath of the pandemic. Our virtual meeting will allow the members to do the much-needed networking and nurture their business right from the safety and comforts of their home,” says Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of The Coop.

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Lovitka Logistics celebrates its 5th Anniversary

In the past 5 years, the company extensively invested in the development of infrastructure, human resources, and air and sea freight facilities

Lovitka Logistics Pvt Ltd, a Coop member in Colombo, Sri Lanka, has recently celebrated its 5th Anniversary. They celebrated this important milestone by organizing two Buddhist ceremonies and prayer and meditation at their office premises.

Moreover, their team also arranged an alms-giving for all the monks and children at a children’s home to mark their successful journey in the international logistics industry.

Lovitka Logistics-independent freight forwarder
5th Anniversary of Lovitka Logistics


Since the company’s inception in 2016, they have identified the need for greater investment in the development of air and sea freight facilities, infrastructure, and the development of human resources.

As stated by Yasith G Punchihewa, the Director of Lovitka Logistics, “Joining the Coop has enabled us to cover 134 countries while catering to domestic, and international logistics needs of our customers in a timely manner. Today the relevant agencies around the world have recognized Lovikta Logistics as a responsible partner representing the industry.”

Amidst all the challenges in 2020, Lovikta ventured into the Central American Region thus taking their first step towards international expansion. Their main objective is to offer multi-modal solutions to a vast range of industries across the world.

“Since the pandemic, we are working towards maximizing benefits to all the stakeholders within the industry by exploiting the potential of Sri Lanka’s strategic geographical location. We take pride in carrying the local produce of Sri Lanka to the international market. Additionally, the immense potential and opportunities in the Sri Lankan economy, are complementing our company’s growth,” adds Mr. Punchihewa.

Congratulations to Lovitka Logistics and all the best for their future projects!

Sinocarry Logistics signs BSA agreements with several prominent airlines

They have also been licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission that will provide them with sufficient space from shipping companies

Sinocarry Logistics Co Ltd, a Coop member in Shanghai, China, has signed BSA agreements with several airlines and obtained license by the FMC. This will allow them to increase their market reputation by providing efficient sea and air freight services at a competitive rate. Additionally, their FMC license has allowed them to get a lot of space from shipping companies. Mr. Walter Wang from Sinocarry commented “This achievement will mean that we’ll need more investments, more competent employees and get more customers. Nevertheless, we also need to work harder to move forward in the direction of success.”

Sinocarry Logistics- independent freight forwarder
Sinocarry Logistics boosts their air cargo services


Sinocarry’s NVOCC, and IATA certifications have also allowed them to position them as unchallenged experts in this sector. Moreover, presently they have sufficient funds to carry on more investments in these sectors. “What’s more important is that we always provide high-quality services and rates for our partners. Right now our first priority is to strengthen cooperation with our partners to resist risks. We firmly believe that cooperation is the basis of win-win scenario,” adds Mr Wang.

Congratulations to Sinocarry Logistics and wishing them best for their future endeavours!




The June edition of The Coop’s quarterly newsletter has been published

The summer edition of our newsletter comes with all the members’ news, news from the sector, interesting posts along with all relevant information about our upcoming Virtual Meeting

The Coop’s June Newsletter for 2021 has been published and is available for viewing on our website. This newsletter comes with all the latest updates about the achievements of the members. We have published a two-part interview with a Coop member in Washington DC that will make for a very engaging read! There is also an interview with The Coop’s Agent Coordinator, Isabel Magdaleno. Here she talks about the journey of The Coop in the last five years and her experiences with us.

The Coop's newsletter for freight forwarders
Cooperative Logistics Network- June Newsletter

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Moreover, you will also find several relevant info about The Coop’s Virtual Meeting that will take place in November 2021. Like always you will get to read about the most talked-about news snippets in the industry. Our news in focus is about the use of electronic robots in the DHL warehouses. Additionally, there is an interesting article on the electronic bill of landing and how it will change the ocean freight industry.

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Tuushin LLC moves two helicopters from Antwerp, Belgium, to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

They moved this shipment for a special project called “Air Rescue Units and Supply of Helicopters to the Mongolian National Emergency Management Agency – NEMA”

Tuushin LLC, a Coop member in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, successfully executed the delivery of two units of EC-145 helicopters. They delivered the two helicopters to the Mongolian National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). They were required for a special project- “Air Rescue Units and Supply of Helicopters to the Mongolian National Emergency Management Agency”.

