Shine Logistics has arranged for several shipments of steel products by bulk and container service this year

Coop member in Seoul, Korea, which offers top-notch services in sea and airfreight, is presently shipping steel coils for a number of clients

Shine Logistics has been arranging for steel coils shipments from Xingang, China to Busan and Masan in Korea by bulk and container shipment. The coils have been shipped out from a number of ports of loading including Busan, Huangpu, Xingang, Yilport, Izmir and Ho-Chi Minh to various ports of discharge.

In the words of Chan-Bin Im, President of Shine Logistics, “After spending more than a decade in the industry, Shine Logistics has all the expertise and experience required to execute a complex project seamlessly. We are very excited about our latest venture into the shipment of steel coils and we’d like to encourage all our partners to contact us for any similar shipment requirements.”

The Coop wishes the best to Shine Logistics for all their future endeavours!


For shipments to/from Seoul, Korea, do not hesitate to contact them

Chan-Bin Im