Interview with Marksman Logistics on the Challenges and Requirements of Time-Critical Cargo

With an experience of over 20 years, Marksman Logistics are offering bespoke logistical solutions for the domestic and international transfer of time-critical cargoes at a cost-effective rate

This week, we interviewed Yvonne Kim from Marksman Logistics, a Coop member in Seoul, South Korea, who tells us about the challenges and the various aspects to consider when managing Time-Critical Cargo. Marksman Logistics, a seasoned player in the logistics industry with over two decades of expertise, is excelling in delivering bespoke solutions for the domestic and international transfer of time-critical cargoes. As one of the most trusted freight forwarders in Seoul, Marksman Logistics has earned a reputation for its commitment to providing cost-effective and efficient logistical services.

Q. Tell us, Yvonne, are time-critical cargoes on demand after Covid?

A.  Despite the gradual return to normalcy in global transport operations over the past year, the demand for emergency solutions, particularly in airfreight and road transport, has remained high. Our team has successfully handled numerous emergency requests from clients worldwide, showcasing our agility and dedication to meeting critical timelines.
Marksman Logistics - independent freight forwarder
Marksman Logistics – time critical shipments

Q. Which kind of shipments are more suitable for time-critical cargo?

A. Time-critical cargo is the quickest door-to-door delivery option for time-sensitive, critical, and expensive shipments. Moving valuable cargo like aircraft engines calls for attention to detail and operational expertise to execute perfectly. With an extensive background in sea freight, airfreight, land transport, and warehouse operations spanning two decades, our company prides itself on delivering hassle-free, punctual services to our clientele.Temporary imports and re-exports of automobiles for exhibitions & motor shows are another great example of where time-critical services are required. Marksman’s success in managing time-critical services for moving automobiles further underscores its commitment to meeting stringent deadlines.

Q. What are the challenges you face daily?

A. Effectively overseeing intricate supply chains and collaborating with numerous stakeholders amplifies the challenges of these kinds of projects. Furthermore, the task of risk management and addressing disruptions, such as adverse weather conditions or transportation delays, is paramount to guaranteeing punctual deliveries.

Q. Which are the most important aspects to consider when moving time-critical shipments?

A. One of the most important things to take into account is the attention to detail and operational expertise when dealing with high-value and time-sensitive cargoes like aircraft. Another thing that helps with time-critical cargo is to operate with your own warehouse. We have our own 3PL and customs-bonded warehouse to help with various needs from clients and overseas partners. Recognizing the heightened security demands for cargoes like aircraft engines, our company goes the extra mile by providing live CCTV footage from our warehouses. This innovative approach grants customers complete visibility and assurance regarding the condition and security of their stored cargo.

Q. Which has been the latest successful shipment you have moved?

A. A recent highlight for Marksman Logistics includes the seamless transfer of AOG (Aircraft On Ground) aircraft engines. We specialize in moving various types of aircraft engines, such as CF6-80C2, GEnX-2B, PW1100, for multiple airlines.

Marksman Logistics - time critical shipments
Marksman Logistics – airfreight engine cargo

Q. Can you give any advice about moving time-critical cargo?

A. By leveraging different transport modes, we have consistently assisted clients in meeting stringent deadlines, showcasing our commitment to delivering effective solutions in diverse logistics scenarios.

Congratulations to Marksman Logistics and best of luck with their upcoming projects!