Shado SRL takes 1st place

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Following up from our article back in April, in which we let you all know about the rally car being sponsored by Shado SRL, a COOP member in Venice. Back then the car was holding second place, but we are pleased to inform you that the sponsored car has finished the 2016 Italian Rally Championship in first place.

Naturally, the team over at Shado SRL are very proud of this result. Especially as it mirrors their successes in terms of shipping. Just like a racing team, their professional forwarding team offer both speed and reliability; just what it takes to take the win over the course of a rally. While simple speed may win a stage, having experience and delivering consistent results is what wins the championship title.

If you have shipping requirements in Venice, why not get in touch with this number one team and see how they can get you across the finish line.