The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 2nd Virtual Meeting concludes successfully with a record number of attendees

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Over 140 delegates attended The Coop’s 2nd Virtual Meeting to strengthen their networking, obtain sales leads, and forge long-term partnerships

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s 2nd Virtual Meeting that was held on 15th and 16th November was an all-out success. The two-day event registered a record attendance with over 140 delegates participating in around 5,000 videoconferences. The Virtual Meeting allowed the delegates to touch base with their partners, showcase their companies, get business opportunities and expand their outreach.

The productiveness of last year’s online event ensured an even greater attendance for this year’s conference. Moreover, the meeting allowed each delegate to schedule up to 32 one-to-one videoconferences with their partners.  The Coop’s IT team further improved the meeting platform to create a seamless videoconferencing experience. Furthermore, The Coop team was always present to fix any unexpected technical issues.

The Coop's 2nd Virtual Meeting of Independent freight forwarders
The Coop’s 2nd Virtual Meeting


Additionally, the conference also gave the participants the chance to attend online FreightViewer workshops. During the workshops, Andrea Martin, The Coop’s FreightViewer Coordinator explained the latest features and utilities of The Coop’s member-exclusive TMS. FreightViewer allows the members to digitize their quote generation process, satisfy customer expectations, and adapt to the changes in market demands.

After attending the meeting one member commented, “It was a well organized Virtual Meeting and was seamless. Our appreciation to you. I could attend 29 meetings and I had excellent meetings with every one. Apart from talking business, it was social and affectionate as well. We also became fully aware of the pandemic situations the world over.”

This year, the Coop afforded a special opportunity for the delegates to engage in casual conversations during the coffee breaks. The delegates were able to access a chat room with up to five random partners. This was a special initiative on The Coop’s part to foster the bonding among the network members.

To quote The Coop Founder and President Mr. Antonio Torres, “Every year our Annual Meeting gives our members a chance to boost their networking and enhance the prospects of strong partnerships. Moreover, the efficacy of our previous online meeting ensured the largest attendance with more than 140 delegates participating in over 5000 one-to-one meetings. The meeting fulfilled its primary objective of enhancing the synergy within the network. We are hoping that next year we will be able to conduct an in-person meeting where we will once again carry on with face-to-face networking.”