Cargo Overseas Freight Pvt Ltd celebrates their 5th anniversary

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In the last financial year, they achieved an annual turnover of 2,300,000 USD – the highest in the company’s history

Cargo Overseas Freight, a Coop member in Colombo, Sri Lanka, has recently completed five years in the industry. They celebrated their 5th Anniversary by organizing an office Getaway at a hotel in Colombo with their staff and their families. They had a nighttime party to celebrate their accomplishments while holding themselves strong for tackling the crisis of their country.

Cargo Overseas Freight- freight forwarder in Colombo
The team of Cargo Overseas Freight


In the words of Devin Gunarathne, the Director of Cargo Overseas Freight, “Our company had a humble beginning with a small staff and big expectations. Since then, we have grown our staff as well as opened a new Airport office near the CMB airport to coordinate and handle our air imports/exports with a very close eye. As the director of the company, I personally feel we have taken steps to improve ourselves individually and collectively as a company to add value and give the utmost service to our customers.”

One of their spectacular achievements in the last 5 years is their increasing turnover and the improvements in their customer service. In the last financial year, they achieved an annual turnover of 2,300,000 USD. This turnover was the highest in the company’s history which was averaging a 192,000 USD monthly gross income as well.

“The most significant objective that we wanted to achieve was raising our turnover and uplifting our customer service within our business which we have achieved significantly by implementing new facilities and expanding our competitive advantages to execute new business ventures. The biggest challenge we were facing was the aftermath of the pandemic but now we are confronting a new challenge which is the economic crisis which our country is facing and the Forex exchange due to the depreciation of LKR. Nevertheless, I am confident that our team will successfully overcome these challenges. For the efforts and risks we have taken, rewards have been given and for that, I am significantly proud.”

Congratulations to Cargo Overseas Freight on their 5th Anniversary and the very best for their future endeavours!