The Coop partners with the 3rd Digital Supply Chain Summit

The summit will be held on 11th-12th September in Shanghai with the theme “Intelligent Transformation of Supply Chain” where relevant leaders of the industry would share their experiences and ideas in the retail fields

3rd Digital Supply Chain Summit (11th-12thSeptember)

In 2018 the relationships with suppliers and partners are becoming more interdependent and strategic. These days, as much as 50 – 65 % of the value of a company’s products or services is derived from suppliers. Globalization and specialization have made the CSCO and supply chain organization more strategic to the business and as a result the supply chain industry is tackling more complex objectives\projects. 

During the Summit, supply chain professionals will be discussing the best practices to keep up with customer demand, expectations and work towards end to end transparent,integrated and agile supply chain with brand new technologies like IoT, data analytics, blockchain, AI, cloud and machine learning.

ECV International invites relevant leaders to attend this summit to share the experience and ideas in retail fields. This event will be an ideal platform for communication and business cooperation. Attendees will be provided with current market information and the most in-time industry intelligence, along with a chance to communicate with the most excellent industry leaders and senior executives on site.

The Coop encourages all the interested members to contact:

Ms. EmmaGui