Kopf + Lübben moves 48 metric tons of international air freight shipment

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They have recently accomplished the transportation of 48 metric tons of cargo, including 6 OHG industrial ventilators, door to door, from Germany to Shanghai

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Industrial Ventilator Shipment by Kopf + Lübben


Kopf + Lübben, Coop’s founding member in Bremen, Frankfurt and Hamburg, Germany, has demonstrated its expertise in managing large-scale projects by successfully completing an air freight shipment involving the transportation of 48 metric tons of cargo. This challenging assignment included the delivery of six massive OHG industrial ventilators, transported from Germany to Shanghai, China.

Johan Padding, Managing Director of Kopf + Lübben, explains, “Adam Hoffmann, from the K&L Air Export Team, orchestrated this complex door-to-door delivery. The operation required navigating the narrowest of margins for each three-meter-high piece, from the initial collection point in Germany to the final delivery destination in Shanghai.”

“Despite the considerable size and weight of the cargo, our team managed to execute the project flawlessly. Lastly, our recent feat highlights the importance of meticulous planning, real-time monitoring, and seamless coordination in executing large-scale air freight shipments,” continued Mr Padding.

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Kopf + Lübben- air freight shipment


As Kopf + Lübben continues to expand its footprint in the logistics sector, their expertise in managing colossal projects reaffirms their status as a leader in the industry. Their dedication to precision and reliability sets a high standard for air freight shipments, providing valuable insights and inspiration for air freight forwarders globally.

Congratulations to Kopf + Lübben for this remarkable feat and all the best for their upcoming projects!