Imperial Logistics Switzerland GMBH will become a member of Central Station AG.

They will change their name from Imperial Logistics Switzerland GMBH to Central Station AG

Imperial Logistics Switzerland GMBH, Globalia member in Zurich, Switzerland, is going to be taken over by Central Station AG. One of the best benefits of this acquisition is that their company will have the status of a 4PL company. 4PL logistics companies have wider responsibilities and accountabilities in helping the clients reaching their strategic objectives.
Imperial Logistics Switzerland- freight forwarding company
Imperial Logistics Switzerland gets acquired by Central Station AG


In the words of Rainer Muffler, the Head of Sales of Imperial Logistics Switzerland,”The biggest benefit of this merger is that we can run our business without any interruption. In addition, the recent acquisition will open new opportunities in several business fields. Within our new organization the most remarkable new service is the capability to offer 4PL Logistics”.

Imperial Logistics Switzerland GMBH will soon make available the changes in their contact details. Moreover, all old open files (opened until 31st October) will be handled by Imperial Logistics until 23rd of February. The staff of their company will also remain more or less the same.

“Initially we were taken over by DP World. However, DP world decided to move our European Headquarter to London and close down the Zurich office. As we wanted to keep our Zurich office, we decided to move to Central Station AG, that has been a highly valued partner for years. We came to this decision after short and intense negotiations”, adds Mr. Muffler.

Congratulations to Imperial Logistics Switzerland and all the best for their upcoming projects!




Routes Transport Group outsources their overseas operations to Tradelink

Routes Transport Group divides their company into two components- Customer Interface and Operations

Routes Transport Group, a Coop member in Toronto, Canada, has divided its international business into two components – Customer Interface and Operations. While the Routes team will be in charge of the Customer Interface taking care of sales, quotes, customer service, etc, they are outsourcing their operations to another freight forwarding company-Trade Link International Ltd.

Routes Transport Group- independent freight forwarder
Routes Transport Group- freight forwarding company


Trade Link International will interact on behalf of Routes with overseas agents. They will work on several fields including tracking shipments, getting status updates, getting the costs and handling the shipments in Canada. In this connection, they will also be responsible for the payment of the overseas agents. Shipment docs like the MAWB & MBL will be consigned to them (as they need to file the Canadian Customs ACI, etc.) and Routes will be shown as the Notify Party.

“We have been in business for more than 25 years. We enjoy a good reputation, and we are financially healthy and stable. Moreover, we are a full-service logistics provider and offer comprehensive air, ocean, truck, customs, warehouse, distribution, and pick-and-pack services. I am confident that this decision will help satisfy client’s requirements all over the world,” says Ms. Anne Waldes, President & CEO of Trade Link International Ltd.

Congratulations to Routes Transport Group and all the best for their upcoming projects!

Three Aces Global garners two awards for their air cargo services

Saudi Arabia Airlines and LOT Polish Airlines have recognized them as one of their top cargo agents in Delhi

Three Aces Global- freight forwarding company
Saudi Airlines Cargo Company Certificate

Three Aces Global Pvt Ltd, a Coop member in Delhi, India, has been recognized by Saudi Arabia Airlines and LOT Polish Airlines as among their top cargo agents in the Delhi region. They received this certification because of their cargo revenue and the cargo tonnage routed through the above airlines.

Their top-of-the-line services, the loyalty of their customers and the all-out support by the airline teams are some of the factors behind the success of their air freight department.  Additionally, the exceptional performance of their pricing and execution teams also played a major role in this achievement.

Three Aces Global- freight forwarding company
LOT Polish Airlines Certificate

In the words of Mr Pankaj Agarwal, the Director of Three Aces Global, “We make sure to instantly respond to our client’s requests and maintain a strong relationship with the carriers. Furthermore, our clients always get leverage in terms of preference and pricing. Such encouraging recognition keeps us even more motivated and energized as we continue with the good work and perform even better.”

Congratulations to Three Aces Global and all the best for their upcoming projects!


