Freight forwarders give a resounding yes to cooperation: Hellenic Shipping News

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After a 2 and a half month recruitment campaign, The Cooperative Logistics Network’s ‘Founding Members’ will begin operations today

“Today is the beginning of The Cooperative. The day when all our members will start contacting each other and begin building the foundations of those important business relationships, which will be cemented when agents meet at our annual meeting in May next year,” said Managing Director, Antonio Torres.

The founding members are located in 60+ cities across 50+ countries, together boasting a total of 5000+ employees and a sales turnover for 2013 of over 550,000,000EUR.
“Since September, we have been inundated with applications because, I believe, independents understand they are in a ‘cooperate or die’ situation. No company wants to be left out in the cold when the multinationals are conveniently gaining 1% of the market annually,” explained Managing Director, Antonio Torres.

Mr Torres continued, “Hand in hand with cooperation is intimacy. Cooperation simply won’t work if a network is overcrowded which is why we are only allowing a maximum of 3 agents per city with the exception of the largest cities allowing 5.”