More than 130 freight forwarders from all around the world met on the cloud at the First Virtual Meeting organized by The Cooperative Logistics Network

The conference comprised of around 4.200 one-to-one meetings among network members along with an online demonstration of the latest features of the Coop’s member-exclusive TMS FreightViewer

The Cooperative Logistics Network has organized its First Online Conference on 4th -5th November 2020, giving the exclusive opportunity to more than 130 freight forwarders of getting together on one platform at one time to carry on with the much-needed business discussions to increase their flow of businesses. In the absence of a direct in-person meeting in 2020, an online event is the only chance for members to meet while reducing expenditure in terms of time and money. It has also enabled agents to showcase their businesses and secure new projects right from the comfort of their own homes.

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The Cooperative Logistics Network First Online Conference bring together more than 130 freight forwarders

The cloud conference was conducted via an exclusive user-friendly videoconferencing platform created by the IT department of The Coop that led to an uninterrupted conferencing experience. More than 130 members representing over 100 cities worldwide came online to network with their partners attending around 4200 meetings.

As stated by Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Cooperative Logistics Network, “Although we had to postpone our Annual Meeting at Phuket because of the pandemic, the Virtual Conference saw the coming together of agents representing several major cities worldwide, who got to interact face to face and formulate strategies for enhanced business opportunities in the coming months. Taking into account the current difficult situation, it is more important than ever to foster the spirit of collaboration and work in the network so that all members can get over it stronger.”

The meeting commenced with a speech from Antonio Torres which was followed by the one-to-one videoconferences among members. In course of the two days meeting, members were also provided with an online presentation of all the latest features that had been added to The Coop’s member-exclusive TMS FreightViewer. The new updates of The Coop’s online tool are expected to greatly facilitate the daily office chores of the members and will allow members to make quotations 24/7.

“The event was very well organized, everything was beyond my expectations: the Coop’s support team, the technical support when there was an issue, and all the meetings were timely without any delay. I feel it is really difficult to organize so many meetings on just one platform and to do it with punctuality and without any disconnection. I must say: Congratulations to the whole team of COOP”, stated a Coop member in Karachi, Pakistan.

The Coop’s 1st Virtual Meeting is all set to be held from 4th- 5th November 2020

The cloud conference is expected to result in greater participation because of ease of access and the elimination of all obstacles to participation 

Cooperative Logistics Network’s first-ever Virtual Meeting is scheduled to be held on 4th and 5th November 2020. The online conference will offer the members a special chance to network with their partners in 2020 enabling them to prepare for more concerted projects for the future. This meeting will bring together all the Coop members in one platform at one time thereby allowing the agents to connect with their existing partners, and get acquainted with the new network members.

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The Coop’s Virtual Meeting isn’t going to be like any other videoconference over Skype or Zoom. We have come up with a new meeting platform integrated with our website which will ensure a seamless conferencing experience. Moreover, every agent will be able to take part in up to 32 one-to-one videoconferences of 15 minutes duration with previously selected members. Even though an in person meeting would have been much preferable, given the circumstances we have to make the most of the online meeting. Additionally, the virtual meeting will do away with a lot of expenses such as hotel fares, visa fees, and flight fares.

Apart from the one-to-one meetings, there will also be a presentation where members will be acquainted with all the latest updates and upgrades of our member-exclusive TMS FreightViewer. “The present scenario has compelled us to move our meeting on the cloud for this year. This year we are anticipating an exceptional attendance rate since the online meeting will do away with all the obstacles to participation.” says Mr. Antonio Torres, the President and Founder of Cooperative Logistics Network.

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