Routes Transport Group outsources their overseas operations to Tradelink

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Routes Transport Group divides their company into two components- Customer Interface and Operations

Routes Transport Group, a Coop member in Toronto, Canada, has divided its international business into two components – Customer Interface and Operations. While the Routes team will be in charge of the Customer Interface taking care of sales, quotes, customer service, etc, they are outsourcing their operations to another freight forwarding company-Trade Link International Ltd.

Routes Transport Group- independent freight forwarder
Routes Transport Group- freight forwarding company


Trade Link International will interact on behalf of Routes with overseas agents. They will work on several fields including tracking shipments, getting status updates, getting the costs and handling the shipments in Canada. In this connection, they will also be responsible for the payment of the overseas agents. Shipment docs like the MAWB & MBL will be consigned to them (as they need to file the Canadian Customs ACI, etc.) and Routes will be shown as the Notify Party.

“We have been in business for more than 25 years. We enjoy a good reputation, and we are financially healthy and stable. Moreover, we are a full-service logistics provider and offer comprehensive air, ocean, truck, customs, warehouse, distribution, and pick-and-pack services. I am confident that this decision will help satisfy client’s requirements all over the world,” says Ms. Anne Waldes, President & CEO of Trade Link International Ltd.

Congratulations to Routes Transport Group and all the best for their upcoming projects!