Bulk cargo shipment of 34k MT of coal handled by Cargo WWS

As a part of their endeavour to broaden their horizons and maximize the optimization of processes, they are investing in coal import operations

Cargo WWS, a Coop member in Warsaw, Poland, handled a bulk cargo shipment of 34K MT of coal from Palmarejo, Venezuela, to Gdansk, Poland. The shipment – that had a length of 189.99 meters and a width of 32.3 meters – was first transported by sea freight. The vessel carrying capacity was 50337 t DWT and the draught was reported to be 11 meters. Afterwards, Cargo WWS moved the shipment through 17 trains with almost 2000 MT cargo in each to finally deliver it to the client yard.

Cargo WWS -independent freight forwarder
Bulk coal shipment by Cargo WWS


“With the aim of expanding our horizons and maximizing process optimization, we had strategically selected sea freight and railway as our preferred transportation solutions. Moreover, recognizing their inherent efficiencies, we believe that these modes of transport offer the most effective and streamlined options for meeting clients’ logistical needs,” says Łukasz Leśniak, Managing Director of Cargo WWS.

One of the biggest challenges we had to face was to get the spot for unloading in the port because of the huge congestion at that time. “Despite the congestion, we were able to discharge the shipment at the port promptly, demonstrating our commitment to meeting deadlines and delivering exceptional service to our clients,” continues Mr Leśniak.

Cargo WWS The Cooperative
Cargo WWS  The Cooperative


Additionally, they offered their customer comprehensive services to handle the shipment successfully, and took charge of the formalities required. They efficiently handled all the necessary paperwork, including the contract of the vessel agency to provide a smooth and hassle-free process for their clients ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and requirements.

Congratulations to Cargo WWS and all the best for their upcoming projects!