New promotional video launched by Warelog to show the people behind the company, its work ethics and its values

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The video which shows the company’s structure and approach to the industry aims to increase its reach and engagement with potential customers

Warelog – Gestao De Servicos Logisticos, LDA, a Coop member in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal, has created a condensed video to showcase the workings of their company. In addition, this video reflects the factors that make their company stand out from the rest.

This video mirrors the people behind their company, its work ethics, and the values that drive them. Moreover, creating a video will also “increase the chances of our existing and potential customers remembering us,” says Luis Pinto, General Manager of Warelog. “Clients and partners will see how Warelog thinks logistics as part of the big picture and will be able to visualize how we work in real life,” he said adding that, “the video is not ‘made up’, it is really our workers, our warehouses, our transport partners… It is really us!”

Warelog video The Cooperative Logistics Network
Warelog video The Cooperative Logistics Network


“This video is a way to say thank you to our drivers, planners, coordinators, customers, partners and all the people involved in the logistics chain, for their hard work, dedication and trust on us.” continues Mr. Pinto.

Moreover, the video also highlights the contribution of all the people who work day in and day out to ensure that the cargo reaches the right destination at the right time. “Warelog is lucky enough to have the best people to move mountains (literally and figuratively) and to assure that products, goods and resources get to where they need to be,” he adds.

Furthermore, by demonstrating their services in action and underlining their core values, they have sent out a message about how logistics can help them to make a difference in the world. Lastly, starting from disaster relief efforts to helping small businesses grow, logistics is all about making lives easier for people.

Members can check out Warelog’s video by clicking here.

Congratulations to Warelog and all the best for their upcoming projects!