Cooperating to succeed

At THE COOPERATIVE LOGISTICS NETWORK, we preach that members need to be ‘cooperating to succeed’ and today’s Friday news is a perfect example. Shortly after joining THE COOP in March 2015, UK GLOBAL LOGISTICS(Leeds-Bradford, UK), was contacted by NEON FREIGHT LTD (Manchester, UK) welcoming them to the network.



With Manchester and Leeds-Bradford less than two hours apart, Ian Mallon (Neon Freight) and James Boyce (UK Global) decided to meet up and, after a few drinks, decided to share contacts and help each other’s companies out when the opportunity occurred.

Completely by chance, James came across an opportunity to handle imports for Ebay and Amazon. “With little experience in handling pallets, I contacted Ian (20 years’ experience in importing and exporting) to see if he could help and of course we would share the profit on the jobs. The combination of my warehouse space and Ian’s knowledge was perfect for this job,” explained James.

Between the two companies, they offer Amazon and Ebay suppliers an ‘all in service’. “The overseas forwarder can appoint us as the UK importer and sit back knowing that shipments to the UK’s largest E-commerce websites will be handled without issues or rejections and, most importantly, ensures no need for a UK importer. After a slow start, two months on, the news is getting out and we are seeing a steady increase in business through this channel,” said James.

We invite all members with customers that are manufacturers of consumer goods that wish to sell to Amazon or Ebay to contact Ian and James. 

JAMES BOYCE                                                          IAN MALLON