Canal Movers collaborates with the Order of Malta to bring a humanitarian shipment of 20 tons of rice to Panama

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They transported 20 tons of Mannapack fortified rice and distributed them among more than 12 organizations to feed 310,000 meals for people in need

Canal Movers & Logistics Corp, a Coop member in Panama City, Panama, has joined forces with the Order of Malta to deliver vital humanitarian aid to the city of Panama. They both imported 20 tons of Mannapack fortified rice, which was distributed among more than 12 organizations to deliver 310,000 meals for vulnerable people.

Canal Movers & Logistics Corp. is a logistic arm for the Order of Malta of Panama. Order of Malta is a prominent international Catholic organization dedicated to humanitarian and charitable activities. They operate through national associations and diplomatic relations with several countries.

Canal Movers
Canal Movers’ shipment for Order of Malta


The President and CEO of Canal Movers & Logistics Corp., Walter M. Laffitte, took the lead in initiating the effort, alongside the Ambassador of the Order of Malta in Panama, H.E. Lupo del Bono. “The Ambassador sought assistance in delivering the much-needed humanitarian aid to Panama, and Mr. Laffitte stepped forward to provide the required support,” says Carmen Marrero, the Pricing Supervisor of Canal Movers and Logistics.

She adds, “Moreover, we are very pleased to collaborate with the Order of Malta in Panama who distributed these products free of charge to low-income people in the country.”

They moved the cargo on behalf of the Charity Organization, Food for the Poor, from the USA to Panama City, Panama. However, first time government authorities in Panama lacked familiarity with the importation procedures for the particular cargo. As a result there was a lengthy process to secure the necessary permits for its import. Additionally, the Panamanian Food Authority requested samples of the product for laboratory tests at the port of entry, prior to the release of the containers to verify that it is suitable for human consumption.

Congratulations to Canal Movers and Logistics and all the best with their upcoming projects!