The year 2022 has been a highly productive one for The Coop

In the last 12 months, the Coop has made many significant achievements that are contributing to the growth of the network and its members

The year 2022, has turned out to be a very constructive one for The Cooperative Logistics Network. The Coop’s team has accomplished several of its objectives, thus helping the members to make their presence felt in the freight forwarding industry.

Cooperative Logistics Network
Cooperative Logistics Network


In March 2022, The Cooperative Logistics Network fulfilled its long-time ambition of creating a unique learning opportunity for the network members. The Coop partnered with esteemed organizations like CIFFA (Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association) and Container xChange to offer online logistics certificate courses that will allow the agents to augment their skills and industry knowledge.

The Coop has bolstered its social media endeavours by opening a new Instagram handle. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, we are now making our presence felt on Instagram. The Coop team firmly believes that an active presence across several social media platforms helps expand our network’s outreach.

Additionally, The Cooperative Logistics Network has welcome many new agents to further increase its coverage. Presently the Coop has members in over 327 cities in 135 countries around the world and this number will keep growing in the coming year.

Lastly, The Coop team is working relentlessly to organize an in-person Annual Meeting in Phuket, Thailand, in March 2023, after a two years gap due to the pandemic. Finally, The Coop agents will get to come together under one roof for networking and socializing activities. To this end, the network has created a special Annual Meeting web portal from where the agents can easily access all information relating to the Annual Meeting from one page. It brings together all the pertinent information about the event at the members’ fingertips and simplifies the registration, room reservation, and meeting slot booking processes.

As stated by Antonio Torres, The President and Founder of The Cooperative Logistics Network, “With the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, it is imperative for the independent freight forwarders to stick together, work on concerted projects, and offer first-rate services to expand their outreach. This is exactly what we are helping our members to achieve and all our endeavours are aimed at accomplishing this objective.”



The Coop’s June Newsletter for 2022 is full of interesting news from the network, its members and the transportation and logistics industry

The second edition of The Coop’s newsletter for 2022 can now be viewed and downloaded from the website

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s June Newsletter for 2022 is now online. To begin with, the newsletter announces the dates of The Coop’s 6th Annual Meeting that will take place in March 2023 in Phuket, Thailand. The newsletter enumerates the top highlights of the meetings and explains why it is imperative for the network members to participate in the in-person meeting to bolster their networking.

The Coop June Newsletter
The Coop June Newsletter


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The Coop’s June Newsletter offers all the relevant news from the network along with a brief glimpse at all the latest happenings in the logistics industry. The members news for this edition covers the latest achievement of agents from Singapore, Lima, Guatemala City, Venice, Santiago, Shenzhen, Seoul, and Hamburg/Bremen/Frankfurt. Additionally, it includes the announcement about the online CIFFA course on Essentials of Freight Forwarding that will commence on 15th September. There is also the news about the network’s upgraded partnership with Container xChange and how it will benefit the agents.

In the industry news section, there is a news about the acquisition of ten new container ships by ONE. Furthermore, there are several news fragments from the supply chain industry to keep the members updated. Finally, there is an informative article about “How to find the right shipping containers” that will help sea freight agents to make an informed decision about which container to use for their cargo.

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The Cooperative Logistics Network launches a new Online Certificate

Members will be able to download the document by accessing their Members Area

In a bid to digitize their services, improve the network and offer the best and most innovative advantages to its members, The Cooperative Logistics Network is now offering an Online Certification. In order to do so, the IT Department has put together a new section in the intranet. This will enable The Coop members to download their network certificate with the date on which the network accepted them.

The Coop's membership certificate
The Coop’s membership certificate


This document accrediting membership will be available for download and print from the Members Area. Moreover, freight forwarders who belong to the network will only need to access its intranet and click on the “Certificate” tab to find it in the Dashboard.

In the words of Antonio Torres, President and Founder of The Cooperative Logistics Network “We are working hard to digitize all our services to make our members work easier. With just a click, they will be able to download the Online Membership Certificate. This will be an official Certificate of Membership that proves that the company is a member of The Cooperative Logistics Network and has passed through a rigorous selection process”.

Several leading transportation and logistics websites publish the news of The Coop’s 2nd Virtual Meeting

The Coop’s 2nd Virtual Meeting that enabled the members to do remote networking registered a record attendance

Leading supply chain websites covered the news of the success of The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 2nd Virtual Meeting. Over 140 Coop members came online on 15th and 16th November to participate in The Coop’s 2nd Virtual Meeting. Furthermore, the 5000 one-to-one videoconferences hosted during the meeting allowed the members to get new project opportunities. Members also got to promote their companies, and expand their international presence. Three leading logistics webzines -Newscouple, AJOT, and Logistics Business have published the news of Cooperative Logistics’s Network’s 2nd Cloud Conference.

