Global Express Forwarding teams up with Atlas Forwarding Ltd to move a cargo from Nigeria to the USA

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Coop members in Chicago and Dublin carry out a collaborative project and move 2 Boeing 737 engines

Global Express Forwarding – a Coop member in Chicago, USA – joins forces with Atlas Forwarding, a Coop member in Dublin, Ireland, to move 2 Boeing 737 engines from Lagos, Nigeria, all the way to Northern Illinois, USA.

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According to Mike Gaglewski from Global Express Forwarding, “When our Irish client requested assistance with moving 2 Boeing 737 Engines from Lagos, Nigeria, to Northern Illinois, USA, we knew we had colleagues based locally who had the knowledge and expertise required to execute this shipment safely and professionally.” Once the shipment was given a green light, it was inspected before being loaded onto a freighter aircraft for the journey to Chicago via Paris, France.

When the freight reached Chicago Airport, Global Express Forwarding took care of the task at hand and processed the shipment through a complicated customs procedure and facilitated trucking to the end user. Mr. Gaglewski further adds, “This shipment was a perfect example of how cooperation with trusted overseas partners is essential in logistics and forwarding. As one of the representatives of the Coop’s branch in Chicago, I would like to thank Cooperative’s truly global network of 300 expert freight forwarders who work together to ensure our mutual success!”

Congratulations to Global Express Forwarding and Atlas Forwarding for setting a perfect example of mutual collaboration!