Neon Freight successfully transports 40 Ft T-Rex model from Germany to China

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Life-sized model of T-Rex was shipped by our Coop member in Manchester, UK, from Germany to China

Neon Freight, a Coop member in Manchester, successfully handled the shipment of a life-sized model of T-Rex dinosaur from Germany to China. This model was first shipped from Germany to Everything Dinosaur in Marthall, Cheshire and was later transported to the Peking Natural Science Organisation (PNSO) in Beijing, China.

This was a Herculean task Neon Freight accomplished with aplomb, since the model was quite valuable and huge. They had to arrange for 40ft container for the sea freight to China.

Neon Freight is a 5 year old, privately owned logistics company in Cheshire. Ian Mallon who owns the company,has over 20 years of logistics and freight forwarding experiences . He has also been a lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University on International Trade and Logistics.

Regarding the dinosaur model transport, he said, “It’s an honour to be trusted with this unique, bespoke life-sized model worth tens of thousands of dollars. It’s so enormous; we’ve had to arrange a 40ft container to sea freight the T-Rex to China.” He continues, “I first met Mike from Everything Dinosaur at the South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce, and things have developed from there. We pride ourselves on great relationships with our customers. We are a small but efficient team, and our expertise helps our clients manage a range of goods from potato cleaners to hazardous chemicals for water treatment all over the world and now we even transport dinosaurs!”

Mike Walley, the owner of Everything Dinosaur, is quite happy with the whole project and stated, “This is a fantastic opportunity on many levels. We are privileged to be trusted by the PNSO and hope to bring more dinosaurs to Cheshire from their range of models.” Speaking about Neon Freight, Mike added, “Working with Neon Freight has been a great experience. Ian and his team have delivered an exceptional job, and we know we are safe in their hands with our extremely valued T-Rex. We hope this is the beginning of a long-term business partnership”.;

We applaud Neon Freight for their great achievement!

For shipments from/to Manchester, do not hesitate to contact them. They are looking forward to any new challenges that lay ahead!

Ian Mallon