The Cooperative Logistics Network creates an Instagram page

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The new Instagram handle of The Coop will come with photos, and videos relating to the network and its members

The Cooperative Logistics Network recently created a page on Instagram to bolster its presence on social media.  The Coop’s new Instagram handle will add to their social networking endeavours and enable them to interact with their audience through infographic and audio/visual content.

Ever since its early years, The Coop has been tapping into the potential of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They have been posting relevant information, about the network, news from the members as well as links to their blogs and newsletters on their social media handles.

According to Maria Serrano, the PR and Event Coordinator of The Cooperative Logistics Network, “We understand that a large number of our future agents are going to check our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page as a part of their online research about our network. This is precisely why we are further augmenting our social media endeavours with this new Instagram handle. Apart from enhancing the visibility of our network, our extended social media presence will even help to increase the online visibility of our agents.”

The Cooperative Logistics Network