Berthing Buses

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The old adage might say you can wait an age for a bus before two turn up at once, but in the case of LINKS FORWARDERS, a member of The COOP in Mumbai, it was more like 250! They were recently charged with loading 250 buses and trucks over 4 RO/RO vessels in a day at Mumbai Port ready for shipping to Ghana, Colombo, Kuwait, Maputo, Dar Es Salaam and Colombo.



“I must admit this was quite a challenging although ultimately successful day! All the vessels were berthing within a few hours of each other at separate berths, which meant correctly identifying each vehicle by the correct vessel with labels and chassis numbers,” said Manager Nakul Tanna.

In sum the team handled the following for the customer,

• Vehicles cleaning upon arrival at Docks

• Re-fuelling

• Damage Checks and Surveys

• Arranging Driver Permits for Drivers to Enter Ports as these are given on a per operation basis only

• Customs Brokerage

• Stevedoring of the Trucks and Buses

• Freight Forwarding

We invite any members with shipments in Mumbai to get in touch with the team, particularly those involved in the Auto industry.