Airschott Inc. leads ace pilot programme

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At the beginning of January 2016, AIRSCHOTT, a member of The COOP in Washington DC, was the only Customs Entry filer in the USA submitting Customs Entries on the ACE platform for goods regulated by BATFE and TTB (see chart below). The only one! And, they’d been doing it for months. They are also “Live” in the DoT/NHTSA, FDA and Lacey Act ACE/PGA Pilots.

“Whilst I may be biased, it is my opinion that we are, arguably, the most experienced Customs Broker in the nation when it comes to filing PGA entries in ACE. In the “Race to ACE”, which becomes mandatory on 28 February, we’re leading,”said AIRSCHOTT President Bob Schott.
He continued, “My deep, personal appreciation goes to the highly dedicated and professional AIRSCHOTT staff members who are working above and beyond their usual tasks to engage with various levels of personnel across numerous government agencies helping to perfect the government’s interconnectivity while honing their own skills in the new environment. 
“Considerable credit and appreciation go to our software provider, WiseTech Global, without whose commitment to being on the cutting edge of the migration to ACE in their software program, CargoWise One, our progress would not have been possible. They embraced the new programming early and have been making programming changes almost daily ever since, as per the daily changes from CBP and the PGAs. It has been challenging and WiseTech Global has been up to the challenge.” 
If AIRSCHOTT are your Customs Broker and your goods are eligible for Entry through ACE, they are probably being entered through ACE already.
The team welcome any agents with comments, questions or concerns to get in touch with them.