Ilogs Corporate becomes an IATA accredited agent

This international certification will greatly boost the reputation and prestige of the company and lead to increased industry recognition

Ilogs Corporate SAS, a Coop member in Bogota, Colombia, gets the IATA accreditation. This much-coveted accreditation enhances the prestige of logistics companies and helps them obtain greater industry recognition. The achievement of Ilogs Corporate is all the more praiseworthy because the requirements for this accreditation have become a little more demanding in the face of COVID.

Ilogs Corporate - logistics company in Bogota
Ilogs Corporate becomes IATA certified agent


Moreover, obtaining this accreditation by freight forwarders in Colombia has become difficult and requires several guarantees. Thanks to the experience and expertise of Ilogs, they were quite vigilant in complying with each and every one of the requirements. To quote Ms. Martha  Mora, the Founder of Ilogs Corporate, “We are delighted to have become an IATA accredited Cargo Agent. Furthermore, this accreditation will secure our position as one of the best air freight forwarders in Bogota.”

The international airlines give free rein to agents who strive to obtain this important accreditation. Ms. Mora further adds, “The IATA accreditation has opened up an important opportunity for Ilogs in terms of enhanced service. Additionally, our expertise in the field of air cargo will make us the chosen forwarder of our customers and network partners from all over the world. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my teammates for their dedication and effort which were the most important factors responsible for the success of our company!”

Congratulations to Ilogs Corporate and wishing them the very best for their upcoming projects!


Dietrans Cargo comes up with a new line of business and moves to a brand-new office

The new unit – Foco Logistico – is entirely dedicated to Point of Purchase logistics solution

Dietrans Cargo, a Coop member in Bogota, Colombia, has decided to create a new line of business for its customers and partners due to the constant changes in the logistics market. Their newly opened unit is dedicated to logistics solutions for Point of Purchase, such as distribution, installation, and maintenance of POP material.

As explained by Siegfried Alejandro Reuter Arias, the General Manager of Dietrans Cargo, “It’s a pleasure for us to introduce this new unit that works under the name of Foco Logistico. This is an opportunity for all our partners who want to expand their marketing campaigns in Colombia with the cargoes they are exporting from their respective countries. We have the capability of covering all the processes starting with international handling till the last mile of the campaign.”

freight forwarder

In order to have more space for the team dedicated to this new line, they have also moved to a new location.The address of their new office headquarters is now at- Diagonal 63F No. 89 A – 25 Mezzanine de la Bod # 4 Centro Industrial El Dorado, Barrio Alamos Industrial Bogotá, Colombia. However, their telephone lines and e-mails will remain the same.

Congratulations to Dietrans Cargo and wishing them the very best for the future!