The Cooperative Logistics Network creates an Instagram page

The new Instagram handle of The Coop will come with photos, and videos relating to the network and its members

The Cooperative Logistics Network recently created a page on Instagram to bolster its presence on social media.  The Coop’s new Instagram handle will add to their social networking endeavours and enable them to interact with their audience through infographic and audio/visual content.

Ever since its early years, The Coop has been tapping into the potential of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They have been posting relevant information, about the network, news from the members as well as links to their blogs and newsletters on their social media handles.

According to Maria Serrano, the PR and Event Coordinator of The Cooperative Logistics Network, “We understand that a large number of our future agents are going to check our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page as a part of their online research about our network. This is precisely why we are further augmenting our social media endeavours with this new Instagram handle. Apart from enhancing the visibility of our network, our extended social media presence will even help to increase the online visibility of our agents.”

The Cooperative Logistics Network


The Cooperative Logistics Network establishes a media partnership with The Maritime Standard Awards

TMS 2022, which will take place in Dubai, on November 15th, will have as attendees the shipping industry’s important policy setters and decision-makers from across the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent

The Cooperative Logistics Network establishes a media partnership with The Maritime Standards Awards. The Maritime Standard Awards 2022, will take place at The Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, on Tuesday, November 15th. This award ceremony will be a high calibre event attracting all the important policy setters and decision-makers from across the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent and beyond.

Maritime Standard Awards
Maritime Standard Awards


The judging panel will present the awards in 29 different categories. TMS editor, Clive Woodbridge will chair the panel of judges. These judges who come from across the regions independently assess the nominations and submit marks based on predetermined criteria to ensure a transparent and fair process.

The day after the awards, on November 16th, TMS will hold its annual Tanker Conference, with a stellar line of speakers already confirmed.  Additionally, the attendees will include representatives from all of the major tanker owners and operators, many of whom will also attend the Awards.

The Coop members who want further information about the Awards, and how to enter are encouraged to visit the website:



Cargo Overseas Freight Pvt Ltd celebrates their 5th anniversary

In the last financial year, they achieved an annual turnover of 2,300,000 USD – the highest in the company’s history

Cargo Overseas Freight, a Coop member in Colombo, Sri Lanka, has recently completed five years in the industry. They celebrated their 5th Anniversary by organizing an office Getaway at a hotel in Colombo with their staff and their families. They had a nighttime party to celebrate their accomplishments while holding themselves strong for tackling the crisis of their country.

Cargo Overseas Freight- freight forwarder in Colombo
The team of Cargo Overseas Freight


In the words of Devin Gunarathne, the Director of Cargo Overseas Freight, “Our company had a humble beginning with a small staff and big expectations. Since then, we have grown our staff as well as opened a new Airport office near the CMB airport to coordinate and handle our air imports/exports with a very close eye. As the director of the company, I personally feel we have taken steps to improve ourselves individually and collectively as a company to add value and give the utmost service to our customers.”

One of their spectacular achievements in the last 5 years is their increasing turnover and the improvements in their customer service. In the last financial year, they achieved an annual turnover of 2,300,000 USD. This turnover was the highest in the company’s history which was averaging a 192,000 USD monthly gross income as well.

“The most significant objective that we wanted to achieve was raising our turnover and uplifting our customer service within our business which we have achieved significantly by implementing new facilities and expanding our competitive advantages to execute new business ventures. The biggest challenge we were facing was the aftermath of the pandemic but now we are confronting a new challenge which is the economic crisis which our country is facing and the Forex exchange due to the depreciation of LKR. Nevertheless, I am confident that our team will successfully overcome these challenges. For the efforts and risks we have taken, rewards have been given and for that, I am significantly proud.”

Congratulations to Cargo Overseas Freight on their 5th Anniversary and the very best for their future endeavours!