Cooperative Logistics Network- 2nd Virtual Meeting
The coverage of The Coop’s 2nd Virtual Meeting


Newscouple is a news website with all the latest news from the fields of logistics, e-commerce, business, commodity, and entrepreneurs. It features industry analysis from expert and celebrity columnists to provide the readers with unique insight into several international business related topics.

AJOT or the American Journal of Transportation is a web portal dedicated to the logistics industry. Moreover, this website features the latest and most pertinent news and reports from the international freight forwarding industry.

Logistics Business is a UK based supply chain magazine with an extensive reader base. Additionally, it covers news on topics such as transport and distribution, warehousing, packaging, green logistics, and the use of IT in transportation and logistics.

The news covered in the above web portals talks about the successful outcome of the meeting and how it helped the members to increase the number of collaborative projects. Moreover, it also mentions the FreightViewer workshops held in the course of the cloud conference.

To find out more about their coverage of our Virtual Meeting just click on the above links.

The Cooperative Logistics network enters into a media partnership with Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria

This partnership will help to boost the visibility of the network in the logistics industry

The Cooperative Logistics Network which counts on over 300 agents in 130 countries around the world has established a media partnership with Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria with the objective of enhancing the brand image of the network in the supply chain industry.

Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria is a web journal dedicated to the shipping industry which was started as an initiative of the students and professors of the International Master in Maritime and Port Administration, developed by the International Maritime Business School (IMBS), in association with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Navigation and Services of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

“Our partnership with The Cooperative Logistics Network is a landmark event for both our teams and we are absolutely certain that this partnership will benefit us in more than one way,” says Arturo Pastrana, Technical Director of Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria

For over a decade, this Spanish language online magazine has been publishing relevant posts and news related to the logistics and shipping sector.  The magazine is also popular among the readers in Latin American countries where it has come up as one of the foremost web journal dedicated to our sector.

Furthermore, Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria covers several logistics events, meetings and conferences throughout the year and publishes job postings from maritime, port, shipping and transportation sectors.

“The quality of the opinion articles and educational posts that we publish both at an academic as well as professional level makes the proficiency and expertise of our writing partners abundantly clear,” states Arturo Pastrana.

Lastly, their close collaboration with the International Maritime Business School, allows them to keep their audience updated with all the relevant information regarding a recognized training by means of educating, recycling and enhancing the curriculum in the maritime, port and logistics sectors.

In order to know further information about Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria:

logistics business partner    Actualidad Marítima y Portuaria:


The news about Coop’s record number of members receives a truly global coverage!

The news of The Coop’s new coverage record has been published in prominent international journals dedicated to the supply chain and freight forwarding industry

The Cooperative Logistics Network has recently added its 300th agent to the network and this news about the Coop’s record number of members has been covered by some of the most prominent logistics web magazines from all around the world. They talked about how the network is helping the members to augment their businesses and how only the freight forwarders of the highest standard can become a part of the network. Furthermore, the news also talks about the implication of the growth of the network and the reasons behind its success.

Websites like AJOT, Novologistica, Trade Arabia, Logistics Business, Gulf Projects, Diario del Puerto, Gulf Industry, Logistics Brief, DC Velocity, Hellenic Shipping News, Actualidad Maritma y Portuaria, News Locker, Noticias del Transporte and Viente Pies have covered the news of The Coop’s 300 members:

best freight forwarder network
The Cooperative Logistics Network news about the its record number of members published in the most prominent magazines of the logistics industry

AJOT is an American Journal of Transportation is a pioneer in supply chain management publications with a total global readership of 43,344.

Trade Arabia is a Bahrain based Business News Information website that covers several business sectors including supply chain, real estate, oil and gas, health, tourism, and more.

Logistics Business is a logistics business journal published from the United Kingdom where you will find news and resources from the logistics and transportation industry.

Novologistica is a Spanish language logistics news portal offering a comprehensive source of information regarding all everything related to the supply chain industry.

Gulf Projects is a tenders and business news website dedicated to readers in the Gulf and the Middle East.

Diario del Puerto is a Spanish logistics news website where readers will find everything related to the logistics industry in Spain.

Gulf Industry is a must-read web journal for entrepreneurs, manufacturers and distributors across all industries in the Gulf and the Middle East.

VeintePies is a logistics and transportation web magazine published in Spain which offers extensive coverage of all topics related to the transportation and freight forwarding industry.

Logistics Brief is an English language logistics web journal where a plethora of supply chain related topics can be found.

DC Velocity is a highly popular multi-media brand serving all the informational needs of the professionals in the logistics and supply chain industry.

Hellenic Shipping News is an online daily newspaper focussing on the shipping news in the Mediterranean and beyond for more than 10 years.

Actualidad Maritima y Portuaria is a Spanish language digital journal which has been online since 2009 and is an initiative of the students and professors of the International Maritime Business School.

Transport News is the online version of Transportation News Radio which extensively covers all the major news and events in the industry.

