Kangaroo Logistics handles the international transportation of 110 tonnes of break bulk cargo

They moved the shipment consisting of machinery by ocean freight from China to India

Kangaroo Logistics Pvt Ltd, a Coop member in Pune, India, recently moved a break bulk project shipment with a weight of 110 tonnes. The cargo which consisted of machinery for manufacturing heavy studs had a volume of around 145 CBM. They moved the shipment from China to India via bulk carrier.

“Dealing with a cargo of such immense proportions presented a range of obstacles. Following the unloading of the cargo at the port, we faced the task of repackaging it to meet specific customer demands. Additionally, we had to arrange for the lashing and securing of the cargo onto the trailers to ensure its safety,” says Vinu Pillai, the Managing Director of Kangaroo Logistics.

Kangaroo Logistics Pvt Ltd
Kangaroo Logistics- Break bulk cargo


“While transporting the cargo from seaport to the factory we faced certain challenges in particular areas where entry of heavy vehicles was not permitted,” continues Mr Pillai, adding that, “we had to obtain special permission from the respective authorities for late evening transportation.”

Additionally, Kangaroo Logistics were also responsible for customs clearance at the destination port and the inland transportation to the factory located around 100 Km from the seaport.

Congratulations to Kangaroo Logistics for successfully pulling off this complex shipment!