Non-operating reefer containers being used by Headway JSC to optimize transportation expenses by 25% to 30%

The NOR containers Headway used for moving auto spare parts from Korea to Vietnam also helped to solve the problem of excess empty reefer containers

Headway JSC, a Coop member in Hanoi, Haiphong, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, recently used non-operating reefer (NOR) containers to successfully import shipments from Kwangyang Port, Korea to Chu Lai Port, Vietnam. This allowed them to help their customers and shipping lines optimize transportation costs by 20% and the savings are expected to rise by 25-30%.

Vietnam is one of the countries with the world’s leading export rate of agricultural and aquatic products, including rice, dragon fruit, durian, shrimp, and tuna. Mr Felix Nguyen, from Headway, explains that the specific commercial needs of the frozen goods industry, require packing and transporting by reefer containers. “Therefore, the shortage of these containers for the export leg is still ongoing. With the transportation of the refrigerated goods to the destination port, the demand for frozen goods in the opposite direction is insufficient, leading to excess reefer containers.”

Headway JSC - A Cooperative Member
Headway JSC – A Cooperative Member


This is why Headway JSC has started using NOR containers to import goods to Vietnam. They have come up with a trial packing option with NOR containers, that can minimize moisture accumulation and provide better protection than dry containers. Moreover, these containers will provide suitable shipping conditions for electronic products and items that are sensitive to temperature and humidity.

“Our professional experience allows us to be flexible in each stage of transportation, and partially solve the shortage of empty refrigerated containers, thus helping customers optimize total transportation costs,” adds Mr Felix.

They have proposed a solution by way of packing imported items in NOR containers and then reusing the same containers to export seafood and fruits to foreign countries. This could help to save 25-30% of the entire expenditure compared to the old way of operation.

Congratulations to Headway JSC for their innovative solutions and the very best for their upcoming projects!