News Locker is a news website which brings news on every possible topic from all corners of the world.

This massive coverage of our network is sure to have a positive impact on our brand.

The Cooperative Logistics Network is on the AJOT news!

The American Journal of Transportation, the number one supply chain management publication, has covered the news about the Coop’s 300 members

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s news about its milestone of surpassing 300 members has been published in the well-known newspaper American Journal of Transportation (AJOT) – a transportation and logistics media designed to reach the decision-makers and buyers of freight and transportation services.

freight agents network

The article talks about the significant growth of the network thanks to the rigorous selection process all members have to pass, the efficiency and cooperation among partners, and the productiveness, and expediency of the network which has been operational for the last 5 years.

AJOT has a total global readership of 43,344, of which 75% are VP/COO of the supply chain industry and 19% are import/export/international managers, so the news coverage will surely have a big impact.

In order to know more about AJOT or to suscribe to its Newsletter, please visit their website.

freight agents networkWilliam Bourbon

The Cooperative Logistics Network surpasses 300 members!

The Cooperative Logistics Network has set a new coverage record by adding its 300th agent. One major factor contributing to this growth is the fact that all members have had to pass a rigorous selection process, so only forwarders of the highest standards are part of the network.

best freight forwarder network
The Cooperative Logistics Network surpasses 300 members!

“I am very excited about the sharp rise in the number of our members which is even more worthwhile bearing in mind the pandemic and the crumbling economy worldwide. As I see it, our key to success is the quality of the network, which wouldn’t be possible if we did not count with such reliable and qualified members. Since the very first moment, there has been a fantastic personal and professional relationship among them, which has surely contrinuted to their cooperation within the network. That is why I would like to thank all of them for their trust throughout these years, and even more in these difficult moments”, says Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of The Cooperative Logistics Network.

This increase had a role to play in the outstanding success of the Virtual Meeting of 2020 and the record attendance of The Coop’s Annual Meeting in 2019 where more than 180 freight forwarders met at Abu Dhabi. Additionally it undoubtedly demonstrates the efficiency, cooperation among partners, productiveness, and expediency of the network which has been operational for the last 5 years.

The Coop is also the first international freight forwarding network with global coverage to launch instant quoting ability for its members. FreightViewer – a member-exclusive transport management software – enables the members to instantly create professional and accurate door-to-door quotations by establishing an automated data transfer of carrier rates and tariffs. This year, The Cooperative has taken a step forward with the enhancements of this TMS by establishing agreements with some of the most prominent shipping solutions providers in the market.

Mr. Torres further adds, “Our team always strives for more and better services, in order to provide members with the most innovative advantages – firstly, through our efforts to improve our TMS – FreightViewer and secondly, with the wide array of logistics and marketing tools. This year, for example, we have created a new personalized online brochure for members and we have launched our blog.”

The Cooperative Logistics Network is presently represented by 305 independent freight forwarders from 130 countries spanning all five continents.

Now365 Logistics successfully transports an adorable live animal shipment!

They recently moved 24 live Gentoo Penguins from New Zealand to Shanghai via air freight

Now365 Logistics Limited, a Coop member in Auckland, New Zealand, has recently concluded shipping an unusual cargo consisting of 24 live penguins from Auckland to Shanghai, China. This delicate project took months of planning only to be delayed further in March due to the lockdown in New Zealand.

international logistics
COOP_Now365 Logistics Limited member in Awckland shipps 24 live penguins from Auckland to Shanghai

As stated by Mr Ruwan Premathilaka, Managing Director of Now365 Logistics, “Planning and executing this offbeat project was not simple and credit goes to our entire team for the safe handover of these charming creatures.”
As soon as the lockdown was lifted, the Now365 team continued their efforts to safely organize the transportation of these gentoo penguins from the Sea Life Kelly Tarltons Aquarium in Auckland all the way to Shanghai. “From organizing the refrigerated truck to 4 Celsius temperature onboard the plane, no details were overlooked to ensure zero mortality. Although this was a special project, our team at Now365 is passionate about taking special care of each and every piece of cargo we handle,” adds Mr Premathilaka.

international logistics

Check all the details of the shipment in NOW365 blog.

The Coop’s summer newsletter is out and available for viewing on the website

The current edition of our quarterly newsletters includes news from the network as well as from the sector along with a host of other interesting columns

The June edition of the Coop’s quarterly newsletters has been published and can now be viewed and downloaded from our website. Inside the newsletter, you are going to find all the information about our recently announced Virtual Event as well as all the latest news from your partners and important news bits from our sector.

There’s also a page dedicated to The Coop’s new updates: the creation of a new blog and the announcement of a new customizable online brochure for members.

best freight forwarder network
COOP_summer newsletter_ logistics industry

There is also a page in which we talk about the impact of The Covid-19 and how freight forwarders can cope with it.

Hope you enjoy reading!