Historical record attendance of freight forwarders at The Cooperative’s 6th Annual Meeting held from 11th to 13th March in Phuket

230 freight forwarders from over 60 different countries participated in 6000 one-to-one meetings in Phuket

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 6th Annual Meeting which took place from 11th to 13th March at Le Meridien Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand, has been an out-and-out success. The event brought together 230 members from more than 60 different countries for three days of networking and entertainment, a 25% increase in attendance comparing to the previous one. Attendees have also had the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the freight industry and connect with other professionals in the field.

The Coop's 6th Annual Meeting
The Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting

The primary objective of this conference was the interchange of projects among members with the help of scheduled one-to-one business discussions. Moreover, this year, The Cooperative Logistics Network has created a new web app that has allowed delegates to constantly stay updated with the meeting agenda. On logging into this application, the members could access every meeting information and check all the required information about the everyday agenda of the meeting which greatly helped the agents.

“We are thrilled about the huge turnout we have had at The Cooperative’s Annual Meeting this year, which is the largest attendance ever. This year’s conference was all the more significant since it took place after a three years’ hiatus because of the pandemic when the network had to organize virtual conferences. We were delighted to see that everyone was looking forward to meeting each other once again,” says Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of The Cooperative Logistics Network.

The conference started with a Corporate Day Trip to the Phi Phi Islands, that not just allowed the delegates to explore the marvels around Phuket but also made way for lasting bonds and friendships among the members.

During the second and third day, members engaged in over 6000 One-to-one meetings with chosen partners to discuss the prospects of future collaboration.

The Cocktail Reception and the Gala Dinner Party were some of the other highlights of the event that helped to reinforce the connections among the delegates while allowing the members to bond over food, drinks, and live music.

As stated by one of the attending members, “This Annual Meeting exceeded our expectations. There were more members than ever from all over the world participating in the one-to-one meetings. It has been a wonderful and highly productive experience, since it has allowed us to secure new projects from our partners within the network.”

Additionally, 5 prominent websites dedicated to the logistics sector have covered the news about the record turnout and the success of The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 6th Annual Meeting. Websites that have published the news about the conference are- Cargo Breaking News, Globe News Wire, E Cargo Log, Morning Star, and Forwarder Magazine.

Spedition becomes an IATA member

This international accreditation will allow them to offer better air freight services and also lead to greater recognition in the industry

Spedition, a Coop member in Delhi, India, has now become a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association).

As a member of IATA they can now deal directly with airlines without any broker. Therefore, it will enable them to become more reliable air freight forwarders offering the best rates to their clients and partners. In the words of Harpreet Singh, the Head of Operations of Spedition, “Becoming an IATA member is the greatest achievement for any freight forwarder specializing in air cargo operations. We are thrilled to have an IATA badge as now we can be more competitive in the air freight business. Additionally, this membership will allow us to be more flexible and offer all kinds of air freight services as per the requirements of our clients and partners.”

Spedition India Logistics- independent freight forwarder
IATA Certificate of Spedition India Logistics


Any freight forwarding company offering air freight services and conforming to the right license and legal requirements are eligible for applying for registration as IATA Cargo Agent. However, IATA members have to meet some strict requirements and are obliged to follow a set of government approved resolutions that establish the rights and duties of both the agents and the airlines.

Congratulations to Spedition and all the best for their upcoming projects!

The Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting is sponsored by Cargo WWS Poland, Express Air Freight, Headway, Headway, Kopf + Lubben, and The Solution

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 6th Annual Meeting will be held at Le Meridien Beach Resort in Phuket, Thailand, from 11th to 13th March 2023

After a two years break because of the pandemic, the Cooperative Logistics Network is once again organizing an in-person freight forwarders conference. Additionally, The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 6th Annual Meeting is sponsored by 5 member companies – Express Air Freight, WWS Poland, Headway, Kopf + Lubben, and The Solution.

This event is a perfect opportunity for the network members to come together in one place and carry on with three days of business networking activities in a corporate ambience. Active networking will help the delegates to make way for many new collaborative projects with their international network partners.