Interview with Lina Liu from the Overseas Department of CIMC Andashun International Logistics

“For the last  16 years, our company has focused on integrity, innovation, pragmatism and efficiency, handling projects for international companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Gree, Walmart, ZTE etc, but also for local ones”

Today we are publishing an interview with Ms Lina Liu from the Overseas Department of CIMC Andashun International Logistics, a Coop member in Shenzhen, China, which has recently celebrated its 16th Anniversary. In this interview, Ms Liu talks about the journey of their company in the last 16 years, its achievements, goals for the future and much more.

CMIC Anda Shun- freight forwarding company
CIMC Andashun International Logistics

Q. When and why did you choose a career in the freight forwarding industry?

A. Ever since I was in college, I have been very interested in international transportation and trade. For this reason, I decided to work with a logistics company. I joined CIMC Andashun because it has an enthusiastic team and provides a good platform for the employees. I have been working with them for 6 years already and I plan to keep working here for many more years to come.

Q. Today you are celebrating the 16th anniversary of your company. Congratulations! What does this anniversary mean for your team?

A. This is absolutely a very special day for us and we are delighted to share this joy with all the members. For the last 16 years, our company has focused on 4 primary pillars- integrity, innovation, pragmatism and efficiency. Providing unparalleled logistics services regardless of the circumstances every day for the last 16 years has been quite a feat! No matter the situation, the one thing which we never did was give up.

On the occasion of our 16th anniversary, we want to thank all our partners and customers for the years of support to CIMC Anda Shun, which inspires us to continue fulfilling our mission as a leading logistics company.

By celebrating this 16th anniversary, we are also celebrating the success of the entire team. This is a very special day which is like a reservoir of energy for the coming days so that our victory does not stop but goes on for years. I am confident that many more anniversaries, success stories and achievements will come our way!

Q. How were the beginnings of your company?

A. Our company was founded on 7th July 2006 by our CEO Mr Gerry Yang who has many years of industry experience since he was working with Air China before. Since then we never looked back and started to grow our operations and significantly expand our team. With over 500 employees, our company is becoming stronger by the day.

Q. How did CIMC change in all these years?

A. Internally, CIMC Andashun has been led by an excellent management team that guides us whenever there is any potential challenge. We are also assisted by an active sales team and an operation team, that makes our internal atmosphere innovative and open . Externally, our team has been actively keeping close contact with airlines, shipping lines and network partners for all these years. We have been committed to the goal of becoming a leading international logistics company.

Q. What are the biggest challenges you have faced during these 16 years?

A. As a logistics company, we meet the challenges everyday because the market is not so stable and competition was always there from the very  beginning. Although it is hard to indicate what is the biggest challenges so far, still we have to admit that the COVID-19 had a specially unpredictable impact on every company. Luckily, we did a good job so far, and we are ready to face the upcoming challenges.

The services that we can offer are diverse and professional, we can do what many other logistics company can’t do, and we value every shipment no matter if it is big or small.



CIMC Andashun International Logistics- freight forwarder
CIMC Andashun International Logistics-16th Anniversary


Q. What have you achieved along these years?

A. We have received hundreds of honours, cups, awards and certificates over the years. Last year, we ranked 12 in terms of China’s International Freight Forwarding & Logistics Airport Business Incomes and in 2020 we ranked as one of the top 20 companies in the Chinese private freight forwarding and logistics business.

Q. What has been the most significant shipment your team has handled?

A. CIMC Andashun makes a yearly summary at the end of each year. However, it’s hard to tell which one is the most significant shipment we have handled as all partner/customers are equally important for us. Apart from handling projects for international companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Gree, Walmart, ZTE etc, we also handle server transportation, sea freight, rail freight, intermodal transportation in the China-South America route and elsewhere, etc. The services that we can offer are diverse and professional, we can do what many other logistics company can’t do, and we value every shipment no matter if it is big or small. Maybe the most significant shipment always lies in the near future.

Q. What distinguishes CIMC from other freight forwarders?

A. CIMC Andashun always pays a lot of attention to the market trends and the expectations of our partners and customers. We can flexibly adjust the transportation strategy in time according to the market conditions in order to provide the best solutions for our clients and partners.

