Changes in the top

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On behalf of TSI Internationale Spedition und Handels GmbH, a member of The COOP in Frankfurt, it is our pleasure to inform members that as of today Mrs. Tanja Marschall and Mr. Christian Heck have signed their contracts to become the new Managing Directors of TSI Internationale Spedition und Handels GmbH, effective January 1st 2016. They will both join the current Managing Directors and Owners Mr. Uwe Schaedler and Mr. Helmut Heck.

Tanja will remain responsible for the Ocean Export Team while Christian will continue in Sales and Business Development. In addition to those roles both will take over more and more leadership and responsibility.

The announcement of their Airfreight Manager Mr. Thorsten Schmidt as Registered Manager is just another step forward in making TSI ready for the future. Thorsten now also owns the general commercial power of representation.

TSI Internationale Spedition und Handels GmbH would like to take this opportunity to thank all members for their support in 2015 and wish everyone Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2016.

The COOP would like to congratulate the TSI Internationale Spedition und Handels GmbH team and invite members with shipments in Frankfurt to get in touch with the team.


Internationale Spedition und Handels GmbH.