Its not the winning but the taking part that counts

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The importance of promotion and getting the word out about your business cannot be stressed enough and one company that gets this is SHADO SRL, a member of The COOP in Venice

One of its most recent such promotional ventures was the sponsoring a rally car challenging in the official ITALIAN RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP. This is not just any car but a FORD FIESTA R5 1.6 turbo engine which, despite its power, has an LPG engine which is rather unusual as it takes gasoline but is still green.

“We are sponsoring this car alongside the most famous of LPG car system producers, BRC. Such opportunities which match with our ‘green’ ethos are chances to spread the SHADO name across Europe and ultimately the world,” said SHADO SRL’S Sales Manager, Filippo Bortignon.

The car is now in second place in the official rally rank but only a few seconds off the leader.

We invite members with shipments in Venice to get in touch with the team.

  Filippo Bortignon