Alphatrans Ltd executes the delivery of a crane beam by road freight

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The beam which weighed more than 40 MT was moved from Ukraine to Belgium

Alphatrans Ltd, a Coop member in Odessa, Ukraine, has recently carried out the movement of a crane beam by truck. The cargo which was moved from Kiev, Ukraine, to Wolvertem, Belgium, had to pass through the territories of four countries.

Alphatrans-road freight shipment
Road freight shipment of crane beam


The shipment, which weighed 40,05 MT, had dimensions of 24,02 x 1,80 x 2,08 m. As stated by Dmitriy Balaban, the Managing Director of Alphatrans, “Over the years, we have successfully concluded many road freight projects to the satisfaction of our clients and this one was no different. Obviously, moving a shipment of this size by road and crossing the borders of four countries was no easy task. I would like to congratulate my entire team and especially our trucking department for seamlessly concluding this shipment!”

Congratulations to Alphatrans Ltd and wishing them the very best for their upcoming endeavours!