Canal Movers & Logistics Corp packs and ships 166 pieces of precious antiques and fine arts objects

These pieces are some of the relics of the Archdiocese of Panama and forms part of the historical and religious heritage of the country

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Canal Movers and Logistics Corp, a Coop member in Panama City, has recently handled the packaging and shipping of 166 pieces of antiques which are very important to the cultural and religious heritage of the country.

We are very proud to be a part of this important restoration project. Our team did their part immaculately and the fine arts objects reached the destination intact and on time,” says Lorena Rivera, the Commercial Cargo Specialist of Canal Movers & Logistics.

The process of packing and transporting the 166 pieces of relics for restoration was intense. Ms. Rivera further adds, “Besides the monetary value, we had a huge responsibility with our country’s history which is why we had to ensure that all the stages of the operation go flawlessly. I’d like to thank my team for doing such a perfect job!”

Congratulations to Canal Movers & Logistics for handling this important project!

Canal Movers and Logistics: The exclusive partner for World Courier

Canal Movers & Logistics Corp, a member of The COOP in Panama City is World Courier’s exclusive partner in Panama

In the last 14 months, the team has successfully handled 175 imports and 205 exports consisting of biological human samples and medical products for human use.

“I must say that complying with the strict delivery deadlines, temperature monitoring and carry out adequate handling for such valuable shipments has been a challenge, but not an impossible one. My team does me proud with every shipment,” said CEO Walter Laffitte.

We invite all members with shipments in Panama to get in touch with the team.

Walter M. Laffitte
CEO & President

Payless shoesource thru Suddath Logistics makes Canal Movers and Logistics the forwarder of choice in Panama

Canal Movers & Logistics Corp which represents the network in Panama City was chosen by Suddath Logistics on behalf of Payless ShoeSource to be its logistics partner for the transportation of materials for the remodeling of 15 of its stores nationwide

In total, the team imported 42 containers and carried out around 52 deliveries to points across the country.

Being one of the largest family footwear retailers in Panama, the company was looking for a professional and reputable freight forwarder to handle this mammoth project and Canal Movers & Logistics Corp fitted the bill.

So successful was this project that since then the team has been working with Suddath Logistics on the import of construction materials to build a number of new Payless ShoeSource stores.

CEO Walter Laffitte said, “I am very proud of the excellent work my team has carried out and we are extremely pleased to be part of the development of this important footwear store.”

We invite all members with shipments in Panama to get in touch with the team.

Walter M. Laffitte
CEO & President