This sponsorship will consist of an acknowledgement of each member during the Official Opening and Presentation by Director Antonio Torres along with the display of their logo in Brochures, newsletters and on our Sponsor Section of the website. Moreover sponsors also get Priority Access to the One-to-One Meeting Scheduler, social media promotion, and branding on registration pages and banners on The Cooperative’s website.

The Cooperative Logistics Network's 6th Annual Meeting
The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 6th Annual Meeting


Express Air Freight, which started its journey in 1990 is a Coop member in New York, USA. Headquartered in New York City with offices worldwide they provide their international clients and partners with outstanding opportunities to develop U.S. Import and Export Logistics. The Express Group prides itself on its exceptional service, ability to meet tight time constraints, deadlines and service to a multitude of industries.

Headway is a Coop member in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Haiphong and Da Nang, Vietnam. They offer a comprehensive range of logistics solutions from the economy, premium, and time-critical to charter or multimodal services that meet global business and industry demands. Presently, they are striving to become one of Vietnam’s top logistics companies by providing customers with exceptional value-added services, while maintaining high speed and agility to adapt to changes in the business environment.

Kopf+ Lubben Cargo Services is a Coop member in Frankfurt, Bremen, and Hamburg, Germany. Since starting their journey in 1976, they have offered groundbreaking logistical solutions for their global clients. With the flexibility of an owner-managed, medium-sized company and the creativity of committed specialists, their competent team masters the logistics requirements of today – with a sense of what tomorrow will bring. Their long experience, skilled workforce, strategic expertise, and several accreditation make them the preferred choice of their clients and partners.

The Solution is a Coop member in Genoa, Italy. Globally known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers particular logistics and forwarding needs, their team takes care of all the requirements of their customers. Additionally, as a leading provider of end-to-end supply chain solutions, they offer specialized services in the sea and road freight sector. The Solution team makes sure to handle every last detail of their client’s special logistics requirement.

Cargo WWS is a Coop member in Warsaw, Poland, known for offering innovation solutions for the logistical requirements of their clients. Their company provides comprehensive transportation services both domestically, and internationally. They provide various forms of logistical services including air, sea, road and rail, allowing for precise adjustment to suit the needs and expectations of their clients. Furthermore, they handle both traditional, as well as bulky, non-standard and dangerous shipments.

The Coop launches a new web application for their upcoming Annual Meeting

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s new web app will guide the members through every aspect of their meeting schedule with just a few taps on their phone

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 6th Annual Meeting is all set to be held at Le Meridien Beach Resort, Phuket, Thailand, from 11th to 13th March 2023. On the occasion of this event, the Coop has launched a new web app that will allow agents to seamlessly browse through every detail of the event agenda.

The Cooperative Logistics Network
The Coop’s New Web App


With the help of this app members can access all the pertinent information about the meeting schedule. All they need to do is open the web app on their phones and login with their email and password. This will enable them to browse through the one-to-one meeting timetable, the meeting slots, timings, table number, names of the delegates and the names of their companies and cities etc. Moreover, members will also be able to browse through the delegate list to locate a partner they might need to interact with. Finally, the app also allows members to view the photos taken in course of the conference and share them instantly on their social media handles.

To quote Maria Serrano, the PR and Event Coordinator of The Coop, “This new web application will help to bring together all the relevant information about the event at our members’ fingertips. We always try out best to enhance our services to ensure an unparalleled networking activity for our members. This is precisely why we have launched this web app that will help to ensure the smoothest possible conferencing experience for our delegates in Phuket. “

The year 2022 has been a highly productive one for The Coop

In the last 12 months, the Coop has made many significant achievements that are contributing to the growth of the network and its members

The year 2022, has turned out to be a very constructive one for The Cooperative Logistics Network. The Coop’s team has accomplished several of its objectives, thus helping the members to make their presence felt in the freight forwarding industry.

Cooperative Logistics Network
Cooperative Logistics Network


In March 2022, The Cooperative Logistics Network fulfilled its long-time ambition of creating a unique learning opportunity for the network members. The Coop partnered with esteemed organizations like CIFFA (Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association) and Container xChange to offer online logistics certificate courses that will allow the agents to augment their skills and industry knowledge.

The Coop has bolstered its social media endeavours by opening a new Instagram handle. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, we are now making our presence felt on Instagram. The Coop team firmly believes that an active presence across several social media platforms helps expand our network’s outreach.