Q. Where do you see CIMC in the next 16 years?

A. In the last 16 years CIMC Andashun has grown up from an infant to a youth. People in their youth always have unlimited possibilities and so has our company.

On its way to the next 16 years, CIMC Andashun will certainly experience more setbacks and challenges, but also it will overcome those challenges and make many more achievements. We believe that CIMC Andashun will be more brilliant and powerful on the international stage 16 years from now.

Intertrans starts offering transshipment services

They have launched this new service to make the most of the growing export trend in the Dominican Republic

Intertrans, a Coop member in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, has started offering transshipment services after identifying a growing export trend in the Dominican Republic. This new service will allow them to increase the sales reach of Dominican exporters as well as that of their associated agents.

Intertrans- independent freight forwarder
Transshipment services by Intertrans


Intertrans already had clients who were in need of transshipment services for moving their cargoes to the Antilles and the Caribbean. These customers have received the news with great enthusiasm. Since starting this service they have also worked with several new associates who are highly satisfied with the standard of service provided. Furthermore, they are one of the few forwarders in the country offering transshipment service and working on the development of this market.

As stated by Mr. Conrad A. Wittkop, Sales & Operations Supervisor of Intertrans, “Since the beginning of the service until today we have made some 1,000 different shipments and handled a variety of merchandises. Thanks to a collective effort with our agents and our commercial department, we have been able to supply the needs of clients inside and outside the country.”

Congratulations to Intertrans and all the best for their upcoming projects!


Synergie Canada INC keeps growing with the induction of 32 new employees in 2022

The acquisition of Phoenix Bathurst – a reputed logistics company – has further boosted their capacity to offer end-to-end logistical services for their clients and partners

Synergie Canada INC, a Coop member in Montreal, Canada, has substantially expanded its operations. Since the beginning of 2022, they have welcomed 25 new employees to their team. Additionally, their involvement with Lionel-Groulx College is helping them find the best candidates for internships and student jobs.

With IATA /DGR certifications, they have specialized in sectors such as breakbulk, dangerous goods, time-critical shipments, trade shows, and government logistics.

This year, they introduced their bilingual webinars where they have been elaborating on the challenges of the logistics industry. In addition, they are presently developing their Trade Lane division. To this end, they are assessing the needs and developing the areas that will allow growth in all their main traded commodities.

To quote Katerina Hulis, Trade Lane manager Bulk & Projects, “We are lucky to have such talented energetic people in our team. On our part, we put a great focus on the wellness of our employees. We had to shift a lot to remote work and flexibility which allowed a life/work balance, especially during the pandemic. Lastly, our staff is dedicated to providing clients with logistics services that completely correspond to and meet their needs while reflecting the company’s core values- trust, innovation, agility, and fun!”

Synergie Canada INC- independent freight forwarder
Synergie Canada INC-A Coop member in Montreal

Congratulations to Synergie INC and all the best for their upcoming projects!

The Cooperative Logistics Network establishes a media partnership with GlobeNewswire

GlobeNewswire is one of the world’s largest news distribution networks that provides real-time news releases from international brands

The Cooperative Logistics Network- a freight forwarding network with members in over 304 cities, has established a media partnership with GlobeNewswire. GlobeNewswire specializes in the distribution of corporate Press Releases, financial disclosures, and multimedia content to media, investors, and consumers worldwide.

GlobeNewswire-The Coop partner
The Coop partners with GlobeNewswire


Additionally, they provide one-on-one support for journalists and media apart from providing real-time news releases from international organizations.

As one of the world’s largest newswire distribution networks, GlobeNewswire covers over 130 countries in 35+ languages. As stated by Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of The Cooperative Logistics Network, “As one of the leading logistics networks of our time, I am confident that our partnership with GlobeNewswire will help to build further awareness, boost online visibility, and get even better media coverage for our network.”

Click on this link to check out the website of GlobeNewswire.