On occasion of The Coop’s 5th Anniversary some of our founder members share their experiences at our Annual Meetings over the last 5 years

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In this special post, we are publishing extracts from interviews with some of our founder members who talk about what makes the Coop’s Annual Meetings so special and how they have helped them augment their businesses

This year marks the 5th Anniversary of the Coop and on this occassion we interviewed our members who have been with us since the very foundation of our network. Among many other things we asked our members about their experiences at The Coop’s Annual Meetings in the last 5 years. In light of our upcoming Annual Meeting to be held at Phuket, Thailand, from 25th –27th March 2020, we have decided to publish what our founder members have to say about the reasons which make them so special.

international logistics

“The Annual Meetings give us a chance to explore new business opportunities, close business deals and get to know members face to face which in our industry is valuable. We have been able to see the ROI quickly and the amount of sales continues to grow exponentially each year!”

  • Alex Santana, BGI Worldwide Logistics Inc

“Within the first hour of the cocktail evening on the first night you’ll find yourself welcomed by all the members, everyone is looking forward to conversation and good vibes…It is a really fun event which is a roller coaster ride filled with business meetings, educational seminars and a lot of adventure!”

  • Byron Vather, Stella Shipping PTY Ltd

“Nothing can replace the personal contacts, meeting people face to face.  Apart from the one-to-one meetings, sharing meals and fun, the meetings also provide an informal way to get to know your partners better and to become more aware of his / her values.”

  • Gert Wouters, Boschmans Steinacher BVBA

“I met several Coop members during the meeting at Abu Dhabi and it was very important for us…We have already established good business relations with various agents from several parts of the world.”

  • Bebart R Soukar, Future Transport and Logistics

“The Annual Meetings are great since it’s always good to see each other again and have some fun together. The gala dinner nights are always a lot of fun with dancing and some crazy dancers!”

  • Rini Verhoef, C-Log Worldwide BV

“The Annual Meetings are exciting and fun and I look forward to attending more of them!”

  • Ajay Shukla, Translog Express Pvt Ltd

“It is important to meet face to face and know your partner. And thanks to Coop for making the meetings run so smooth and great!”

  • Neo Shih, Soba Logistics

Now you surely know why you need to sign up for our upcoming meeting in Phuket, where we are expecting over 190 delegates. Hope to see you there!