Air-Ship International INC in Canada ships oversize glass

Air-Ship International handles a lot of ‘Out of Gauge Freight’ and was recently charged with moving two containers of oversized glass (3.59 meters tall) from Germany to Canada.

The team was responsible for ensuring the issue of the correct permits from the factory in Germany through to Antwerp, Belgium. Once in Canada, the team unloaded the glass at the port of Montreal and made the delivery to the final customer on a specialized lowered glass trailer. Air-Ship International takes a hands-on approach to moving project freight and has a specialized trucking division that gives them a better handle on moving oversized cargo in the most efficient and effective way.

Founded in 1999, Air- Ship International has grown to become one of the leading freight forwarders in Toronto and The COOP is fortunate to have them in the network.

We invite all agents with shipments in Canada to get in touch with them.