Nautiqus expands services with state-of-the-art port warehouse near Gdynia’s container terminals

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This strategically positioned warehouse, facilitating the loading of up to 28 tons of cargo, enables them to meet the escalating demands of the market

Nautiqus, a Coop member in Gdynia, Poland, creates a new port warehouse just 300 meters from Gdynia’s container terminals. Situated adjacent to the entrance of the Kwiatkowski Estacada, it provides them with the chance for rapid connections to both the Tri-City Ring Road and A1. Additionally, its proximity to the port opens up the possibility of efficiently transshipping heavy containers.

Justyna Kuczmierczyk, the Sales Manager of Nautiqus, says, “In today’s dynamic world of international trade, adapting to growing market needs and complex transportation challenges is a key element of success. We have created this port warehouse in the interest of growth and with the needs of our customers in mind.”

Nautiqus - logistics company Gdynia
New warehouse of Nauticus


The immediate vicinity of Gdynia’s container terminals allows them to handle heavy containers and load up to 28 tons of cargo. The warehouse offers a comprehensive range of services, including storage and customs supervision, acting as a temporary storage warehouse, and preparing cargo for export shipments.

“Our Class A warehouse is equipped with veterinary supervision, and we are proud holders of the HACCP certificate, enabling the storage of food commodities. To further support our clients, we are waiving storage fees for the initial 10 days for orders placed by March 31, 2024,” adds Mrs. Kuczmierczyk.

Ensuring the utmost security of goods within the warehouse, Nautiqus has implemented a modern fire protection system, continuous 24-hour monitoring, and insurance coverage. This robust infrastructure reflects their commitment to providing a secure and efficient storage solution for their domestic and international clients.

Congratulations to Nautiqus for this notable achievement and all the best for their future projects!