Tuushin LLC-independent freight forwarder
Tuushin LLC moves two helicopters

According to Bayarsaikhan Lunden, the Head of the Sales Department of Tuushin, “This project was a very prestigious one for our team. It allowed us to closely cooperate with Mongolia’s National Emergency Management Agency. The addition of these two helicopters will take the search and rescue operations of our National Emergency Management team one step further.”

They moved the two helicopters via ocean freight from Antwerp, Belgium, to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, via Xingang, China. Their team used 40’FR container for moving the cargo. Additionally, they used air suspension trailers throughout the trucking process. Moreover, Tuushin LLC was in charge of many important aspects of this shipment like customs clearance, trans-loading, unloading on the ground.

“We had to complete the delivery before the Chinese May Day holidays. Therefore, we had to carry out all the formalities at the China border such as transit customs clearance within one hour. Our team managed to complete the border formalities real fast as the border closed for the holiday break. The timely delivery of the helicopters was indeed a complicated task and our team executed it flawlessly. Lastly, I would like to thank my entire team for putting forth the hard work that resulted in the successful execution of this project,” adds Mr. Lunden.

Congratulations to Tuushin LLC and wishing them the very best for their future endeavours!

The Coop establishes a media partnership with the Cargotalk Magazine

Cargotalk is a popular Indian publication that caters to the cargo and logistics industry

The Cooperative Logistics Network, a leading freight forwarders network with over 300 members across 132 countries, has partnered with the popular Indian logistics news magazine Cargotalk. Most importantly, they have a large circulation with over 20,000 printed copies distributed all over India. Its prime readers are importers/exporters, corporate shippers, shipping lines, cargo agents, airlines, airport and seaport authorities, international and Indian chamber of commerce and government bodies.

Coop Media partner-Cargotalk
Cargotalk-freight forwarding magazine


Additionally, the online version of this magazine has a readership of 400,000. They distribute special issues of this magazine at all important cargo and logistics conventions. Cargotalk is a well known platform for cargo, multi-modal logistics, warehousing & supply chain industry. It allows professionals in the logistics industry to showcase their products/services to an international audience.

Moreover, the magazine comes with news, opinions and interviews and reports. Its aim is to update the people in the logistics industry with the most pertinent news in the sector. Furthermore, there is a special Award Talk section plus a dedicated Guest Column. In the Guest Column they publish pieces written by industry experts.

The Coop encourages its members to check out their website and download the Cargotalk app from Play Store and App Store.

The Coop interviews Wilson Huang, the Sales Manager of leading logistics tech firm BlueX

Andrea Martin, from The Coop’s FreightViewer department, talked online with Wilson Huang, BlueX’s Senior Sales Manager, about the industry-defining trends in the transportation and logistics industry

Two years back, the Coop made available FreightViewer, a free and exclusive online quote generation software that allows its members to send instant accurate quotations within a few seconds. This tool that greatly simplifies the quote generation process, was created to encourage the members to embrace digitization. The transportation and logistics industry is going through a transition phase. Moreover, since March 2020, this sector is undergoing a somewhat disruptive transformation. This is precisely why the small and mid-sized forwarders are trying their best to digitize their operations by using solutions offered by companies like BlueX.

→ Click on the image below to listen to the full interview

Coop Interview with BlueX-digitization in logistics
Andrea Martin, from the Coop, interviews Wilson Huang from BlueX


The BlueX team provides useful logistics tech platforms making ocean freight service simpler and more accessible both for the freight forwarders and the carriers. Simply stated, they connect the logistics companies and the clients on a single easy-to-use platform.

BlueX cooperates directly with the carriers for fostering a new business model that optimizes the ROI of the freight forwarders. In this interview, Mr. Huang and Ms. Martin discuss how the industry is directing its focus mainly on enhanced productivity and client servicing. Furthermore, they also talk about the impact of the pandemic on the digitization of the logistics industry.

According to Mr. Huang, the transportation and logistics industry had started the digital transformation around three years back. Nevertheless, the process picked up speed, and now it is absolutely essential to beat the intense competition. Since 2018, this sector has witnessed the rise of many new technologies. For instance, eight out of ten best carriers have invested in creating automated quotation generation software. Maersk, the biggest name in container shipping, did this10 years back by launching Maersk Spot Booking. At the moment, over 52% of their shipments are booked via this platform.

After working for many years in this sector, Mr. Huang thinks that automation is no longer the future, it is happening right now. Until now, it was only the biggest carriers who were taking the major steps towards digitization. However, this is no longer the case. Independent freight forwarders are embracing digitization like never before. They are using online tools and software to automate their daily work process and increase productivity. Flexport, a logistics and customs brokerage firm has set a great example. They have shown us how automation can be used to meet the modern requirements of this industry. In addition, the pandemic has also accelerated the process of digitization of the transportation and logistics industry. In other words, the digital transformation is no longer a vision but a reality.