Additionally, The Cooperative Logistics Network has welcome many new agents to further increase its coverage. Presently the Coop has members in over 327 cities in 135 countries around the world and this number will keep growing in the coming year.

Lastly, The Coop team is working relentlessly to organize an in-person Annual Meeting in Phuket, Thailand, in March 2023, after a two years gap due to the pandemic. Finally, The Coop agents will get to come together under one roof for networking and socializing activities. To this end, the network has created a special Annual Meeting web portal from where the agents can easily access all information relating to the Annual Meeting from one page. It brings together all the pertinent information about the event at the members’ fingertips and simplifies the registration, room reservation, and meeting slot booking processes.

As stated by Antonio Torres, The President and Founder of The Cooperative Logistics Network, “With the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, it is imperative for the independent freight forwarders to stick together, work on concerted projects, and offer first-rate services to expand their outreach. This is exactly what we are helping our members to achieve and all our endeavours are aimed at accomplishing this objective.”



Boschmans Steinacher BV moves to a new office in Binnenvaert, Antwerp

Their new office which is situated in a well-connected area is close to the port and comes in a brand new building

Boschmans Steinacher BV,  a Coop member in Antwerp, Belgium, has relocated to a new office. After spending over 40 years in their office at Meterenkaai, they have finally shifted to a brand new workspace at Biennenvaert, Antwerp. All their staff have moved and they are already fully operational at this new location. The phone numbers and email addresses of all their employees have remained the same.

Boschmans Steinacher - freight forwarder in Antwerp
The Boschmans Steinacher team


As stated by Gert Wouters, Export & Sales Manager of Boschmans Steinacher, “Our brand new office offers better mobility while the coffee corners, break rooms and the latest technology ensure enhanced workplace experience for our employees. Additionally, the biggest plus is the proximity of the port. And on top of this, we are still close to the city centre, which is ideal!”

Previously their team was physically separated between the 1st and 6th floor. This fact combined with the advanced age of the former building and the terrible mobility in the city centre of Antwerp prompted them to move to this newly built office. Now the whole team is together, which results in smoother communication and cooperation among colleagues. Thanks to this, the interaction between the whole team of Boschmans Steinacher has improved and there is more social contact between colleagues.

Congratulations to Boschmans Steinacher BV all the best for their upcoming projects!

E2E Supply Chain Management partners with Atlas Forwarding Ltd for a complex OOG air-cargo project

The shipment which consisted of a high-value dining set worth 500,000 Euros was shipped from Europe to Singapore

E2E Supply Chain Management PTE LTD, a Coop member in Singapore, has collaborated with Atlas Forwarding Ltd, a Coop member in Dublin, Ireland, on an OOG air-cargo project. The shipment arrived from Europe to Singapore in a freighter aircraft. E2E had to clear the cargo from Changi Airport, over the weekend and deliver it to the consignee in Singapore.

The shipment consisted of a prestigious high-end dining set worth EURO 500,000. The cargo measured 6.3m (length) x 2.03 m (width) x 1.4 m (height) and weighed 1,491 kg and had a pivotal weight of 5,000 kg.

E2E Supply Chain Management- independent freight forwarder
OOG Shipment by E2E


In the words of Alan Lim, the CEO of E2E Supply Chain Management, “We had to deliver the cargo within a very short period to avoid airport storage and customer dissatisfaction. Our team had to put in extra effort for this OOG cargo due to its special nature. Moreover, despite the last hour change of plans by the importer we successfully delivered the shipment on time.”

For positioning and unboxing the table, they had to arrange for a 110 ton crate with an outreach extending over 3 roof tops along with specialized tools and lifting equipment. “These kinds of cranes are scarce and require advance booking. However, we managed to secure it within a day. In addition, another major challenge involving this shipment was gathering teams of site supervisors, managers, lifting crew and workers within a very short span of time. Lastly, our supplier’s reluctance to cooperate seamlessly was a major hindrance that our team has successfully prevailed over,” adds Mr. Lim.

Congratulations to E2E and Atlas Forwarding for their successful collaboration!

