Rinosta Shipping Agency ventures into export cargo delivery

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They are exporting a range of items such as fishmeal, organic fertilizer, plywood, and wooden furniture from Northern European countries to all over the world 

Rinosta Shipping Agency, a Coop member in Riga, Latvia, and Klaipeda, Lithuania, is presently exporting fishmeal, organic fertilizer, plywood, and wooden furniture so as to develop sales activities for their local produce. 

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As a company which has been operating for the last 25 years, Rinosta Shipping is on very good terms with the local producers, which is one of the reasons prompting them to venture into the export delivery.

All the items exported by them are sourced from local producers and are available at an inexpensive rate.  

As stated by Mr. Kirill Gordeev of Rinosta Shipping, “Presently we are exporting peat moss, fishmeal, plywood, and wooden furniture and we’d like to use this opportunity to offer these products to interested partners and their local markets,” He further adds, “We’d be happy to provide our partners with the most competitive prices from the best local producers. As you could see during the conferences, we are happy to cooperate and we welcome all prospects of mutual business expansion.”

Congratulations to Rinosta Shipping Agency on their new venture!