Globalcare Logistics moves an extraordinary cargo consisting of 10 live birds of prey!

The US-bred falcons were ordered for the Emirates of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court

Globalcare Logistics, a Coop member in Atlanta, USA, has coordinated a shipment of 10 live falcons. The falcons which were bred in the USA were meant for the Emirates of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court. The falcons started their journey on a charter flight from a local airport close to their habitat from where they were taken to New York. There, a dedicated vehicle met the charter before transporting the birds and their breeder for inspection at US Fish and Wildlife Service.

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After being cleared by the US Customs, they were immediately transported to the carrier Royal Air Morocco to board a direct flight to Casablanca that evening. “With guidance from the supplier on specific handling and care for the birds, and constant communication between our team, the carrier and the receiving party, the birds were safely moved without a single delay. The move was a complete success and all the parties are very happy with the project!” says Mr. Anthony Fordham the President of Globalcare Logistics.

logistics companies and suppliers

Congratulations to Globalcare Logistics and wishing them the very best for the future!