The news about Coop’s record number of members receives a truly global coverage!

The news of The Coop’s new coverage record has been published in prominent international journals dedicated to the supply chain and freight forwarding industry

The Cooperative Logistics Network has recently added its 300th agent to the network and this news about the Coop’s record number of members has been covered by some of the most prominent logistics web magazines from all around the world. They talked about how the network is helping the members to augment their businesses and how only the freight forwarders of the highest standard can become a part of the network. Furthermore, the news also talks about the implication of the growth of the network and the reasons behind its success.

Websites like AJOT, Novologistica, Trade Arabia, Logistics Business, Gulf Projects, Diario del Puerto, Gulf Industry, Logistics Brief, DC Velocity, Hellenic Shipping News, Actualidad Maritma y Portuaria, News Locker, Noticias del Transporte and Viente Pies have covered the news of The Coop’s 300 members:

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The Cooperative Logistics Network news about the its record number of members published in the most prominent magazines of the logistics industry

AJOT is an American Journal of Transportation is a pioneer in supply chain management publications with a total global readership of 43,344.

Trade Arabia is a Bahrain based Business News Information website that covers several business sectors including supply chain, real estate, oil and gas, health, tourism, and more.

Logistics Business is a logistics business journal published from the United Kingdom where you will find news and resources from the logistics and transportation industry.

Novologistica is a Spanish language logistics news portal offering a comprehensive source of information regarding all everything related to the supply chain industry.

Gulf Projects is a tenders and business news website dedicated to readers in the Gulf and the Middle East.

Diario del Puerto is a Spanish logistics news website where readers will find everything related to the logistics industry in Spain.

Gulf Industry is a must-read web journal for entrepreneurs, manufacturers and distributors across all industries in the Gulf and the Middle East.

VeintePies is a logistics and transportation web magazine published in Spain which offers extensive coverage of all topics related to the transportation and freight forwarding industry.

Logistics Brief is an English language logistics web journal where a plethora of supply chain related topics can be found.

DC Velocity is a highly popular multi-media brand serving all the informational needs of the professionals in the logistics and supply chain industry.

Hellenic Shipping News is an online daily newspaper focussing on the shipping news in the Mediterranean and beyond for more than 10 years.

Actualidad Maritima y Portuaria is a Spanish language digital journal which has been online since 2009 and is an initiative of the students and professors of the International Maritime Business School.

Transport News is the online version of Transportation News Radio which extensively covers all the major news and events in the industry.

News Locker is a news website which brings news on every possible topic from all corners of the world.

This massive coverage of our network is sure to have a positive impact on our brand.

The news of The Coop’s 1st Virtual Meeting gets published in several leading websites dedicated to the supply chain industry

The Coop’s Online Conference held on 4th and 5th of November afforded the members a unique networking opportunity to consolidate their businesses and garner new projects

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 1st Virtual Meeting in November 2020 gets covered by four well-known logistics websites. The news of the event which was attended by The Coop members from several cities across the globe has been covered by DC Velocity, Cargo Breaking News, Veinte Pies, News Break, Lynkup, Actualidad Maritma y Portuaria, and Trade Arabia.

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The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 1st Virtual Meeting gets covered by important logistics website

Trade Arabia is a Bahrain based business news portal which covers several industrial sectors with a special focus on the Middle East, Gulf, and the Levant. Cargo Breaking News is an English language Indian website that regularly publishes news and posts about all supply chain topics like shipping, warehousing, aviation, technology, etc. Veinte Pies is a Spanish language website with a vast reader base publishing news, opinions, and articles on the logistics and international transport sector. DC Velocity is the go-to website of the supply chain sector which offers comprehensive coverage of all topics related to the supply chain industry including warehousing, freight operations, distribution centres, technology and more. Actualidad Maritma y Portuaria is a Spanish language website dedicated to the supply chain industry offering a comprehensive resource of trending news and events. News Break is a compendium of the most important and relevant news across all sectors. Our news has also been published in the blog of Lynkup a transportation service website.

The news published on the 7 abovementioned websites talks about all the details of our event including the reason behind the cloud conference, the advantages of the meeting, the efficacy of our meeting platform, how it eliminated the obstacles to participation, and the way in which it has allowed the delegates to augment their businesses. The news also focuses on the Coop’s member-exclusive TMS FreightViewer and how it is making the daily office tasks easier for the members.

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