Imperial Logistics Switzerland GMBH will become a member of Central Station AG.

They will change their name from Imperial Logistics Switzerland GMBH to Central Station AG

Imperial Logistics Switzerland GMBH, Globalia member in Zurich, Switzerland, is going to be taken over by Central Station AG. One of the best benefits of this acquisition is that their company will have the status of a 4PL company. 4PL logistics companies have wider responsibilities and accountabilities in helping the clients reaching their strategic objectives.
Imperial Logistics Switzerland- freight forwarding company
Imperial Logistics Switzerland gets acquired by Central Station AG


In the words of Rainer Muffler, the Head of Sales of Imperial Logistics Switzerland,”The biggest benefit of this merger is that we can run our business without any interruption. In addition, the recent acquisition will open new opportunities in several business fields. Within our new organization the most remarkable new service is the capability to offer 4PL Logistics”.

Imperial Logistics Switzerland GMBH will soon make available the changes in their contact details. Moreover, all old open files (opened until 31st October) will be handled by Imperial Logistics until 23rd of February. The staff of their company will also remain more or less the same.

“Initially we were taken over by DP World. However, DP world decided to move our European Headquarter to London and close down the Zurich office. As we wanted to keep our Zurich office, we decided to move to Central Station AG, that has been a highly valued partner for years. We came to this decision after short and intense negotiations”, adds Mr. Muffler.

Congratulations to Imperial Logistics Switzerland and all the best for their upcoming projects!