FEI Group ships 1.4 million Euro beer filling line

FEI Group is pleased to announce that they have successfully completed the loading of one single lot of project shipments in 12 x 40HC and 6 x 40FR (Beer Filling Line worth €1.4 Million ) for one of their most important customers, KHS Machinery from Mundra to Benin, Cotonou

This was an Ex-Works Shipment where the team were responsible for handling the cargo pick up and road transport, customs clearance and ocean freight.

Prior planning was key to the successful execution of this shipment; including numerous visits to the factory to ascertain the exact weight and dimensions of the cargo, arranging the equipment for stuffing the boxes and lashing the goods followed by a final survey. The cargo was stuffed in such a way as to ensure maximum utilization of each and every container.

One of the main challenges faced during the customs clearance was that the containers and trailers could not enter the Inland Container Depot (ICD) where the customs examination was to take place due to the cargo’s oversize dimensions.

Instead, the customs officials gave FEI Group special permission to have the cargo examined outside of the ICD, so that the cargo could be cleared and loaded on time.

“This is an excellent example of team work where all our service providers as well as the customs officials supported us to make this shipment a success. We are ready for many more such successes in the weeks to come,” said Sheen, FEI Cargo Ltd, Managing Director.

We invite all members with shipments in Kolkata to get in touch with the team.