Pt. Prime Freight Indonesia has just launched a cold storage at the 1st port of Indonesia

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The strategic location of the cold storage facility is expected to enormously boost time and cost efficiency

The new cold storage facility of Pt. Prime Freight, a Coop member in Denpasar and Jakarta, sprawls over a space of 2,880 square meters and comes with an ante room, a chiller room and a frozen room. It is one of the most sophisticated cold storage of the region which makes use of the most up to date temperature control system, convenient equipment and the safest security measures. The cold storage will be made available for fruits, flowers, dairy items and meat products.

In the words of Michelle Lee, President Director of Pt. Prime Freight Indonesia: “One of the prime advantages of our new cold storage facility is its strategic location. It is just 3 km from the Cikarang Dry Port, 45 Km from Jakarta Seaport, 75 Km from Jakarta Airport and 750 Km from the Surabaya City.” She further added that “We have come up with the most effective cold storage solutions in order to meet all sorts of individual requirements by the customers.”

Three cheers for Prime Freight for their new venture!