Headway is re-branding their logo as part of their new brand identity strategy

In November they held a re-branding ceremony participated by a member of their Board of Directors and managers of all their offices to launch a new brand logo on their social media pages

Headway JSC, a Coop member in Hanoi, Haiphong, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, has recently rebranded its logo for developing its brand identity. The rebranding ceremony took place with the presence of a member of their Board of Directors and managers of their offices. On this day they launched a new brand logo on social media. The new logo will replace the old logo on their websites, trucks, warehouses, uniforms, documents, and office stationery.

Headway JSC -freight forwarding company
The Headway Team


They based this new logo on the logotype style with two leading brand colours- blue and red. Additionally, they are hoping that this new logo will bring a modern liberal, and reliable feel that will be on par with the trend of the global logistics sector. “Inheriting the traditional values of its predecessor, the stylized W in the logo shows a straight-through representing Headway’s strategic aim of becoming a leading logistics company in Vietnam and reaching the world.”

Headway- logistics company in Ho Chi Minh
New Logo of Headway

Mr. Felix Nguyen, Managing Director of Headway commented, “We will approach customers with a new professional appearance while providing them with the same trustworthy and value-added services. Moreover, the meaning of this new logo is that we should keep moving forward and never stop improving every aspect of our services to bring in the best advantages for our customers, partners, and shareholders. Lastly, we aim to build the Headway brand on a national as well as global scale.”

Congratulations to Headway and all the best for their future endeavours!

Imperial Logistics Switzerland GMBH will become a member of Central Station AG.

They will change their name from Imperial Logistics Switzerland GMBH to Central Station AG

Imperial Logistics Switzerland GMBH, Globalia member in Zurich, Switzerland, is going to be taken over by Central Station AG. One of the best benefits of this acquisition is that their company will have the status of a 4PL company. 4PL logistics companies have wider responsibilities and accountabilities in helping the clients reaching their strategic objectives.
Imperial Logistics Switzerland- freight forwarding company
Imperial Logistics Switzerland gets acquired by Central Station AG


In the words of Rainer Muffler, the Head of Sales of Imperial Logistics Switzerland,”The biggest benefit of this merger is that we can run our business without any interruption. In addition, the recent acquisition will open new opportunities in several business fields. Within our new organization the most remarkable new service is the capability to offer 4PL Logistics”.

Imperial Logistics Switzerland GMBH will soon make available the changes in their contact details. Moreover, all old open files (opened until 31st October) will be handled by Imperial Logistics until 23rd of February. The staff of their company will also remain more or less the same.

“Initially we were taken over by DP World. However, DP world decided to move our European Headquarter to London and close down the Zurich office. As we wanted to keep our Zurich office, we decided to move to Central Station AG, that has been a highly valued partner for years. We came to this decision after short and intense negotiations”, adds Mr. Muffler.

Congratulations to Imperial Logistics Switzerland and all the best for their upcoming projects!




Routes Transport Group outsources their overseas operations to Tradelink

Routes Transport Group divides their company into two components- Customer Interface and Operations

Routes Transport Group, a Coop member in Toronto, Canada, has divided its international business into two components – Customer Interface and Operations. While the Routes team will be in charge of the Customer Interface taking care of sales, quotes, customer service, etc, they are outsourcing their operations to another freight forwarding company-Trade Link International Ltd.

Routes Transport Group- independent freight forwarder
Routes Transport Group- freight forwarding company


Trade Link International will interact on behalf of Routes with overseas agents. They will work on several fields including tracking shipments, getting status updates, getting the costs and handling the shipments in Canada. In this connection, they will also be responsible for the payment of the overseas agents. Shipment docs like the MAWB & MBL will be consigned to them (as they need to file the Canadian Customs ACI, etc.) and Routes will be shown as the Notify Party.

“We have been in business for more than 25 years. We enjoy a good reputation, and we are financially healthy and stable. Moreover, we are a full-service logistics provider and offer comprehensive air, ocean, truck, customs, warehouse, distribution, and pick-and-pack services. I am confident that this decision will help satisfy client’s requirements all over the world,” says Ms. Anne Waldes, President & CEO of Trade Link International Ltd.

Congratulations to Routes Transport Group and all the best for their upcoming projects!