Talwin Transport creates a special department entirely dedicated to classic cars

They are also handling the export of sensitive pharma shipments to Tbilisi and Pöti, Georgia

Talwin Transport Service SA, a Coop member in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has created an exclusive department for handling classic car shipments. The car shipments are being moved from Miami, USA, to Buenos Aires in Hapag Lloyd containers.

A Coop member in Buenos Aires-independent freight forwarder
Talwin Transport creates a department for classic cars

For shipping classic cars they use special trucks from their warehouse to the port after proper loading and lashing. Moreover, they also make use of special belts to secure the cars. Besides cars lashing, their biggest challenge is getting empty containers because of the global container crisis. In the words of Francisco Muñoz, the Business Development Manager of Talwin Transport, “We are living in a new and very hard situation due to lack of containers. Explaining to our customers about the ongoing container shortage situation is perhaps the most challenging aspect of these shipments.”

They are also moving several batches of sensitive pharmaceutical shipments to Tbilisi and Pöti, Georgia. “Fortunately, since we joined the Coop, we have created successful commercial relationships with several companies and we are very happy with that. We really hope that the pandemic situation improves so that we can get together with the Coop members face to face in 2022!” adds Mr. Muñoz.

Congratulations to Talwin Transport Service and all the best for their future projects!



Acconage Consignation Transit moves a sea freight shipment for the mining industry from Guinea to Mauritania

The shipment which consisted of 168 units of trucks, trailers, military equipment, excavators, and other rolling materials reached its destination in Nouakchott port on time

Acconage Consignation Transit SA (ACT SA), a Coop member in Nouakchott, Mauritania, has handled the movement of a sea freight for the mining industry. The cargo was transported from Boke Port, Guinea, to Nouakchott Port, Mauritania on an MV Orient Pluto vessel. The shipment comprised of 168 Units of trucks, trailers, military equipment, excavators, and other rolling materials. It was destined for the mining industry particularly for the offshore gas field rocks transportation for BP Tortue. They executed this project on behalf of the logistics firm responsible for moving the rocks for the BP Tortue Projects.

Acconage Consignation Transit- independent freight forwarder
Acconage Consignation’s sea freight shipment for the mining industry

They didn’t require any special equipment for the delivery of this cargo. According to Mr. Khalil Chouaib, from ACT, “We flawlessly executed several aspects of the shipment including offloading cargo from the vessel. We were also responsible for taking the cargo from under hook, lashing and warehousing. Moreover, our team did the customs clearance and trucking to the delivery site 60 Km from Nouakchott port.”

“We were in charge of the full logistic chain from vessel arrival until the final delivery of 168 units. The most demanding part of this project was that we had to ensure that the 168 units were delivered in intact condition. This also included the spare parts loaded inside some units. This  shipment was not really challenging for our expert team. However, the sheer volume and diverse nature of the cargo made it slightly complicated,” adds Mr. Chouaib.

Congratulations to ACT, and wishing them the best for the future!


Shine Logistics moves 331 containers of Disassembled Knocked Down (DKW) cars

The cars were moved in 40’ HC containers from Incheon, South Korea, to Kazakhstan via Qingdao, China

Shine Logistics Co Ltd, a Coop member in Seoul, South Korea, arranged for cargoes consisting of DKD (Disassembled Knocked Down) cars. The shipment was moved in 331 x 40’HC containers. The cars were transported from Incheon, Korea, to Kazakhstan via Qingdao, China. The cargo, which was moved in SOC containers reached the consignee on time.

Shine Logistics- independent freight forwarder
Shine Logistics moves 331 containers of DKD cars

“Owing to the difficult situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic we are developing our own business strategies because of which we succeeded to win this new project. Moreover, our team is trying to come up with new business ideas. Thanks to the expertise of our export team this project was smoothly handled from start to finish,” says Mr Chan-Bin Im from Shine Logistics.

Although there is serious shortage of containers, they cooperated with CIMC (China International Marine Containers Co., Ltd.) as container provider.  This helped them to get SOC containers without any problem.


“We are also preparing to ship 143 x 40′ HC containers of DKD cars between end of June to early July. Additionally, we are also handling steel products such as STS coils, steel bars, steel plates, steel sheets, and wire rods. We can arrange for all kinds of cargoes whatever it is via sea or air,” adds Mr. Im.

Congratulations to Shine Logistics and wishing them the best for the future!